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DAY 69

Alright, I'm worried because my head has felt pressure the last three days. I had a little annoying headache the first two days, and today it just feels like there is pressure. I'm so worried. I'm going to call my doctor tomorrow. Should I be worried? What does this mean? Has this happened to anyone before??

Side Effects:

-Head Pressure

-Breakouts (yea my skin looks like it usually did before I started, I'm a little bummed)


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Accutane DAY 65!

Day 65

Hello everyone!

It is Day 65... which is almost going to be my 10th week. I'm on the third month and my doctor kept me on 60 mg. My lips are a disaster!!!!!!!!!!!! They are pealing and look so gross... and not to mention the pain! Ok, so they were peeling really bad, and one was like hanging off on the bottom corner of my lip, and so i peeled it, and some of it wasn't ready to peel! So after I peeled it it was bleeding and then I got a cold sore in the spot the next morning! :D sucks. And its taking forever for this sucker to go away.


-still a few pimples, otherwise skin is getting rather clear... clearest it's ever been!!

-Dry spots on my arms

-peeling lips

hope you all had a great thanksgiving and that everything is going well with your acne :D

PS: my doctor said it's going to get even better this month!! I'm stoked!

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Been a While

Hello everybody :D Hoping everything is going well with everyone and everyone is getting clear skin! Dream come trues right? heck yes!

Ok so I've been on 60mg for my 2 month and the only side effects that I have really been experiencing is very peely and painful lips, and my skin looks flushed and pink.. only on my face though. It's really annoying.

Oh and does anyone know if there is any cure for sensetive skin? I am soooooo sick of having sensetive skin, so if anyone has magical cures I would love to know about them.

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5 Weeks [35 Days]

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while... I have been sooooo busy! First of all I had to wait a week after I was done with my first month's pack of Claravis because I forgot to make a lab appointment before making an appointment with my doctor.... UGH! this crap is so annoying!! So many things to do. bleh.

ON a happy note it was mine and my boyfriend's 4 years :D woohoo!!!

OK down to the good stuff

I was on 40 mg a day and my doctor switched me this time to 60 mg a day... I hope it's a good thing :/ I'm scared of this stuff. This passed weekend (which was the third day that I was on the 60 mg) I was so emotional and I started crying while I was at Disneyland! Yea... I hope it was just because I was on my period, because I get emotional when it's that time of month... sorry TMI boys. Girls you know what I mean.

But anyways I've had on brief headache/migrane on Sunday (the 4th day of my 60 mg). I didn't relate it to the accutane at first, but then I realized that I NEVER get headaches.... seriously ever. So I'm relating it to that. But I haven't had another one, and it lasted for like 5 minutes and then went away. But I've also felt a little dizzy sometimes out of no where. I just can really feel that this drug is in my body and it scares me a little. I'm also taking thyroid medication, which I started about 2 months ago. I'm just not used to having foreign things in my body. I hope my body stays strong :] I need to be strong.

There are red spots on my face, they are all flat and I hope they go away ASAP! And my skin seems a lot more sensative. After washing my face, I had like red blotches on my cheeks... embarassing :D They still haven't gone away yet either :D!!! OY... Hope all is well with everyone :) Goodnight

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DAY 26

DAY 26

Ok, sorry I haven't written, I have been SO busy and there has been so much going on at school and with the bf and friends.

SIDE EFFECTS:-forehead broken out

-pimple by my ear

-dry lips

-a little bit of dry skin

-my skin is easily scratchable.


-40mg claravis pills

-cetaphil face wash (night)

-Neautrogena face wash (morning)

-Eucerin Anti-Wrinkle skin creme (morning)

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Week 3

Week 3 (Day 21)

Side Effects:

-getting dry skin...nose is very dry on the sides

-forehead breakin out

-black heads drying out everywhere (chin, nose, forehead)

-dry fingers (Around fingernails)

What I Use:

-I am on 40mg pills

-Cetaphil cleanser (night)

-Neautrogena Redness Soothing Cream Cleanser (morning:2% salicylic acid with aloe and chamomile)

-Eucerin Anti Wrinkle Cream (it is amazing! i love it! yes I am only 20, but I don't want to get wrinkles)

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DAY 20

DAY 20

Hello everyone, yay Monday is almost over! Monday is always the hardest day for me, I get up at 6:20am and my day doesn't end until 9pm! That's when I get to go back to my dorm. Blah.

