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Day 59

I'm sick. Again. And I have my period. Again. Ugh.

One active-ish pimple, but that's it.

I wonder if PMS affects your immune system. If not, then I must just have really bad luck. What's weird though is that my skin has gotten a lot more moist since I got sick. Well, not exactly moist, but not as dry. Maybe my body is just too tired to create dry skin.


Day 57

My nose is still bleeding quite a bit. Not like dripping blood, but any time I blow my nose there's some blood in it.

My skin is actually looking awesome, in terms of acne. I'm completely clear right now besides the fact that I have a bunch of scars, which is amazing. I have a ton of eczema: all over the backs of my hands and the sides of my arms now. (Plus I just noticed a patch on my shoulder that's stinging a bunch.) But I think it should get better as I make adjustments to the drier weather.

I'm actually thinking about going to school on Monday with no makeup! *gasp* Wish me luck if I do!


Day 50

No active pimples today, which is amazingly awesome. I have a whole bunch of fading ones though, and I'm sure I'll be getting more active ones pretty soon, but still. Today things are looking good.

I got a nose bleed in one nostril early this morning and then I got one in the other nostril just a few minutes ago. It's not much of a problem for me, but my derm did say that nosebleeds are not a good sign. Did I tell you guys that already?

Since I last checked in the eczema on my hands is completely gone thanks to Locoid, but just yesterday I discovered about 5 new patches all over my arms. I'm just waiting for the day it gets cold enough to put a humidifier in my room.


Day 45

My skin's looking relatively good. My forehead and my right temple only have a few dead pimples, which is cool. I'm still breaking out on my left temple and my chin though. At least the ones on my chin don't hurt anymore because it was really hard to play flute with them. I still have one on my cheek from about a week ago that just doesn't seem to want to go away, even though it's not really active anymore.

I've been lazy about using nasal spray so because of the weather my nose has been bleeding a bit. I'm going to try to remember to use the spray though.

In my last post I said I would use Cloderm for my eczema, but I decided to do Locoid instead, once or twice per day, and it's been working very well. I only have three small patches of eczema left.

In terms of regular dryness, I'm more dry now because of the weather but nothing that regular moisturizing won't fix.


Day 42

My skin is looking pretty good. Most of the little ones are gone, but I still have about 5 big ones. My hyper-pigmentation is getting a lot better too.

Because of the sudden weather change, I got a humongous eczema breakout during school. My hands just started randomly hurting and next thing I know I have huge, swelling patches of eczema that cover almost the entire backs of my hands! It looks disgusting. Well, better that than my face. My mom started panicking and called the doctor, who told me to put on Cloderm twice a day and then to put on Neutrogena hand cream as often as I do Aquaphor (meaning a lot). I'm hoping it will work. I'd rather not have eczema hands all through the winter.


Day 36

My skin isn't looking too great... I'm getting one big pimple every other day or so now and each one takes about a week to heal, so it's all piling up. Plus, people are starting to mention how pale I'm looking because of my lack of sun exposure.

I got these two weird spots on my left arm. They're sort of pinkish and they look just like the strawberry-whatever-they're-called's that I used to get a lot (something to do with the blood vessels coming too close to the skin). They aren't itchy or hurting or anything, so I don't really know what's going on. I'm hoping that it isn't caused by my upped Accutane dosage.


Day 32

I just got back from my one-month derm appointment. They're upping me from one 40mg per day to one 40mg on Monday, Wednesday, Friday; and two 40mg on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. We'll see how that goes.

My skin is looking pretty flushed lately. It's sort of pink-ish all over, which is annoying, but at least it's easily covered with makeup. The actual acne isn't looking so great. I'm getting a ton of pimples on my temples, which is a little weird. I have two on my cheek, too, and I've never gotten a single pimple there before. But the derm says that I'm not supposed to be showing improvement yet anyway, so that makes me feel better.


