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Day 12

Day 12. My face is GLOWING. No joke. GLOWING. I still have those irritating bumps along my jaw and they are soooo annoying. Once in a while one will turn white and ill pop it and it will just go away but most of them aren't poppable. They just sit there and i cant do anything about it! But besides that, like i said, glowing(: My back pain is still there, but very minimal. Only when i do certain things does is start to hurt. My skin has also been noticibly less oily, but it also has started to get very dry. Like after i wash my face in the morning i cant move it without putting lotion on! But ill deal with that if it means clear skin(: My lips are very chapped, but again, nothing auaphor won't fix. Ill be pmsing soon, so we'll see how that goes. I would ablolutely hate to see all this progress go down the drain. But anyways, gotta run! Having an 80's party in honor of michael jackson, (any excuse to have a party, right?) so i gotta go dress up!


Day 11

hello everybody(:

so today was my first day of school... im a sophmore(: last night my face was looking great, and i didn't touch it at all to try and keep it that way. this morning i woke up and it looked even better(: if i absolutely had to, i could walk out of the house with no make-up on and feel ok about it, but its still nowhere close to where i want to be, and with this only being the eleventh day, nowhere close to where im going to be. i do, however, have a bunch of tiny little bumps along my jaw line. they aren't visible, even when looking up close, but i can definately feel them. i've been putting a little bit of benzoil peroxide on them every night. i dont know if this is against the rules, but i just want them gone so bad. and its not even working so its not like it matters. haha. yesterday i had an pretty intense volleyball practice, and i was really worried if it would effect me like last time. but surprisingly, today im fine and have no extra backpain that i didn't already have (the pain from last time didn't fully go away yet) who knows ? maybe im like used to it now or something.... but volleyball tryouts for school start monday for the whole week so i have a feeling that might irritate my back again. we'll see.... my lips are pretty chapped but i carry my trusty aquaphor with me everywhere and that usually takes care of it. overall, i have nothing unusual to report. ill let you all know how the volleyball tryouts go(:


helloooo again(:

so todays day 9. my face looks great(: last night i had a few small zits along my jaw line that i did pick and this morning they were scabs, but i went to the pool today and they just shrivelled up and fell right off. i was kinda worried about going to the pool today because i had heard accutane is supposed to make you really sun-sensitive, but i didn't burn at all and actually got a nice tan. i do have a few small ones along my hair line that aren't visible, but i can feel them. the back pain i had before is completely gone, along with the pain in my hips. i am planning on working out tomorrow, but im gonna try to take it easy. we'll see how that goes. school starts in a few days, and im thrilled my face is looking good for that, but im also wondering what the added stress from it will do to my face... my lips are a little bit chapped, but nothing a little aqquaphor doesn't fix. the rest of my skin hasn't been aany drier than usual-yet. i also have noticed that my face isn't as oily as it had been before accutane. i can't wait until six months from now to look back on this and see how much progress i've made(: the one goal i have for myself is to feel comfortable going in public without any make up. seriously i think i might cry when that happens(:


Day 8

hey guys(:

Im haley. Im 15 yrs old and 8 days ago I started my accutane treatment on 40 mg per day. I don't have severe acne, its just very persistent. About three years ago i started going to a dermatologist. It was like every time I went I was on a new pill, using a new cream, and NOTHING was working! So finally my doctor turned to accutane. I did really well the first day, and then the second day I really broke out. I don't know if i would have broken out anyway, or if it was the accutane. I doubt it was the accutane because I don't think it would have started to work in my system by only the second day. But who knows.... maybe it was my initial breakout ? Those of you who have taken it, when did you all get yours ? Anyway, that took a few days to clear up. So then on the 4th day I went running and had an intense volleyball practice, and the next morning I woke up and COULD NOT MOVE! I had a horrible pain in my lower back and everything was sore. I run like every other day and have volleyball everyday, so this was nothing new to my body. And then my mom realized it MUST be the accutane! The back pain has almost completely cleared by now and it only really hurts to like lean on one leg and then shift my weight to the other, then its like excrucciating (sp?) pain in the leg with no weight on it anymore. Did any of you guys experience this ? So anyway, my face is looking good now. I only have two zits on my cheek and chin and spots from previous zits that make my skin look worse than it is. Still waiting for that innitial breakout everyone says is horrible... unless im lucky and that minor one 6 days ago was it(:

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