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im at my wits end with my scars!! thet are small (couple large) shallow pits all over both sides of my face (especially my cheekbones) and i am so stressed with them because no matter what i have tried,they are still there. i have had countless dermabrasion and acid peels,which cost a fortune,to get rid of them,but they are still there!!! i have very pale skin, with a lot of redness,so need to cover up but the hassle i go through everyday with makeup is ridiculous.i always feel like shit and it restricts me from going out and doing things with my life.i have two young boys and am so miserable all the time because im always worrying about my skin. i honestly have thought about doing myself in over it because i cant be happy like this,but i love my boys so much.i dont know what to do anymore.everyone says im pretty etc but i just see a scarred mess and panic about holidays etc cos worry about how my face will be.i know its pathetic but this is how i feel.please help me to find something that will get rid of them,and maybe some make up tips? i really dont want to be this unhappy anymore x

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