So anyways today hasn't been too bad. My head has been itchin (just a little bit) and I believe it might be flaking a little :/ I have read some of your guys' blogs that say it happens to them too, so I guess it's a common thing. My lips are definitely dry! They look horrible :/ On the plus side my skin doesn't seem as oily and I put neosporin on my big forehead zits last night and they seemed to go down a little in size, and they don't hurt. But my hands are dry, by my fingernails :) So I guess I'm going to have to put lotion on everyday now.

The one thing that is bothering my a lot is my lips. Ha and I was worried that I wasn't going to get dry lips :D

Hope everyone had a good day

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DAY 19

DAY 19

Well this weekend I went with my boyfriend to our friend's ranch :D It was SO nice to get away from school and my parents and just be the two of us around friends that we hadn't seen in forever! I loved it so much. But I did drink a little :) Is it really bad to drink on Claravis? Because it's going to be my 21st birthday soon too!!! I usually don't drink, but this weekend I did, and my 21st birthday is coming up and I know I'm going to want to drink on my birthday. I'm going to look it up after I'm finished writing my blog.

But yea anyways. I have 3 huge pimpled on my forhead!!!! Right in the middle, ugh. I thought they were going away. But yea, and the ones on my right temple are still there, I think they are plannin on stayin there or something :D And I think I'm getting one right next to my ear. And I still have some on my chin. It's so freakin annoying!

Around the edges of my nose is dry and flakey and my lips are pealing so much!! I rub the dead skin off, and then the next second they're the same as there were before I exfoliated them. Ha. annoying.

But yes, everyone wish me luck. I really want my acne to go away ...and forever :D I would be so happy :D I hope you all had a great weekend!

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DAY 16

DAY 16

Hello everyone. Ok so I started getting this horrible pimple beneath the skin that hurt like a mother! It was right next to my eyebrow, and it wasn't red or anything, but I could feel that it was big underneath, and it hurts to touch it. It felt much bigger yesterday, so hopefully it's going away. But I still have two pimples on the right side of my chin and the three on my forehead (but they're going away) and two on my right temple. blah. I want them all to go away forever!!!! :D

My face still gets shiney from the oil, ugh! But my lips seemed to have gotten dryer. It's harder to smile without them feeling like they're being pulled! haha it's so weird, and then I think that I look goofy...like it looks like i don't have lips, hahaha. well just my top lip. It's already thin and now that my lips are dry and I smile, haha it just looks/feel funny. I've been using this new chapstick that came out. It's made by blistex and it's a lip massager as well. Yea, pretty cool! It has like little wavy textured lines to massage your lips as you apply the chapstick.

I started my period today :) sucky. So hopefully everything will stay pretty normal. I hope everything is going well with everyone :D I'm planning on going out for the whole weekend so I probably won't write until Friday :D Everyone have a great weekend!

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2 weeks!!

DAY 14

So it has been officially a week since I started Claravis accutane. :D

And for the celebration, I got a new pimple on the right side of my chin... lovely! It's not small either :/ I still have the bigger pimples on the right side of my temple and the forehead zits are almost gone.

I think I may be having a side effect on my head (not sure though). My scalp is itching, the very top, is that a side effect? Maybe it's drying my scalp out. Has this happened to anyone else? It might be because I just started blow drying my hair too...because I usually never do anything with my hair, and recently I've been blow drying it...i dunno. If you have any insight on this let me know.

But yay me! It's been 2 weeks! :)

oh and i haven't had anymore back aches.


-Bigger pimples

-peeling lips/ dryer lips

-itchy scalp?

-pink glow to the skin

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DAY 13

DAY 13

UGH monday's :) I wasn't having a very good day this morning, it seemed like everything was going wrong!

But anyways, my skin! Ok, well my skin is still oily!!! what the heck!!? It's annoying. I thought my skin was supposed to dry up :D but i guess it's deciding against doing that for right now.

