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Hello. How are you? That's what I've been saying to people as a greeting.

It seems I come to this website only when I'm down, only when my acne is bad, and that is what I am doing now as well. Straight to the point, I have a medium sized zit at the corner of my mouth, slightly inside it, but also visible. This position makes it very hard to apply my current acne medication to it, and it has only been getting worse over the past few days. Let it be known though, that compared to the large pustules that I have had before, this is not that bad. Also, in addition to this on the right top of my mouth, I also find that I am developing a sort of rash on the bottom left corner of my face under my mouth. There was a small whitehead (or redhead) there about 2 days ago but that has gone now and the spot is left very dry, red, and possibly irritated. It's not elevated yet but I'm worried because it looks like how that bad half rash/half pustule thing started at the end of the summer.

Anyway, besides all this in the past week alone, things have been going quite well in regards to my acne. Very well. I haven't had a large pustule since my last post in early October. It is now January. That is a huge span of time.

Honestly I don't know how this has happened, it could be because of a number of different reasons. It could be that I haven't had a lot of stress on me (or rather that I have grown used to and comfortable with the life I live), or it could be the effectiveness of my routine, or it could be the type of acne medication I'm using. And that's what I hate about this - that I am so hopelessly lost, and that I have no idea what I could be doing to help my acne. It could be anything. But I guess I'll just have to keep trying.

In any event, I've been doing pretty well.


Its been a while, I see. My last entry was more than a month ago.

During the first week of school my acne got worse. I was okay for the first few days and so it wasn't really too much trouble meeting people and such, but by the 3rd or 4th day, the pustule on the left side of my nose had the white part in the center, and it was getting bigger, with no signs of stopping. As usual, I came home and was painfully reminded. That's one of the most terrible things about acne for me: when you wake up in the morning knowing that you have acne on your face and then go through the first part of the day very depressed. But then you start to get used to the people around you and you feel better. In that time you forget that you have several large pustules on your face. The worst part of this cycle is coming home and seeing yourself in the mirror, with the acne. And your feelings plunge back down again. That is the most horrible thing for me. It happens more days than not.

But even though in that first week both the November pustule and the February one were emerging yet again, I eventually, in a fit of frustration, popped the one on the left side under my nose. And I think that was the first time I've popped a zit the right way (or at least I hope it was the right way). I just splashed my face with water, dried it with a towel, wrapped my fingers with tissues and pushed the sides of the pustule together. And it hurt, my eyes burned and teared for a couple seconds, but suddenly some clearish/white stuff spurted out. And this, I thought, was good. I had finally accomplished something. It didn't even bleed. I just kept squeezing the sides together and more came out, much slower than the initial burst. Soon though it was starting to hurt a lot to keep this up, and there wasn't really any more ooze coming out, so I stopped. But not long after that I realized that the pustule wasn't getting smaller. Basically, it just turned from white to red, which was good, but I just expected it to have gotten smaller with all the substance coming out. I had to do this a couple more times to the same pimple. That one to the left under my nose is the most persistent. I don't think it'll ever go away really. I've had it since March 2009 and I've been battling it ever since.

It came back again the day before yesterday, for I think the 4th time since schools started (5th of Sept). I waited for it to have a reasonably large part of it turn white (because I think this is the only time you can pop a pustule like I have been doing) before I splashed it with water and pressed it together this morning. And it had the short burst, in which some clear stuff came out. I squeezed it together every couple minutes for about 15 minutes after that, but as I've learned, after the first pop, it is more painful and slow to drain it. I don't actually want to use the word 'drain' because as I said earlier, I'm somewhat disappointed in the way the pustule's size isn't reduced as much as its white color. Anyway the small part in the center where it had ruptured started oozing not so much clear stuff but blood after a while and so I stopped not long after that. Whats weird though is that the clearish/white stuff didn't seem to be coming from the same opening as the blood, as if they were being let out in different places. Whatever the case may be, it now looks like this: 1009092012.jpg

[The one on the left, in the picture] seems very dry and flaky. It is roughly 3 and 1/3 centimeters and colored mostly red except for the small darker red from the blood point somewhere near the center. And by the way, I'm writing this for record purposes; I've seen it many times before.

This old pustule wouldn't be as much of a problem if another one hadn't started forming for the first time right next to it. Right in the middle. The worst part of my face for acne is below my nose. I've had 2 pustules there for more than 10 months and one on my chin. The one on my chin, November 2008, the one to the right under my nose, early December 2008, the one to the left under my nose, early March 2009. These are the 3 most awful things on my face, the 3 things I've been fighting through the months with. And now there might be a forth one. 1 on the chin. 1 on the right. One on the left. And one in the middle. Please God help me.


Not bad, not that bad, for now. But its pretty bad. The red thing at the corner of my mouth has receded greatly although it persists and will not clear completely. Regular acne is coming up all around my nose. That's the worst spot unless you hadn't guessed. It gets extremely greasy there.

