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Almost 2 full weeks on the regimen (Day 13 to be exact). My skin, I cannot even tell you, is looking amazing. I have not had even ONE pimple in at least 7 days. I am now using Dan's products and really love the quality of his formulations vs. drug store brands. His BP in particular is much more gentle on the skin while being just as effective.

I am spending this coming weekend with my girlfriends and I am so excited that I don't have to worry about acne ruining my day. I also don't have to wear 10 lbs of makeup just to feel normal. In fact, these days, I am barely using anything but a light dab of Murad concealer here and there, and then a dusting of tinted rice powder (I love this stuff BTW - you can find it on Makeup Artist's Choice - [post=http://www.makeupartistschoice.com/products/Rice_Powder-378-62.html]Rice Powder Makeup. The nice thing about this is that you can order a "sample baggie" for like $3.00 so you can make sure you love it before purchasing the larger amount. Not too many makeup retailers offer such a service.

I hope everyone else is having similar successes - and remember, you are beautiful!

-K :cool:


Faith restored.

Day 7. My skin has really shown some improvement, and I am still using drugstore products until Dan's arrive tomorrow (His trio, jojoba oil & AHA). I am especially pumped about the jojoba oil... if I have any major complaints, it's that my skin is still really dry and tight - but certainly not as red as when I started. It seems that many people on the message boards have gained great relief from their parched skin with the incorporation of jojoba oil into their moisturizing step. I have also been taking 1 500mg Niacin pill each day (4 days now) and while I don't notice any miraculous developments, I truly haven't had one pimple since starting on the supplement. Maybe it is just coincidence.. or maybe Niacin is as wonderful as claimed..

On a different note.. I just have to say - it would be hard for me to elaborate how many times different acne treatments have let me down - sometimes even after giving glimmers of hope a few days in. I know Dan's regimen is different. I can just feel such a difference in my skin already. Further, the integrity of his program and availability of support through his site is just remarkable. I think it really helps to know I'm not alone.

I hope everyone is progressing well and staying positive. I know I'm really excited to keep improving, and moreover, happy to have faith in something again.

-K :cool:


Day 4 of the regimen. My skin is chapped and tight and it just freakin' hurts. It doesn't *look* super terrible, but it feels like I have raging case of wind burn. To boost my irritation, I have also developed a small area of facial ringworm on my right lower cheek - gross, I know. I had an instance of this last year in the EXACT same spot that we think I contracted from my (at the time) newly rescued puppy. I actually still have the prescription anti-fungal cream I used last year, so hopefully that will evict the resident fungi. Bastards. :D

I actually think it never really healed last year and so the bacteria stayed latent in my skin and re-emerged with all the heavy mositurizer on my face b/c of the regimen. Hopefully with 2 weeks of topical meds it will clear for good. Other than that, just diligently sticking to the regimen. I will also be starting 500mg of Niacin (Flush Free) which you can purchase at The Vitamin Shoppe for $17.00. I heard it's a wonder supplement in the fight against acne. And me, I'll take all the help I can get.

Today's lesson: You win some, and then.. you lose some. Isn't acne glamorous? :cool:


Update 1

Well - It's day 3 of my journey of the regimen. My face feels tight and a bit wrinkly. I am still using drugstore products (Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, Neutrogena On the Spot & Complex 15 Moisturizer) as Dan's products haven't arrived yet. I have only noticed some minor 'new' pimples, but other than that, nothing too exciting to report. I know that in acne treatment, it's a marathon - not a sprint - and I am doing my best to stick to this program for the long haul. I really can't afford not to.

On that note, I should back up and mention that my acne has never been disfiguring, just annoying and uncontrollable. I probably only get 5-6 pimples a week - but, because of the consistency and relentlessness of my condition - my overall skin tone is terrible, my pores are big and I still have plenty of superficial scarring from major breakouts in my high school and college years. I'm 26 now, and I would say my acne has been steady since I was 13. I have never been successfully able to 'control' my acne in a way I have been satisfied with. Many different programs and treatments offered me false and temporary hope - only to leave me upset, guilty and frustrated when they, sooner or later, proved inadequate.

Moreover, I have always been an athlete, I'm very outgoing, and I consider myself a very driven individual. My acne has inhibited me, at times, from being confident along the way and pursuing certian interests and goals. In college, my sense of self worth was so low, that there were days I just couldn't get out of bed to face the world. All my friends and family had beautiful skin - and it seemed so effortless for them when it came to their appearance. Now please understand - I don't find acne to be an excuse, but rather an explanation in terms of how sufferers may conduct their life or make particular decisions. If you have acne, you know what I mean. If you don't - be thankful - you may never understand the shame and embarrassment an acne sufferer endures.

I think I shall end today's rambling here. I am, as I said before, hopeful that I may have found something that will finally work for me - and if not - I'm not giving up on the war I have launched on acne.

Peace, love & clear skin. :cool:



Hi, I'm Hopeful.

Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce that I have officially started the regimen. I stumbled upon this website a few years ago but for whatever reason, never went through with the program. However, as of recent, I have absolutely HAD IT with my mild acne and overall finicky skin.


Like many of you I'm sure, I have tried so many different acne products to no avail (Such as [but not limited to] Proactiv, Rosula, Differin, Retin-A, Accutane, Monocycline, Doxycycline, Oracea, Fineaca, Ziana Gel, Benzaclin, Keflex, Clyndamycin, Hormone Therapy ((Progesterone & Spirolactone)). I have also, over the course of the last 6 years, have had several painful and expensive treatments that promised freedom from my acne (Microdermabrasion, 5 Photofacials w/ Levulan, 3 Pixel Laser Treatments, 1 Deep Pro-Fraxel, 5 Isolaz Treatments, 2 MicroLaserPeels and finally, 2 15% TCA Peels.) Each treatment left me more depressed than the last when the results were negative, sometimes leaving the condition of my skin worse than when I started.


So here I am, just praying for a miracle. I will keep posts of my progress. :cool:

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