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Hi everyone!,

first and foremost i would like to say that I'm glad i was introduced to this website, and that i am really excited about the new regimen, and all the wonderful members of this website.

my story:

Well i have suffered with acne the half of my life, ten years to be exact. I have tried close to everything from over the counter, to proactive, to medication and the list goes on. My skin is moderate to severe depending on the level of stress i endure at the time. When i used proactive it worked in the beginning then my skin gotten used to it and i actually broke out worse, i have been to the dermatologist when i went their they sprayed a light mist of water on my face (which might i add felt a little strange) then they prescribed me a facial wash and antibiotics (i forgot the name because it was years ago, but it was a yellow and black capsule). And it worked for a little until i ran out and unfortunately my insurance doesn't cover that,and i couldn't afford to continue so i opted for over the counter products. I believe that they helped subside my acne pretty well but i also believe that some i used where to harsh for my skin thanks for the knowledge from this website, in plus i was really tough on my skin. I can't remember every detail but i can say once i turned 18 i told myself that i was tired of acne, and i was tired of it controlling my life and self esteem. so i was put back on antibiotics until it gave me a horrible allergic reaction. that's when i found this site, now i'm back to square one ready to fight this acne, and am looking forward to my new skin care regimen.

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