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Meg H.

Week #9

So far I am pretty much loving the Regimen.

It still makes my skin a bit dry, but with baby brush & AHA once a week I am keeping it in check. I can't use the AHA very often because it makes my face oily and my pores enlarged.

Lately my skin has been better than it has for a few years. I had a kinda bad hormonal breakout, but it wasn't terrible.

I think that I have that fungus that a lot of people get [lots of small bumps] on my forehead...conveniently, my brother was perscribed the topical medicine for a different problem, so I've been using it every once and a while [it is kind of a pain, and I just don't really care as much about the eensy-weensy bumps right now].

But my skin definitely looks so much better now!

And I wear a lot less foundation and stuff [something I never really liked doing].

I am slowly converting my brother to the Regimen, also! Haha



- Baby brush method

- Wash w/ Neut. Extra Gentle Cleanser

- Neut. On The Spot [hopefully soon I'll get some Dan's BP...] about 3/4 of a finger

- Olay Completely moisturizer + aloe vera gel


- Baby brush

- Same cleanser/BP/moisturizer


- Use Neut. Healthy Skin AHA lotion mixed w/ moisturizer

- Extra virgen olive oil

- 10% BP for spot treatment

Meg H.

Week 5

Wow over a month already...

My skin is still continuing to get clearer! It's been really dry lately...but the weather's been a little strange, also.

I'm not using the AHA right now because it was making the BP flake.

I've been using 10% BP lotion for spot treating, and it works okay. It doesn't seem to work like a miracle cream for me like it does for some people...but it does seem to delay my whiteheads from becoming inflamed, and I assume that they're not as large, etc., as they would be w/o it.

I think the most noticable change to me is the over all tone and brightness of my skin. It looks healthier even if it's not 100% clear.


I'm still staying positive!!

Same routine as usual [w/ no AHA]

Meg H.

End of Week #3

Still getting a few pimples here and there...they're coming up every day or so but they're also going away in a day or two.

Even though my chin is still breaking out, the rest of my face is looking great! My forehead is pretty smooth [mostly just under the skin bumps that I'm hoping will someday go away] and my cheeks are really nice!

So, I'm still hanging in there.

I did buy some Neutrogena Health Skin lotion w/ AHA because my face was soooo dry and I didn't want that to be the cause of any breakouts.

Tonight was the first time I've used it...it made my BP ball up a bit and it stung a little but I will try it for a few days and see what happens.


So, Routine 3.0:


Same as before buuut...

+ 10% BP only on actual whiteheads or pimples

+ Neutrogena AHA lotion after BP

Meg H.

Mid-Week #3

The skin still seems to be on the upswing, but I did have a small breakout [probably caused by hormones...XP] resulting in a large-ish pimple on my chin [as usual].

But, I do think that it's healing faster, and the one I had last week [?] is so far gone I'd actually forgotten about it until now.

Today I bought some 10% BP gel to try and really zip this new pimple, and because it was on sale haha

But, I'm thinking that I'll go buy some AHA lotion because my skin is still pretty flaky in some spots. I don't think that it's noticable to other people, but I hate that tight feeling.

Other than that, my skin does look better. I'm trying to be patient!

Some routine as before w/ the addition of the 10% BP just for larger spots.

p.s. I started taking the fish oil pills twice a day :pray:

Meg H.

End of Week 2

Week #2 has shaped up to be okay.

I had a breakout at the beginning of the week but today my skin is looking pretty good. Nothing new seems to have sprung up... The week-by-week explaination of The Regimen is really accurate! I just hope things will keep going like it says!

I've been outside a lot this week playing sports, which I think made my whiteheads turn into pustules, but that was okay I guess because then they go away faster. The heat & humidity of this week made all the bad stuff come out, I think. Like a sauna, I guess.

Anyway, it works for me.

Same routine as last week. :pray:

Let's hope Week #3 is a good one!!

Meg H.


Last night two of the whiteheads I had decided to aspire for something greater and become nice little pimples.


BUT, I read that during the second or third week of the Regimen you might get a breakout [probably because of irritation from getting used to so much BP?]. So I'm still hangin' in there. Other than that, my skin is looking pretty good for only 2 weeks. My forehead is nearly smooth! haha

Meg H.

Beginning of Week #2

The dryness of my skin has seemed a lot better the past few days!

I'm still using the olive oil every few days, and it really seems to have helped.

I started using the baby hair brush method three days ago [so I've done it 7 times so far] and it definitely helped the flakiness a ton. It's kind of amazing, actually!

I also started taking 2 fish oil pills once a day. It suggests 1 - 2 times a day, but I just can't get myself to swallow those giant pills more than once a day. :pray:

I upped my BP to about 1/2 a finger both in the morning & evening. Now that I'm using the baby brush my skin isn't as dry so I feel like I can use the same about of BP both times.

