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Accutane.... huh?!?

I'm 26, and like a lot of you, have been battling acne for way too long. Like 13 or 14 years too long. It's never really been that bad; at least one pimple on my face was normal, and 4 would be a bad day. Manageable with makeup, and something I just became used to. I'd tried everything, I mean everything, to try to deal with it and the only thing that really worked was Diane 35. I was never clear, but clear enough to be able to fool people!!

I got pregnant at 24. My skin was ammmmazzzzing when I was pregnant! Yay! I had my daughter at 25, and then............ wait for it........ worst skin of my life. I mean scarring, red, inflammed. Not fun. The best part is, when you're breast feeding there's not a lot you can do!!! Soooo, here I am, 26 and finally ready to do something.

I went to my fam dr and asked to see a derm. I've only been once before (which didn't help me at all) but figured I truly need it this time. Waited the month to get an appt (he must be really good :cool: ,) and finally met Dr. Yu. First thing he said when he walked in was Accutane. I guess the title of this blog was a spoiler of this happening, but it was really my response: Huh?!?? I didn't think my skin was THAT bad..... but, I guess because of the beginning scarring it is the best route. I almost cried in the office. I didn't know anything about it, and the 10 min this dr alloted me (because he must be the best dr ever and is really that busy...... hope you sense that sarcasm) didn't answer all my questions. I just remembered reading what other people went through and thinking - I would never do that to myself. Well, now that my skin is the way it is, I have decided to do that to myself!!!

It was all really in thanks to this site. After reading a lot of other blogs, and seeing pics, I'm encouraged about this. SOOOOOOOOOO scared about what's to come; not only about the superficial peeling, breaking out, etc, but also the health concerns/monthly blood tests and mainly the fact that I have a history of depression, and feel a bit anxious about it being an issue during the next few months. Lets give it a go. I'll blog here to track my time, and will later add pictures to see the progress. Any support tips are greatly appreciated!!! I've read that taking high vitamin E (i think) helps with the dehydration.... anyone??

I started taking Diane 35 yesterday to accompany the accutane, and I'll be going in for my first blood test on Aug 6 or thereabouts. Why not now, you ask? I'm going away that weekend and would like to have a few glasses of wine without worrying.

Ok..... that's all for today. Would love any tips that you have to offer in preparation, and I'll post back soon!

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