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In Need of Information

It's scary that information regarding acne/chicken pox scarring treatments are quite insufficient on the net and otherwise.

Whenever I'd see someone with a blotchy plastic surgery job, I'd tell myself that plastic surgery guarantees some sort of malfunctioning requiring further work to be done later on. I would be mystified as to how some people would avoid doing proper research, only to understand now that the information is unavailable, thus forcing people to put their absolute faith in the hands of a doctor.

And we're conditioned to trust doctors.

What's more is the information that is available is biased by being provided by the aesthetic/plastic surgery clinics or because users with negative results are more likely to give feedback than users that obtained satisfactory results.

In reading the reviews it's even safe to assume that people aren't even talking about the same treatments which can further confuse anyone seeking actual credible information.

All that being said, my scar pics are posted revealing two chicken pox scars on my forehead and two on my left cheek, as well as acne scars on both cheeks. I tried to take the pics in the most unflattering light possible - the dreaded bathroom lights. Right now I have bangs to conceal my forehead marks, wash with water only and do a regimen of bio-oil, ROC's retinol+ and collagen filler.




One plastic surgeon told me that he could do punch excisions on the chicken pox scars that would leave line scars 1.5 the length of the circle that would fade in 3 years into white. The procedures would be covered by the government and I'd only have to pay for the operation room (500$). He had no pictures because it was considered a minor procedure but seeing the breast surgery scars caused me some alarm. I'm also scared of the risk of dying due to general anesthesia (although I believe it's local anesthesia).

Another doctor proposed four fractional CO2 laser treatments(about 700$/each tax incl.) that he said would take away most of my scarring. When I told him about the plastic surgeon who wanted to do punch excisions, he pinched one of my chicken pox scars and said that they should lift, but anything left over he could do a little stitching (he made sewing motions). He and his assistant said that these treatments would make a huge difference for me and if I go on a Friday, I should be back to work on Monday with some makeup. The doctor after the first treatment I'll see results and I might even decide I don't need any more treatments. When I asked if he had before and after photos, he said he had some but of old people, and he showed me one. I decided that I would go in September because I don't want my face exposed to the sun after my treatment.

So I need your help, if you have had these specific treatments, please give me your input. This is a lot of money being spent that involves something very dear to me, my face. Whatever procedures I undergo I promise to post pictures.

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