On the left side of my nose, under it, something has come up again. Again, though, this zit was was originally from December. Early December 2008. Its come back. And its getting bigger. Not all red yet, but the other day it had the little white part in it and I picked that out because in my opinion the red dried blood is better than white blood cells. So I had to wait for it to stop bleeding. And now the scab has healed and its getting bigger. So now I have half formed pustules on under both sides of my nose. Pretty bad.

The regular white heads (or red heads as I call them), are normal, they usually don't have a very long duration but they spawn extremely fast. Meaning that there will be like 10 new ones from morning to night but then they'll be gone and replaced by 10 other ones the next morning.

So I've run into a problem which I know I'll solve eventually. I'm running out of the medication I'm using. I don't know where my dad bought it so I'll have to bike around to every pharmacy on the island to find it. But I hope I will.

Here it is by the way...


I don't have much time but I'll describe my acne situation at the moment.

The pustule below my nose on the left side has gotten slightly smaller since my last post. I think its possible that the reformation of that particular pustule was due to the lack of showers last week. It rained for like 3 days in a row so I didn't take a shower and wash my face when I got home from the beach/sailing like I usually do.

Now something else has come to my attention. Something has formed on the left side of my mouth, right where the top and bottom parts of my mouth meet. I saw it more than a week ago as a mild red spot. It wasn't really protruding from my skin, it was more of a small red bump than, barely noticeable. That has changed. Its now extremely red and is actually bigger than the other pustule I described below my nose. I've been doing the regular stuff to it though: putting on a minimum of 5 layers of BP medication in the morning. Taking a shower and washing my face with soap late in the afternoon. And then at night splashing my face with warm water and applying a minimum of 6 layers of BP medication on critical areas.



So yeah.

Well I've had a pustule below my left nostril for the past week and a half. I believe this is the same one that has actually reformed twice now over the last year after being popped incorrectly no doubt. It was just red for like 3 days before last Wednesday. This was at the height of my exasperation over nothing working to quell it. It just got worse every day and I couldn't do anything about it.

So I turned to Acne.org for help. The one thing that I saw about "the regimen" that was different from a lot of other acne sites was the stressing of a large amount of Benzoyl Peroxide medication. So I tried that on the large pustule that i have. I splashed my face with warm water, patted it dry, went to the bathroom, and then applied my acne medication. But instead of putting on the usual 2 layer maximum on big pimples, I put on a minimum of 5 layers. For 3 nights nothing happened but soon, I noticed the pustule below my nose starting to clear up! It became way less noticeable, almost skin color, and had been reduced in size by about 70% by Monday this week. I couldn't believe it.

But now its back, which really sucks. Yesterday I realized it was getting bigger and red again. I expected a massive white part in the middle by today. I woke up and looked in the mirror this morning to see that it was larger and had a small white spot in it. I picked that off quickly and some white stuff came out along with blood which I stopped eventually by holding a tissue to it with pressure for 5 minutes. Now it looks just red and big with a small spot of dried blood in the middle. I'll continue what I'm doing and hope for the best.

Acne Severity: 3.5/5


Hi I'm Seth. I've been struggling with acne ever since 5th grade. I remember the first time I snuck into my parent's bedroom to take some of their acne medication all those years ago. It wasn't really bad back then. I thought it was, but compared to what I have now, and what I may very well have in the future, it was nothing. Every year I thought my acne was terrible, but if I could have seen what I look like now, I would have known better.

In all honesty though, my acne isn't that bad. But there are times when I get what I now know are called pustules. And compared to my relatively clear face, these are the most horrible thing ever. The hideous blemishes are so large and noticeable that they make me feel terrible about myself and plunge me into depression. I do poorly in school, avoid contact with friends and family, and appear altogether anti-social. The pustules get worse, and I run out of options and am forced to pop them, which is always a terrible experience.

For the past few years I've gone through many different treatments and medications. It wasn't until midway through 8th grade, after I got the first of many massive pustules, that I started getting serious about following through with my own regimen. First I'd wash my hands with any kind of soap or handwash I found in any of my bathrooms. Next, I'd cleanse my face with warm water. Afterwords, while my face was still relatively wet, I'd rub some "Facial Cleanser" around in my hands before applying it to my entire face. Then I'd just wash it off the same way, splashing warm water over my face multiple times. Pat dry. Finally, I'd put some BP acne medication over the whole thing. And then I'd go to bed.

I started this routine in early December 2008 and followed it for quite some time, until about June 2009. Using a variety of different acne medications and facial cleansers, I did it almost every night. And it took a while too. Along with brushing my teeth and going to the bathroom, I spent roughly 30 minutes in the bathroom every night. In the morning, I'd just apply more BP, after taking a shower. The thing is though, this routine didn't really do anything. I really don't think there was any improvement. I still got the normal amount of acne and I couldn't do anything to stop it. It was as if I wasn't doing anything different. I didn't know what I was doing wrong. And I say didn't because I pretty much stopped doing it after school ended in early June. I still put on whatever acne medication I can find every night, but really, nothing has changed. I still get the normal amount of acne, I still have acne scars that will never go away, I still get those awful pustules, and I still can't do anything about it. Nothing works for me.

I'll write more later.

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