As far as breakouts go, my skin has been fairly stable. A few larger whiteheads on my chin & forehead, and one pretty small [but very painful!] pustule.

I'm not really used to having these larger whiteheads...they're quite annoying! I think: go away or at least turn into a pustule so I can feel like you'll be gone soon!

But I'm trying to be patient.

So that's all for this week!

Routine Version 2.0


- Baby brush in shower [about 45 sec.]

- Neutrogena Extra Gentle cleanser [only about 10 sec.]

- On-the-Spot BP cream [about 1/2 a finger now]

- Olay All Day Moisturizer SPF 15

- 30 mg. of iron [for anemia, but may help skin??]

- 1000 mg. fish oil pills [2 pills]

- 1-3 packets of Emergen-C drink powder during the day

[Face Makeup]

- Physician's Formula Mineral Wear powder foundation [as little as possible!]

- Phys. Form. Mineral Wear finishing veil


- Quick go over w/ baby brush

- Neutrogena Extra Gentle cleanser

- On-the-Spot BP cream [1/2 finger]

- Olay Moisturizer

Meg H.

Week 1

Hi! I decided to start this blog because I've had a kind of difficult time finding information on this site for people with mild acne & sensitive skin. A lot of information from people with severe acne applies to me, too, but I want to give my results/perspective for other people like me.

My History:

I am 18 and live in the Mid-Atlantic, so it's rather hot & humid here in the summer, and cold & dry in the winter. The best of both worlds!

I've been getting acne for about 5 years, I guess. My family has a history of bad skin, so my Mom made sure I was already in the habit of washing my face before I even started to have breakouts. I've used lots of different OTC products--Clean & Clear, Clearasil, but mostly I stuck to Neutrogena [i love that smell!]. From about August or September last year [2006] until the end of May [2007] I was using Neutrogena Invigorating Daily Scrub stuff which worked reasonaby well and I liked. It smelled nice, and who doesn't love the menthol tingle? I also used the On-the-Spot BP and sometimes the Rapid Clear spot gel and also sometimes Clindamycin gel that I got from my doctor for the many little bumps I had on my forehead. That routine was okay but after ProActiv exploded, and I was getting older and it seemed like a lot of my friend's acne was going away, I was frustrated. My acne has never been bad, but it always seems worse than most. So, I switched over to AcneFree, the drugstore/Costco version of ProActiv. I read on the website that it could take up to 3 months to see a big change, and that your acne would probably get worse before it got better. So I used it for 3 months and waited...and waited...and waited. My skin became REALLY dry--it's always been a bit dry, but this was excessive--and I was having more breakouts than I'd ever had before.

That was when I started doing research on the internet and came across acne.org! And it changed my life! Since then I've sworn off AcneFree and I'm on the Regimen using Neutrogena products, but I will probably end up buying DKR stuff if I decide I like the Regimen. It's been nearly a week now and I'm pretty satisfied.

After a week on the Regimen my skin is incredibly dry & flaky--BUT, I would definitely say I've had less breakouts. Maybe just one spot that turned into an actual pimple? Even the little under-the-skin bumps that have plagued me for a few years are going away. The flakiness & tightness of my skin bugs me, but I read that that would happen so I'm trying to bite the bullet.

My Current Routine:


- Wash in shower w/ Neutrogena Extra Gentle cleanser

- I use my brother's Oxy face wash on my shoulders [10% BP] because I sometimes breakout a bit there

- Neutrogena On-the-Spot 2.5% BP cream [only in places where I have actual whiteheads, etc. If I do both day & night it's too drying]

- Olay Complete all-day moisturizer


- Neutrogena Extra Gentle cleanser

- On-the-Spot BP [i only use about 1/3 of my finger, even though I've used BP for a long time. The first few days I used more but it was just too much for my skin]

- Olay Complete all-day moisturizer

- ice pack any really inflamed spots

A few times a week:

- 1 tsp. lemon juice for about 20/30 mins.

- 1/2 tbsp. olive oil for about 15/20 mins.

- Whenever I use the olive oil I use Neutrogena foaming facial cloths instead of the cleanser because otherwise it's difficult to get all the olive oil off.


- Because of a disease I have called myasthenia gravis I've recently had to start making sure I eat regular meals and get plently of vitamins, luckily, this only helps my skin!

- I usually drink 1 - 2 packets of Emergen-C a day

- Take a Woman's multi-vitamin [to get my zinc]

- I already take 30 mg. of iron for anemia

- I plan to start taking some fish oil pills as soon as I can get to Costco

Also I'm going to try and find some jojoba oil and a baby hair brush.

I'm pretty optimistic about how this all is going to end up! I will post pictures tomorrow.


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