Day 28

Today my skin doesn't look as great as it was a few days ago. Last night I tried washing off my makeup with jojoba oil and I got 4 of those big-ish tender pimples. I don't know whether those two facts are related, but just in case I think I'm going to go back to my regular makeup remover.

Lately I haven't had enough time to apply lotion all over my body (or cut my nails or wash my hair for that matter...) and I'm getting scaly patches all over the place now. Goody. Well, since tomorrow's Friday, I should be able to catch up on all my hygiene then.

What I find odd is that after last night when I used jojoba oil, the black spots on my nose got slightly better. This also could be a coincidence, but I thought I would mention it anyway.


Day 24

My cold's pretty much gone, thankfully, but I still have a fever so I'm hoping I'll do okay in school tomorrow. It was getting really annoying yesterday: my nose kept bleeding and whenever I tried to put some of those saline drops in my nose it would just drip out. So that probably wasn't all too great for me. But at least that should be over for now.

Today my skin is looking even better than yesterday. I don't have any active pimples anymore, and the little inactive ones that I do have are almost flat. They're still pretty red, but that doesn't really matter because I wear makeup when I go out.

The black dots all over my nose have been getting worse and worse. I'm thinking it really is hyper-pigmentation and I'm getting pretty scared, but my mom wants me to wait a week until my first month visit to the derm. I'm really hoping it won't be too late by then...


Day 23

So turns out that I am in fact sick. Ugh. Since I've been breathing from my mouth at night my mouth is more dry than I thought was possible in the morning. I'm having my first period since I got on Accutane too. Gotta love the timing.

Other than that, my skin is actually looking pretty good. I have one active pimple and the other ones that I used to have are drying up. I think I have about 10 little ones, which is pretty good.

My skin isn't all that dry. Last night and the night before I skipped putting lotion on my body because I was too achy and tired, but my skin seems fine. My lips are dry though, of course. And my eyes got dry during class yesterday so I had to blink like crazy to try to moisten them up.


Day 21

My skin's actually looking pretty good lately, on my face anyway. I have about 5 active pimples, which isn't so great, but it's worth it because I only have about 5 more that are tiny, which is a big improvement from day 19. However, my body is still covered in random patches of bumps, which is quite annoying. At least it's not too visible.

Unfortunately I think I might be coming down with a cold. My throat's been hurting today. I don't know if Accutane will make cold symptoms worse or something, but I sure hope not.

Last night my eyes got super dry, which hasn't happened before. I wasn't exactly having my best night if you know what I mean (which hopefully isn't also due to Accutane), so that might have been what caused it. Either that, or this is just going to be happening from now on.


Day 19

I asked some of the people here on acne.org and it seems that the goose-bumping-looking-things that I've now developed all over the place are KP. Hm. It's possible that this is just my time to get it because everyone in my family has it, but other people seem to have gotten KP around week two of Accutane too, so maybe it's that. Hard to tell. Hopefully it will go away soon, or at least once Accutane stops.

My skin's looking okay other than the KP bumps all over the place. I only have a couple of active pimples, although I have about 20 or 30 minor ones. Things haven't improved since the initial breakout went away. But I have hope that it will work eventually, especially since I'm not supposed to be clear at this point anyway.

School's starting to actually give us work, and my stress levels are definitely going up. I'm hoping that this won't give me a major breakout like it usually does every year.

Oh yeah, I tried that CVS cocoa butter thing that had similar ingredients to the Olay in-shower thing. For one thing, the smell was awful. It didn't exactly smell bad, but it was just so strong that I could hardly breathe for a couple minutes. It didn't seem to do much for me either. That's okay though since my skin isn't all that dry in the first place.


Day 16

So I talked to my mom about the whole bleeding thing, and she says that what I have isn't exactly rectal bleeding so it's fine.

I got my blood drawn this morning and I didn't faint! Awesome.

My skin is still looking the same...

I couldn't find the Olay in-shower moisturizer thing, so I bought something that has similar ingredients. I'm going to try it the next time I shower, so we'll see if it works well for me. I don't like sleeping with lotion on and I don't have time to put any on in the morning, so an in-shower lotion is really the best thing for me right now, in addition to the occasional night-time moisturizing.

