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I'm going to be turning 16 in about a month now, and i am sexually active.

I think i have herpes or something but im not sure. All of the pictures that i have looked at do not look like what i see on my private area. a month ago i got a little red lump/bump nothing big almost flat but it poped exactly like a pimple, it had white puss. I really had no idea what it was but after i poped it it went away. This week i got another one and im really freaked out.

The thing is though i dont know how i would have gotten it. Me and my boyfriend went out for 6 months then broke up for 2 months, during those 2 months i had sex with one guy and i used a condom it was very long sex we stoped after 5 minutes it just wasnt working out. Now i am back with my same boyfriend and its going to b 6 months this month. I've heard that if you get herpes that you see symptoms after a month or so. but i wouldn't think 6 months? i really dont see how i could have gotten it if i do have herpes can someone please help me out? :cool:

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