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I'm finally getting there.

Almost ten years of acne and it's finally going. Here is what worked for me.


1. BCP (firstly Dianette but then switched to Marvelon due to negative psychological effects)

2. One bottle of Actimel

3. 1050mg Evening Primrose Oil

4. 525mg Seven Seas Pure Cod Liver Oil

5. Vitamin B Complex

6. Between 2-4 teaspoons of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in water

7. Apply Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to forehead, chin and chest (dries out spots and lightens scars)

8. Aloe Vera Cream (when required to keep my eczema under control)

I also try to eat healthily and have 2-4 portions of oily fish each week and drink plenty of water and green tea. Cheese seems to aggravate my acne slightly but as it's one of my favourite foods I'm not going to completely cut it out! After my experience with Dianette I decided that never again would I suffer for the sake of better skin - I'd rather be happy and enjoying myself, even if it means I might have a few more pimples. I'd recommend this to anyone - there is a chance that it will improve your acne and if not, it's good for you in other ways and improves your mood!



Dianette...I've read up a lot about it as well as hearing about my friend's experiences with it. Well, today I took my first pill. Obviously I'm not expecting results right away but I'll take this opportunity to describe my situation. I'm 19 years old and have had acne since I was 10. To make matters more complicated I also have eczema.

The only things that have provided me with slight improvements in my skin are honey masks and drinking a LOT of green tea. Tea tree oil was also helpful up to a point but irritated my eczema so much that I had to stop using it because my skin was red and peeling from the dryness it caused. I have a very strong hatred of advertisements for acne products that feature very attractive, clear skinned people who have no need for such things. Clearasil and similar products have only ever made my skin worse - both the acne and the eczema - and so resulted in many tears and tantrums.

However, I'm feeling very positive about taking Dianette and will do my best to get online and keep you all updated!

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