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Hi all!! I finally got my perscription for amnesteem today and wanted to keep a log of my progress. Just a little about myself I'm a 20 year old female. I've been dealing with skin issues since I was about 12. I've tried dozens of OTC and perscription medications including proactiv, tea tree oil, benzaclin, differin gel, aczone etc. Nothing has ever worked for me for longer than a year. I used to have just minor breakouts, (although at the time I didn't see them as minor) but recently I developed the worst case of acne in my life. I was told by my derm the only thing that would help is accutane. I was scared to death to start taking it at first after hearing about some of the scary side effects. After reading some of the success stories on this website and speaking with my regular doctor about it I decided that this seems like a good solution for me.

So today is day 1 of my course. I'm on 20/mg a day for now. I'm excited to finally start after waiting for what seemed like forever due to ipledge. This has got to be one of the most difficult perscriptions to get! Seriously, you walk in the derm and hear how bad your skin is....but there is a fix for it. Then you find out you have to wait a month to get it :cool: and when you have acne that seems like an eternity! Anyways I would love feedback from people who are one it or have finished their course about their experience. I'm expecting the worst but hoping for the best at this point. Any advice on products or things to due to make this as painless as possible would be great! I'll be trying to do a weekly update and post pics soon.

Before my treatment i stocked up on supplies I thought would help. Here's my routine as of now:

Morning and Night:

Wash with purpose gentle cleansing gel

Apply aloe vera gel (from the plant)

Moisturize with Cerave


For face makeup I'm using everyday minerals mint concealer and Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation set with neutrogena mineral sheers powder.

At night:

Also use a little jojoba oil on a cotton ball to take off excess makeup that my cleanser left behind.

I also stocked up on burt's bee's chapstick, aquaphor, and some head and shoulders shampoo.


yaz birth control

Flax oil (2 capsules 2-3 times daily)

50mg zinc

B complex vitamin

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