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Trouble with mild/moderate acne on face and shoulders

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So I've gone through tons and tons of treatments.. some have worked to a limit. Others have made matters worse. So I'm planning on trying this acne.org regiment, this is my first blog before I started using the acne regimen. I'm currently using this product called Cetaphyl so far its been the best. Although it does not worked as well as I had hoped it would it's done the best so far. My acne is somewhat mild/moderate because I have alot of bumps that look like they're going to turn into whiteheads but never do and a few blackheads. On top of all that I have the same thing, but a tad bit worse on my shoulders. I dont like to take my shirt of when I go swimming and I hate the skin on my face with a passion! Hopefully I've finally found a solution to my acne troubles. I guess I'll find out :cool:

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