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WTF...isn't this supposed to be OVER I am almost 3o for Peet's sake and have been doing this more than half my life?! Almost a year of reasonably clear skin and now CYSTS!!! ARG

In my teens my acne was so severe I did not have a clear spot of skin on my face. My mom was the original picker...man how she loved to pop a good zit...and of course I learned from the best! Even the cysts she would try and pop. All these scars on my face are such loving reminders of my teen years. Though to be honest after a years worth of heavy duty chemical peels every other month until about 2 weeks ago NO ONE believed that I had such severe acne or scars. I had daily compliments about how beautiful my skin was, daily people wanting what I used on my skin.

To be fair none of this came without it's cost. As does anyone with severe acne I developed a very healthy obsession with skin and products and tried anything I could get my hands on. When i was 21 and getting ready to go on vacation I desperately wanted clear beautiful skin. I was going on a cruise and would be rooming with my good gene cousin, perfect hair perfect skin perfect everything, and I just wanted clear-ish skin. I decided to get some facials in a desperate attempt for a fix. When I went in for my facial it was certainly not the relaxing experience that get so many people hooked on the spa, but somehow I thought WOW I want that job. And then 8 years later I finally got it.

Ultimately I spent about 10 grand trying figure out how to fix my own skin, that is how much my esthetics license cost. I do wonder how much I spent and wasted over the years trying to fix my face, Probably enough to buy a car...or make a down payment on a house. But finally it had a paid off. And then for some reason it came back with a vengeance...ARG.

So of course my professional career is primarily dedicated to my passion, resolving acne. I come by a lot of anecdotes during the course of the day and get to share so many experiences with people, both good and bad. This has become my passion, my life and my obsession. And of course I beat mommy at her own game...I am now a master zip popper :D

Within these entries will be the good, the bad and the down right pussy. I will plan to have before and afters of my clients treatments and always track their treatments and their product/diet regimens. Please feel free to ask any questions, as I have said this is my passion and I LOVE feedback!!

Thanks~ esty of colorado :cool:

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