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Damien's Mom

Another try.

Well, here I am again, still with acne. While I don't wish my acne were worse, sometimes I wish Accutane were still available to me since it worked so well in the past without little to no side effects. I never went through such an extensive treatment like this in the past, but there were many treatments the same as I am experimenting with now only to have the same result: NOTHING!

It's so difficult to be patient too, because of my wedding in 6 months and just wanting to be happy with my skin and self in the mean time. I feel like when people look at me, all their seeing is an adult with an acne problem. At least that's what I'm currently seeing, so naturally I think that's what everyone else is looking at too whether true or not.

Maybe there is a light at the tunnel though: Doxycyclen. I took my first of this pill at around 10am this morning and I hope that in the next coming weeks/months I can return to this post a more clear-faced individual. I've read up on this and there are been many that have said good things about this particular pill. There are those who also said it didn't help a bit.

At this point, due to my insurance, the place where I see a rotating shift of dermatologists will not prescribe me Accutane (more of a headache that they want to deal with). This is what is considered a last resort. If I don't respond to this either, then there is not much more I can do or take. So, due to all of this, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and going to try to stay positive. It's not easy, but I'm sure I can try. :))

Damien's Mom

First Time

My pharmacy delivered my new medications today which I will be trying for my face. I have been prescribed two brand new creams/gels I have never tried before: Tretinoin (acne) and Metrogel (rosacea). I've struggled a lot lately with my face, and my self-esteem has taken a real hit due to it. I'm still confident in my skills outside of my appearance and in fact I may have started trying to excel in other ways because I have thought for some time now that I am displeasing to the eye. I've never had great skin, but I fell in love with Accutane about four years ago because it practically took away my acne with little to no side effects (and for those who know anything about this drug, you take a big chance with some pretty serious side effects)!

I was clean and clear until I got the Mirena IUD. Mirena wreaked havoc on my system, from my face to my pre-pregnancy migraines (which came back with a vengeance) to my mood. My skin was that of a pubescent teen all over again! After a year and a half of that little t-shaped hell raiser, I finally had it swapped for the hormone-free, copper wrapped Paragard IUD. Instantly I wasn't such a bitch (hehe!), but the damage on my face had been done. When acne is temporarily cured via medication, it's wonderful and you never take for granted the time you have because it can come back as easily as it left. And simply removing part of the problem didn't help, it only plateaued. It felt like my acne was just waiting for an excuse to come back and found its open window in the Mirena.

But within the last 6 months to a year, my skin has been surprisingly red in tone and extremely sensitive to alcohol and water. My face turns fiery red and short of a few natural remedies, nothing ever got to the root of the problem. At this last dermatology appointment, though, I was diagnosed with rosacea which often causes acne. The Metrogel is used to treat that, so now I can only sit and wait to see if this new round of treatment will work. I've always been warned it will probably get worse before it gets better so forgive me if I'm a bit anti-social. :cool:

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