My lips are getting more dry (not extremely though like everyone says) and I got a big zit on my chest (which I never get). But it's going away. And I think my forehead zits are finally going away too. My right temple zits aren't going away yet though, and if they are they are taking their time.

My skin has a pinkish glow and still has that weird unsmoothness look... it's weird. But it isn't bad. I can only notice it. But the oiliness is just really starting to annoy me. Maybe it has to do with how windy it is and the humidity.

Hope all is well with all of your journey's with accutane! Don't be afraid to leave a comment and sutff. It will be officially 2 weeks tomorrow :D yay. It doesn't even seem that long.

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DAY 12

DAY 12

Ok well my skin isn't all the way smooth anymore. When you look in the light and stuff it is kind of... "grainy" But it's not broken out. I don't really know how to explain it. Does that mean all of the zits are forming below the surface and are going to burst up soon? I really hope not!!

I still have the three on my forehead, but they seem to be heeling. They formed a dry scabbish thing on the tips and so I think they are drying out on their own.

My lips still aren't super dry :) hmm. This morning my eyes felt a little dry, but it might have been just because I woke up, and yesterday the inside of my nose felt really dry. And I've heard that those are symptoms. So I know it's working.

I'm with my boyfriend this weekend (away from college) and he thinks I look beautiful :] UGH I wanted to wear this cute dress for him this weekend, but I didn't bring the right bra!! It's a black dress and I only brought a white bra. Haha that would look really goofy :/ So I can't wear it. It has been SO freakin hot this weekend!!!! And it's fall!! I want it to feel like fall <3

Have a nice day everyone hope everything is going well with you all

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DAY 10

DAY 10

Today is the 10th day I have been on Accutane. I have 3 larger pimples on my forehead and three on the right side of my temple. I have one on the right side of my chin. Hopefully this will be as bad as it gets.

Ever since I have had acne I have had a lower self-esteem. I hope that will subside when I have clear skin. It seems like every girl that I see with clear skin is attractive. It makes me feel really unattractive, even though people do tell me i'm pretty and stuff, I really don't feel like I am because I have pimples and redness. I'm so annoyed. I just want to have clear skin and feel better about myself.

My prescription: Claravis 40mg

Facewash: cetaphil(night) Neutragena(morning)

Side Effects

Peeling Lips

Upper Backaches

Some new pimples

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Today is the 9th day

:D I am so happy that I made this decision to go on accutane, I cannot wait to have clear skin!!!!! :D So I am breaking out a little as i said before. Like on the right side of my temple and my right side of my chin....maybe it's because I sleep on my right side. who knows.

I hope all of you are doing well on your journey with tane. I really want to post pictures, but I'm not sure how to do it :/ anyone know how? I have been asking so many times, but no one ever tells me. I'm just gonna give up on the whole picture thing if no one tells me how :):D

well I need to study for my history test so I hope you all have a good night

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So I still have the breakout on my top right temple and it's a little red on the bottom right of my chin.

The pimple on the top center of my forehead is starting to go away :) Ok and I was looking up on why I might be peeing so much and if it can be caused by Accutane, and it said that it can increase blood sugar levels which can make you start to pee a lot and can even start to cause diabetes! ah. So I cut down on the sugar today because I usually always eat a lot of fruits and cereal products, and those both have a lot of sugar. SO I'm going to try and keep it to one thing of fruit or cereal product a day :]

Today I started running again. I stopped when I started Claravis because I didn't want it to trigger back aches like how some people get. But then I thought about it and realized that it is crucial to keep your body healthy, especially when being placed on a drug. So I'm going to try and take really good care of my body, and hopefully that will make it all go smoother too :D

The first week went by really fast. Hopefully the 5 months will go by super fast too :D Well I would love to hear everyone's experiences and encouragment. I read blogs all of the time :] It's nice knowing that people are going through the same things that I am. It's comforting.

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So my lips are actually starting to get dry and flake a little. And I do have a breakout on the right temple, 3 red big pimples. And still that one big one at the top middle of my forehead(damnit :)) I hate the ones on the forehead, they're just like "hey look at me!" But it should start to go away soon.

My back hurt a little bit today, but after laying down for a little bit (after a long day) the achey pain went away completely.

