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Advices I've heard that could possibly improve facial complexion but have not tried on regular basis:

Hand - stay away from face. hand = dirty. Dirty hand = bad hand. Bad hand = breakouts.

Product - keep it simple. Persistence is the key. Too many products you'll end up like me.

Food - we are what we eat. Junk food probably won't cause acne per se, but hand touches food, hand touches face. Bad hand. Eh, plus, junk food probably could cause other internal problems.

Exercise - does a body good. Relieves stress. Less stress = less zits.

Environment - more dust, more dirt = hand touches dirt = hand touches face = breakouts. Clean area == clean face? Could possibly be true.

Who knows.



Two nootropics I've tried:

Piracetum (few months)

Centrophenoxine (in combination with piracetum, few months);

Nothing too exciting produced by either of those drugs. Slight side effects including dizziness, and a different type of headache (not painful). My memory has not improved; and chess ability is about the same.


First Blog

I admit, I am a product junkie.

I am interested in many different types of medicine/products for skin ailments (mainly acne), and nootropics, as well as healthy eating.

Products I've used:

Acutane (eight months);

Retinol A (a few months);

Doxycycline (a few months);

Lactic + Glycolic Acid Peel (6 weeks then stopped for a few months; started again just now);

Philosophy Microdelivery peel (a month then stopped);

benzoyl peroxide (many many many tubes of this);

Salicylic acid (many many tubes of this);

Clearsil Stay Clear (sulfur - many tubes of this);

Acne 101e Getaway (sulfur - just two bottles);

Mederma (still using);

Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Mark Fading Peel (just one tube);

The Pill (still on it);

baking soda (just once);

aspirin mask (couple times);

And no, none of these have cleared my acne for a long period of time.

I am interested in using:

acne.org regimen program (on its way);

facial steam

The Acne.org Regimen
The Acne.org Regimen
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