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Hooray it's Henry

So I'll jump the bandwagon and stress the already over-stressed statement: acne sucks.

And here's my regimen on how I'm trying to deal with it:


I use Gold Bond Medicated Powder on acne spots throughout my face. Now I don't think this is causing my acne to break out--in fact it's diminishing redness & keeping it dry from oil (I dabbed lightly with my Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing sheets and barely got any oil). However, whenever I take a shower my acne spots are a bit red. I DON'T think this is due to the powder because my acne has always been red after a shower (for the most part). Perhaps I need to be even more gentle? I try not to dry my face with a towel but I'll admit I do from time to time--this can be a contributing factor to my acne becoming red.

And the powder not only dries my acne up, but also contains .8% Zinc Oxide that helps reduce inflammation (the color isn't red). Also Zinc itself is good for the skin. However, the powder also contains menthol which I've heard is a skin irritant. It's not irritating my skin at all--i haven't got a breakout on my face where I've applied the powder (which is on pimples + hyper-pigmented scars).

Additionally, I always have 2.5 BP (Neutrogena On-The-Spot) in the bathroom. I use it about once a day on acne that's being troublesome (although that's becoming rare because of the powder healing my skin + drying things up).

I haven't used my Neutrogena Tone Correcting Concentrated Serum as much lately. I'm not sure if this is contributing to acne flares or not...so I'm going to stop using it just in case. It has, however, helped with my complexion a bit.

I use Clean & Clear pads to absorb oil every 1-2 hours. Yeah it's annoying, but if it helps then I'm all for it.

I'm about to add AHA+ to my regimen--I'll use that has a spot treatment and to heal old acne scars once it arrives in the mail.


I take one Vitamin A (8,000 IU) pill each day with food.

I take one 50mg Zinc each day with food (although I'm switching to Picolinate once it arrives in the mail. I hear its' better absorbed)

I'm taking 500mg Niacin Flush-free, however I'm going to try the flush and see which works better.

I'm taking 2-3 Loma Lux Acne Pills. I'm not sure if this is helping...but hopefully it is.

Finally, I'm going to try Fish Oil as soon as it arrives in the mail. I hear this is very effective for people, so hopefully it will work.

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