My skin still gets oily throughout the day :D But honestly, I can deal. The thing that is annoying me is that I have to pee all the time! Like right after I drink something, like 5-10 minutes later I have to pee. ugh.

That's all that's going on ladies and gents... hopefully it will just start clearing itself up and not break out :D

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Accutane Blog


Nothing has really changed yet. Except I've been having to go pee a lot :/ has that happened to anyone?

And my upper back has been hurting. Which is weird because usually people complain about their lower back. But my upper back has been hurting like a mother :) It's bothering me right now. It feels like I have been standing for a really long time... maybe it's my dorm bed, it doesn't have very much padding.

But I have just been bracing myself for the big break out.... hopefully I won't get it but I know that is a long shot ha.

My boyfriend visited me yesterday :] He took me out to lunch, a museum and a movie <3 We usually only get to see each other on the weekends because of school and stuff. Most of my friends have boyfriends that are in the military, and they have to deal with some hard stuff, not seeing there men for months and weeks at a time. It's crazy. Here's to all the girls with military boyfriends and husbands! you are some strong women.

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Bree's accutane


Nothing that bad has happened yet *knock on wood* but a few have come. But they look like the normal ones that I usually get, except this little one by my lip. I'm really scared for the breakout... does anyone know when this usually happens and how to make it come not as bad?

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I just started taking Accutane (Claravis) yesterday. I started getting acne when I was a freshman in high school. I am almost 21 years old (in one month) and my acne has gotten worse and worse over the years, even though I started seeing the dermatologist when I was a sophomore. Nothing has worked, and I have literally tried everything like a lot of people on this site.

My doctor wanted me to go on accutane a year ago, but I declined because I was frightened away when she talked about all of the side effects. I thought that maybe my acne would go away and became really optimistic. But it didn't. I have gotten so frustrated and I talked to my doctor about accutane again and researched it a lot more. My dermatologist really recommends it, and all of my friends and siblings said that they would do it if they had my skin. So I decided to do it. It's crazy how much stuff you have to do before you can actually get the pills.

But anyways, today is my second day and so far things have been ok. I'm scared for the breakout!!!

Any advice to make it so the breakout isn't as harsh?

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So I am new to all of this blogging, but i really love reading everyone's blog and thought that it would be cool to talk about everything to people that have been through or are going through the same stuff I am. :cool:

Anyways, I have been looking up information and a lot of people's blogs on their accutane journey's and have really been considering starting. I am scared but have talked to all of the people I love and am close with and they all believe that I should do it; except my mom is a little scared about it because of all of the side effects and paperwork before you start the medication (which i have to admit, i am too).

I just wanted to ask you all for advice about it. I have been seeing a dermatologist for about 5 years now and have tried so many things! and nothing has seemed to work. So I feel like I am ready to take that big step to get the clear skin that I have been slaving and striving for :dance: but no matter what I have done and how good I take care of my skin, it has been kicking my ass and I am done letting it control me (not only phisically, but emotionally). I just really want to know that accutane will work :D and how long it works for, because i don't want to go through all of that and then it only work for about a year. anyways, anyone have advice/information from personal experiences?

thanks for listenin.. or i guess reading :]

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new member

So today... or tonight i should say... i have officially joined acne.org. I have read so many blogs on here and it always makes me feel better. I have mild to moderate acne and have been on Retin-A 0.04% for about a year now and it has barely made any different. I am also on birth control, which you would think clear up all of my skin right? wrong.

My dermatologist has recently prescribes me Tetracycline capsules and also clindamycin.. i believe that's how you spell it. And I have used all of these in the past, and gave them up because my dad said that I should just try to see if my skin wanted to heal naturally. WELL that didn't go over well, my skin became the worst it had ever been. :cool: And I went back on Retin-a and birth control right away.

but honestly, none of these things have made my skin clear and i still have really bad break outs.

Two dermatologists have told me that they recommend me go on Accutane, and honestly when they told me about all of the potential side effects I broke down crying. It sounds so scarey :dance: ! and I don't want to die! I know it is rare.. but come on.

Anyways, what I am wondering from all of you is if you have been on accutane is if you would recommend it? and if not, why?

sorry for writing so much.. jut so much to say :D

any advice would help me a lot.

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