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My routine

Just for record's sake, and perhaps your curiosity, this is my routine:


-Proactiv cleanser

-Neutrogena Sunscreen(SPF 30) for Face

-Mineral powder


-10 minute steam

-Proactiv cleanser

-Proactiv toner

-Proactiv lotion

-Sometimes the mask

Whenever I have my green tea I rub the bag on my face also.


10 Things to Clear my Skin

Here is my list of dietary and lifestyle changes I am planning to make to clear up my skin. I will implement a few at a time consistently so that I'm not overwhelmed.

  1. Cut out dairy(milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, chocolate)
  2. Drink 10 glasses of water daily
  3. Have fish(omega-3 fatty-acids) 3x/week
  4. Cut out high sugar foods(candy, chocolate, specialty drinks, soda)
  5. Never leave the house without wearing sunscreen
  6. Steam face 10 minutes nightly
  7. Get 8 hours of sleep minimum nightly
  8. De-stress(read, dance, listen to music)
  9. Drink green tea 1x per day & rub tea bag on face
  10. No white bread

I am currently starting with 3 habits: Cut out dairy, drink 10 glasses of water and the green tea one. I think that these will have the greatest effect on my skin and motivate me to make the rest of these changes to my lifestyle to get glowing skin.

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