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Hi everyone!!!!!!!!

Im Breeza83 and i live in Australia and our Accutane Treatment over here is called Oratane so anyone from Australia feel free to contact me.

I started my treatment in December of 2008 and have just found out i need to continue my course for another 8 months. :cool:

So lets start all over again.

I am 26 and am very glad i didnt start this treatment till now due to the side effects etc. It definately not the most pleasant experience but its not as bad as i thought it would be.

When i was 18 the dermatologist wanted to put me on this treatment but after much research i decided this was a last resort for me as i have mild depression.

So i said to myself i will try everything else first and if by the time i hit 25 if it hadnt cleared up i would give it ago and i dont regret my decision at all. I think being a little older you develop a different mind set and are able to handle certain situations better and think of things a little more logically than emotionally.

So what did i try first

  • The pill
  • Doxycycline
  • Topical creams
  • Face washes
  • every cream on the chemist shelf

None of this stuff worked for me but it did help to manage my acne

Some people grow out of getting acne so i was hoping that this would happen for me but no such luck it got worse and moved to my back.

I was scared to start this treatment after reading all the stuff about depression but i am very lucky to have an amazing dermatologist

So i have been taking 1 tablet a day for about 5 months. I have so far had minimal side effects, dry lips mainly, and bleeding gums when i brush thats it.

Products i currently use to control the dryness are Blistex Lip conditioner (spf 15) it is my life saver i go through about one pot every 2 months. All the QV products, they are cheap and work wonders. Thats pretty much it.

I am gonna be going up to 2 tablets a day so i will let u know how i go xo

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