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Acne is a serious confidence killer. I am in my second year of college and it seems like everyone BUT me has grown out of the acne stage. I first started getting acne in about 9th grade. It started out as just a few bumps here and there, but as I started 10th and 11th grade it got MUCH worse! It started on my chin with these ugly white heads and cysts and progressively worked its way up my face to my chin. It was so embarrassing, and no make up would cover it. I tried every kind of mineral make up and face wash and everything just seemed to irritate it more and more. Finally my mom started to see how much it was affecting my confidence and she took me to a dermatologist. At the time this doctor told me that all I needed was microdermabrasion. It just made my skin sensitive and caused me to have these under the skin bumps. So I stopped going to him and just used proactive. It worked for about 5 or 6 months, and then just stopped working.

So with a face full of embarrassing acne, I went into the dermatologist this morning. My hopes were high when I saw my dermatologist. I kept thinking to myself how nice it would be if she could just wave a magic “anti-acne†wand over my face and miraculously I would have clear skin. But sadly life isn’t about being easy. She sat down with me and asked me what I had tried before to try to clear my break-outs. I rambled off all the medications such as proactive, dermotologica, murad, retina micro, and a few others. I told her that I almost feel like throwing in the towel and just put my face in a paper bag until my acne clears up. She told me that I should try accutane. When I heard that word at first I got a little scared. I have heard a lot of scary things about the side affects. She assured me that they will keep a close eye on me while taking it and that I will have to have my blood work and a pregnancy test once a month. So after I went home and thought about taking accutane and the side affects, I decided to go online and look on web sites to see what people who have taken it have to say about it. I came across this website and read what everyone had to say about taking this product. There are some amazing before and after’s on here! By the time I was done reading what everyone had to say and the experiences people went thru with it I figured I will give it a try. I start my first accutane treatment August 20th 2009. I am nervous and at the same time very excited to see the end result! I am going to keep a blog about my process on accutane and how I feel like I am doing along with pictures. Fingers crossed! Clear skin here I come!!!

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