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It's July 30th 2009. I have been prescribed accutane, but before i can start that i have to take antibotics for a 30 days. (a month). I was sort of upset about it when i first found that out, that i couldn't start accutane right off the bat. But i learned to be positive, and go with the flow, so i have been taking antibiotics for about a week now. Twice a day. I'm not going to lie though, i was a bit scared when i was reading the booklet about accutane.. and when i was signing the papers for it. But i'll get over it. I honestly didn't have bad acne until about five months ago, then all of a sudden BOOM here comes them little fucks. It made me feel really self conscience, and i began to hate my body, don't get me wrong i love my body minus the acne, but how could you love acne? lmao. i sure don't and im not sure anyone does. I offically start accutane Aug 20th 2009. I'm pretty excited, I pray to god to please bless me with clear skin (acne, i don't mind a few little pimples here and there..) for the rest of my life. I'm sick of being depressed about my skin. and self conscience i also have back acne and sometimes chest acne as well. i hate it, i can't wear a shirt that shows my back unless my hair covers it. it sucks.. noone in my family has acne, just me. Im 16 years old. Everyone says it wil pass but my acne is more then mild. it's gotten worse actually since i have been on these antibiotics.. Guh.. oh well i am determined to get my acne cured. I'm just thankful god has led me to this solution. I will put up a picture soon, (before accutane..) :cool:


(sorry this is so long) others will be shorter, promise.

Thanks for reading and i will keep you posted.

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