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I recently moved to a new city looking for new opportunities, but thanks to my skin, the opportunites are now on hold until my skin is back to "normal". I've been having skin troubles since I was about 18. I'm now 22, and in an industry that requires physical perfection. Which makes my breakouts even more frustrating.

I've finally equated my new round of breakouts to climate change. After researching every possible reason, this seems the most plausable. I came from a climate filled with moisture, now I am living in extreme heat, and heavy polution. My skin was relativly clear for about 6 months on a strict regimen of gentle cleansing (all natural oatmeal bar soap), consistent moisturizing (alba oil free green tea), and gentle yet regular exfoliation (mint juilup mask somtimes with honey). This routine really worked well for me. I hardly ever used BP, but would sometimes if I felt a breakout coming on. Less is more really seemed to be working.

Then all of a sudden BAM! I never even considered changing my skincare routine when I moved. Never even crossed my mind! So when literally a day into my new life a face full of acne emerged (esp on my forhead where I never breakout), I was completey taken by surprise. I immediatly related it to stress and hormones, and went to town on my skin. Big mistake! I orederd ProActiv thinking that would clear me up, then I could stop using it and go back to my normal routine. UGH, why do I never remember that ProActiv makes things WORSE for me. ProActiv only worked once for me, and I feel my skin built immunity to it (Iv'e read that happens), and it's never worked since. Instead, I feel it just spreads all of the acne bacteria over your face and creates new breakouts. So at this stage, not only is my forhead broken out in this weird rash, but now the rest of my face has cyst like bumps. OMG, sooo horrifying. This is when the isolation begins. I did not want my experience in a new city to start off like this! Not to mention, my bf who I live with, has to watch me go through all of this. I wanted to go out and explore, meet new people.. you know NORMAL things.

So... I move away from ProActiv and onto my next brilliant idea. I buy the clean and clear wash with triclosan, thinking this will kill all the bacteria that's causing my infection to go away. Wrong again! Just stripped my skin of any moisture, and left it supper irritated. My bf now suggests that I just do nothing and leave my skin alone. Of course he says that, he has perfect skin and does NOTHING for it. Argh! So I try, and it improves a bit, but I still have deep bumps that need to emerge. So I try using a glycolic acid product in hopes that all my clogged pores will purge. And they do. Halleluja!

So right now, I am recovering from putting my skin through so much. Iv'e been using a tweaked regimen and it is improving a bit. Iv'e discovered that Neutrogena's oil free acne wash is actually helping me, where I could never use it before because it was so harsh, but now my skin is now accepting it without much dryness. I'm using BP at night, and in the morning just washing with water and applying moisturizer with sunscreen.

I wish I could just go on accutane. But I know my skin isn't bad enough to require a prescription. I was on it a few years ago and my lord, it was like magic. Within 2 weeks my skin was poreless. I was supposed to be on for 6 months, but stopped about 6 weeks early. I was sick and missed an apt, and then my derm went on vacation. I always wonder if I had completed my treatment if my skin would still be acting up like this.

So.. that's all for now. Until next time! :cool:

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