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Day 14

Yay 2 weeks! But I decided to stop using the Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar because it made my skin more agitated in general and certain areas of my usually mild combination face dry and flaky so I am going back to my Olay Face Wipes since they have been compatible with my skin before and I still had some left from before. My face is clearing up a bit. Zits healing, No new ones but a couple of active ones. Stopped doing the Aspirin mask when I started school and I am only doing the Neutrogena on the spot thing at night.


Day 10

Wow 10 days. Well that breakout that I've had is almost healed, but still there. I managed to get a mini breakout so now I have a few more. Ugh.


Day 5

Day 5

Zits are definitely fading faster than normal and so far no new zits! I used a baby tooth brush and it was sorta nice, but I realized I'm probably supposed to be using a baby hair brush, but it seems to work well if I use the tooth brush lightly so oh well.

And if you saw my picture with the names: Franklyn, Annie, and Madeline are very faded and almost gone. Paul has lessened, but is more stubborn than the others and probably deeper. I think the BP is helping keep zits at bay. :pray:

I'll add a couple of new piics soon when I have time.


Day 4

I uploaded a couple new photos to my blog. I named four of my zits: Madeline, Franklyn, Annie, and Paul. They are not connected to anyone in anyway so I'm sorry if I chose your name and you think a zit was named after you. The photo shows which one is which.

My breakout that I got pretty recently before the regimen is getting less sore to the touch and a little less swollen. Still red as ever though.

School starts tomorrow so don't be surprised if I skip out on days for blog entries and pics since I will be super busy with school work(I have 2 tests on the first day+5hours of marching band, 2nd day I have 2 more tests, 3rd day I have another test and sometime during that week I will probably have a couple of more tests). And each day I have an hour of marching band except for the first day when I have 5. woohoo :wavey:


Day 3ish

Today is day 3 on my new regimen which is as follows:


-Clean with Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar

-Aspirin mask with honey, but will stop or do that in the evening once school starts

-Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment(small amount though for now to get my skin used to it)

-Moisturize with Olay Complete UV Protective Moisture Lotion SPF 15


-liquid foundation from Mary Kay


-same as morning, but without makeup and aspirin mask

I need to do something to exfoliate though because before I used Olay face cloths that had an exfoliating side that worked well, but I think may have agitated my zits. So I will probably get a baby tooth brush and try that in the shower.

I'm thinking about going back to the face cloths since I still have a package left, but I'll stick with the bar for a while and give that more of a chance for now at least.

At this point in time I have about 8 mildish, reddish zits with one that is probably a pustule that swelled up a lot without my picking at it. School starts in 2 days and I know that there is no way I can possibly clear up my face by then, but my goal is to be settled on a regimen and 95% clear for senior year since this year I will be a junior.


Here is me on Day 1. Sorry the pic sucks, but I didn't know it focused on the background until loaded it onto my computer. I also have Day 2 as well in my album.

The acne really doesn't look bad when blurry :wavey: .

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