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i'm confused honestly..., so new to this whole "getting rid of my acne" journey... help?

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hey, everyone I'm Bea. and i have no clue how to deal with my acne, its not horrible but I'm subconsciously hurting about it... yea yea yea "don't be a drag" "it'll get better" "no one cares if you have acne..." blah blah blah... my parents are always chanting, but they don't know what its like to have acne in high school nowadays... nothing i try works on my skin, its like mass producing oil every second... there's not much i can do because i am somewhat poor lol and if you have no money, you try to buy the cheap stuff and make homemade treatments when you got some cash... unfortunately this only creates a cycle of crying to burning red skin to barely there acne then back to the beginning... any words of wisdom would shed some light even if it's a blunt,"you're a brat, get over yourself!" lol

hopefully yours,

bea: :cool:

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