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My acne history

I have had acne since my early teenage years. I really suffered from it and always felt ugly because of it. My self image regarding my looks has been really damaged because of it. Nowadays people often tells me how beautiful I am and I can kind of see it objectively too, but I can't feel beautiful within, not ever. It's because of the acne.

In short, I waited all my teenage years to get rid of the acne. Cleaned my face with Clearasil and other drugstore acne treatments. When I was seventeen I started to take the pills and the acne disappeared.

I went off the pills seven years later. The acne was back! For about four years I suffered from major and minor breakouts but the acne never disappeared.

In 2002 I tried first internal antibiotics for a few months. The acne cleared up but came back as soon I stopped taking the medicine. Then my doctor recommended Accutane, which helped me a lot. After a year on Accutane, the acne disappered for a few years. Then it gradually became present now and then until my pregnancy in 2006. During the pregnancy and after the birth of my son in 2007 I could keep the acne under control. Until this summer.

I experienced a stressful emotional period in July this year and got severe acne over my entire face, especially on the lower parts. My doctor prescribed me Duac (BP and clindamycin) and also Diane birth control pills. I'm not sure I would go on the pills. I will try the acne regimen with external products first.


4 days on Duac

Today is my forth day on Duac (BP 50 mg & clindamycin 10 mg). I still got a lot of acne on my chin and around the mouth but it's not that aggressive anymore. I'm feeling better about everything, but I still think I need to look like this when I go out in public: :cool:

Yesterday I also started to use two kinds of cleansers, one after the other. First I use a simple cleanser from the farmacy (non-prescription) containing salicylic acid 2 %. I leave the clenaser on the skin for a few minutes and then rinse it off. I follow with the really expensive cleanser from MD Formulations containing 12 % of Glycolic acid. I use it the same way: smear it on and leave it for a few minutes. Rinses with a lot of water.

Then I put ice packs on the skin to cool it down, making the swelling go down so the Duac Gel would be able to get deeper into the skin.

I have read everything about this way of doing the acne regimen in the book "The Acne Cure", written by Terry J Dubrow (md) and Brenda D Adderly (mha).

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