I think my skin is getting a little drier. It doesn't feel any different, but this morning I woke up with a very flaky face for the first time since I started Accutane. I'm hoping that it was just a one-time thing because flakies are hard to get rid of and they make my makeup uneven. Otherwise I might try using an AHA, but that will be my last resort since I know you're not supposed to use acid while on Accutane.


Day 15

Not much new has happened. I wore my hat to gym yesterday when we went outside. It was embarrassing, but I'm okay. My skin hasn't gotten any better or worse since the improvement following the initial breakout.

Some people say that Accutane can make it harder to concentrate in school, but I've been having no problems. Everything's going normally. Math is bad. German is good. Band is awesome. Etc.

Oh right, I forgot to mention: I've been getting some rectal bleeding, I think. I don't really know what rectal bleeding is and I'm afraid to ask, but I just read over the iPledge thing and it says that it means my organs are getting damaged. Honestly, I don't want to tell anyone because I don't want to have to stop taking Accutane because nothing else ever worked. But I know I probably should... Well, I'm thinking about asking the school nurses when I get back to school on Tuesday, so we'll see what choice I make. If anyone has a better idea...please tell me.


Day 13

Thankfully, I got permission from my gym teacher to let me wear a hat when we go outside for gym. I bought some pants and a long sleeve shirt to wear over the uniform too. (For some reason we always have to wear the uniform under anything else.)

My skin isn't looking so great, but it's okay. Before I was getting two or three new ones every day, but since school started I've been getting more like five. But the redness is still down, which I guess is good. I know I can't expect to be healed any time soon, but I wish I would be.

Today at school I forgot to bring my Aquaphor. Ouch. The amount I already had on only lasted until fourth period, where I had to take the remaining smudges of it to play in band. For the rest of the day I had to lick my lips every time I opened my mouth because my lips were too dry to move otherwise.

It's been pretty hard to keep up with my drinking schedule since we're not allowed to drink in school except for at lunch or at the water fountain (ick). So I drink a little bit at lunch, and then I try to drink at least 3 cups in the afternoon/night, and I drink one cup every morning.


Day 11

Today was the first day of school for me. I've heard a lot of stories about how Accutane makes you get scraped and cut really easily. I was actually a bit surprised to find how true that is. I didn't feel an ounce of pain (given that I have a very high pain tolerance) and yet when I looked at my hands as I walked out of the school, I had three scratches.

Thankfully my mom wrote a note to the gym teacher for me explaining the whole Accutane thing. I know there's probably not much to worry about, but my family is paranoid, so oh well. XD

My skin is looking slightly worse than yesterday, probably because of all the makeup I wore to school. But I think that it's still so much better than it started out, so I'm happy.


Day 10

Today my skin is looking pretty good. My routine of washing my face with Aquanil and putting on Hymed lotion every night seems to be reducing redness. A lot of the acne from my initial breakout has dried up, and now I only have a few white heads and a bunch of skin-colored bumps all over my forehead. Even though I could have easily covered the redness with makeup, I'm glad that the redness is gone.

My skin has been getting rather itchy lately. If I'm at home I just put on some lotion and that seems to get it to calm down, but otherwise I just have to resist scratching my sensitive skin. For my birthday (in October) I'm hoping to get a product with manuka honey in it to help with the healing and itching. However, my mom is being very strict in that I'm not allowed to put anything on my face until the dermatologist has approved it. So unless my derm tells me that manuka honey is completely fine, I'm just going to have to have an itchy face and body for the next several months.

I've also been getting random joint pains that last for about half a minute. I don't really know why that is, but it's not too troublesome so I don't mind.


Day 9

My lips are still extremely dry. Now within seconds after taking off Aquaphor my lips are so dry they can barely move. My skin is fine, though. It's drier than normal, but since it was oily to begin with, it's just less oily rather than actually dry.

