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la la la

Woo now my skin seems okay atm

its not too dry

quite oily but i think its just my foundation being a pum

its clear though :cool::turtle:



Sorry i havent been on for ages - alot has been going on !

I got my GCSE Results wooo I am so happy :cool: I got

2 A*'s 6 A's 4 B's & 1 C

now im just sorting out college stuff - so sorry :turtle:

hmm well update

Im not using oxytetracycline - I feel bad for putting all this stuff in my body !

So now im just using Duac :)

It works still pretty well but just not as well

I can see my skin going through a cycle now - its kinda like

Greasy - nasty black heads and about 2 nasty cystic whiteheads

dry but skin is still trying to grease itself up - spots are crispyyy

skin is super dry and my eczema goes mad


and then back to normal ! lol

how annoying :silenced: !



Im cleared almost completly on my face now :dance:

Im just waiting for the oxytetracycline to kick in , cus my back and cleavage wont get any better with duac (N) poop

Duac is really drying out my skin now :D

it is getting a little itchy

but ...

last night i went to bed with a huge under the head spot ready to go ,

this morning , it just flaked off , literally just fell off my face haha :xxx:

made me giggle a little :cool:


happiness :dance:



doo doo doo

yay :D

spots are on the clear up although they are getting together a little gathering on my back .


i am very happy at the moment , maybe that is why they are not so bad , cus im not stressed :xxx:

Just need to stop picking

will update with pictures soon :cool:



La lar lar

Totally innapropriate nothing to with acne

but party tomorrow

hoping the skin is going to be all good :cool:

my skin is actually feeling a lot tighter and drier already so i know duac is already working

not taking oxytet until after saturday anyway - heavy boozing sesh. ahead - tut.tut


A new Beggining

Spoke to my lovely doctor today

She advises me to go back with the oxytetraycline and now use a topical of duac :cool:

gonna go pick it up today

Hoping my skin wont react to it because my skin normally does :dance:

I will keep you posted possibly with some piccies also :D



Day 3 and END

So , I have now stopped taking it and im going back to my doctors for something else

Yesterday and all night i was feeling so so so ill

- im still feeling a bit off now

i was sick , diarrhea , lots of gas , shivers , and just basically feeling like * :cool: *


Wasnt having it

My suggestion

ERYTHROMYCIN IS HELL - Don't go there !


Day 2

Aww man , tablets are all ready messing with the digestion i feel mega sick and have the shivers

looks like i may be needing the loo soon too

AHH !:cool:

Hoping this goes away


Day 1 !

Just thought I would letcha know where i am up to with all my spot medication and situation.

I have mild-moderate acne , which sometimes can get very very angry ! - Hulk style

and not to help my skin is mega sensitive !

So i can not use topical products without my skin turning out worse than what it is !

I have been on oxytetracycline on and off for around 7 months - yes it worked , very well infact after 4 months but then the effect seemed to fade and i would still have breakouts :xxx:


i thought frigg. this ima get me some new tablets

went in to see my lovely doccy and she prescribed these !

I am on 4 x 250mg a day for two weeks to see if it works well , if so i will probably take it on long term :cool:

Bummer for me at the moment though !

i have came of oxytetracycline for 2 weeks and my skin is mega breakout , i would say 20-25 on forehead ( probably more i hate to look ) 10 on my chin and around my nose about 10 also .


at the moment

start of the course

Forehead : Severe

Nose/cheeks : mild

Chin : Moderate but in healing - crispy - stage

I will keep posted hopefully ! For all you people who may be considering . :D

Ciao ! :dance:

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