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I've been on Accutane twice,they won't prescibe it again, and I don't know what to do..

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I have been modeling for a year now, and things have been going reallly well until my acne came back.. I've been suffering with acne for 6 years, and i'm only 19.. I have been on EVERYTHING that you could think of.. I have been on Accutane twice in the 6 years which took it away for roughly 2 years each time and my skin was perfect, and now it is back again. They put me on more antibiotics and it's not doing anything productive. I am so stuck, and don't know what to do. I NEED something or someone to help me. I have an obsession with my skin, and always have and I won't go out of the house looking like this, and it's even 10 times worse when my appearance means everything for my career that I am trying to make. I feel hopeless.. and it's another 4 months to get into the dermatologists..

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