School starts on Monday, and my sister tells me that we occasionally have to go outside for gym. This is a bit of a problem, because we have to wear shorts and a T-shirt to gym. I'm going to have to ask for permission to wear pants and a sweater over that, and I have to get permission to have pockets and a hood. Wish me luck.

I've been getting usually two or three new pimples each day, but thankfully the existing ones are drying out and fading away more quickly than before. My skin is looking pretty good, but still not so great.


Day 7

Since Accutane I've been washing my face with just water, because it's sensitive enough without Accutane. But two nights ago I washed it with Aquanil cleanser (which, in my opinion, is even more gentle than Dan's cleanser) and my face stung quite a bit. It wasn't anything compared to how it feels after I use sunscreen, but it was pretty bad. But tonight I washed it again, and it didn't sting at all. I'm not sure what this means, but I'm glad it's not stinging anymore.

I think I got some new pimples this morning, so my skin isn't looking quite as good as it did yesterday. But since Accutane takes a long time to work, it's not like I'm expecting to be clear now anyway.


Day 6

Lately my hair has been getting a bit drier, and my scalp has been very dry. Unfortunately I'm on a no-silicone hair diet, and they don't make dandruff shampoos without silicones. So I'm just going to have to deal with the occasional itchiness.

I don't think I got any new pimples today, and my skin is looking slightly clearer. Hopefully this means I'm actually making progress.


Day 5

My lips have been getting really dry lately. I had a composition lesson for an hour today, so I put on some Aquaphor beforehand, and by the end of it my lips were dry all over again. Afterward I figured I was going to eat dinner in an hour, so I decided to wait until after dinner to put more on. By the time dinner was over, my lips were peeling all over the place.

My skin hasn't gotten any drier compared to yesterday, and I'm not seeing any changes in my progress. I'm still getting new pimples every day. Before I started Accutane I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was hoping that my acne would be mostly gone before September, when school starts. But I see now that there's no way that's happening. Oh well, as long as it's gone before I move (in 10 months) then I'll be okay.


Day 4

This morning I woke up, and my skin was dry. I have rather oily skin, and that has never happened to me before. Plus, my skin actually absorbed all of the moisturizer that I put on it, which rarely happens. Usually about an hour after I moisturize my skin I have to wipe away all the little balls of moisturizer that are left on my skin. It's not uncomfortably dry or anything: it's just weird that it's not oily anymore.

Yesterday my mom let me buy some vitamin E supplements, and she's going to let me start them today. I'm hoping it will help with side effects and protect me a little bit more from the sun. I also ordered a wide-brim hat that has a veil in the back, which should help me out a bunch on days when I put my hair up.

Before Accutane I used to drink about one or two cups of water per day, and although I knew it wasn't healthy, drinking enough water wasn't worth the trouble for me. But two days ago I started striving for six cups per day. So far I haven't been able to break four, but already my head feels so much clearer. It may sound a little insane, but I planned out a drinking schedule so that I can try to drink more water without having to worry about drinking too close to meal times. I have to say, it helps relieve a lot of stress and brain power.


First Day

I joined this community a while ago, but I've been lurking for the most part. But I thought that since I started Accutane a couple of hours ago, I might as well make my experience useful to anyone who cares to read about it.

So, today I took my first Accutane pill (40mg I think) at dinnertime. It went down a whole lot easier than Doryx, not that that really matters. Afterward I felt a little funny, like it was just slightly harder to breathe, but I think that it was more me being paranoid than an actual problem. The feeling went away after I drank some grape juice, so maybe I was just dehydrated. I don't know whether Accutane dries you out within hours, but my contacts did get a little dry (which happens every so often, so it could very well have been a coincidence), so I tried putting in some of the eye drops my dermatologist recommended to me, and that cured it.

So far, none of my organs seem to be damaged, my brain seems to be working okay, and my hair isn't falling out. Looking good so far! I just have to hope that I don't pass out when I get my blood work done, I can continue to use Accutane based on the results of the blood work, and that I get magically cured from my acne.

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