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Starting Accutane.

So I have read many of your blogs out there and your struggle with acne. I only find it fair to share my journey with Accutane. If I can help one person with their struggle it will be 100% worth it. I only developed acne about 6 months ago. I had always had perfect skin and never thought anything like this could ever happen to me. I got off the birth control NuvaRing, and within 2 months my skin was completely different. Huge acne whelps formed under my skin, that simply would not heal. I tried all kinds of things to help...stronger face wash, laying in the sun to dry my skin out, working out, chemical peels. NOTHING HELPED. So I am taking the leap and getting on Accutane to try and find some relief. This has been the biggest life altering experience i have ever endured. I lost all self-esteem and confidence. I just want to feel like myself again. I am started Accutane in two days and i am so very excited to see what happens. I have done lots of research and I am ready to get this journey started. I will keep this blog updated while i am on this adventure.

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