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acne free!


I'm acne free. thanks to diane-35. don't worry about my skin as much. i still have discoloration from previous marks but it's alot better.



In shower i wash my face with a tea-tree face wash (Desert Essence one)

moisturizer: organic sweet almond oil.

almay natural tinted moisturizer or dior hydrafluid if i want to look good


if i have worn makeup/left the house

wash my face with tea-tree face wash

moisturize with sweet almond oil.

Zinc: 50 mg 1x

vitamin A (optional)

Fish Oil

i will use a bag of green tea as a toner sporadically during the day (1x) if i have enough time. I find green tea to calm my skin.

i use aspirin mask once every couple of weeks.

I absolutely stay away from:


benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid

anything harsh

oil-free products (natural oils are good for you especially in healing your skin)


Finding a day-time moisturizer that has SPF, is natural and won't irritate my skin!

I firmly believe that:

less is more

natural is the way to go

the power of moisturizing...even for oily skin

redness is a sign of irritation

perfection is unattainable and pointless

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