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My lips look like the crack head from the dave chappelle show. They hurt a lot. I'm using whatever I can to help, but nothing does. Any suggestions? I try aquaphor every 10 minutes, vaseline, regular lotion, sugar exfoliation, and i am completely at a loss. I guess I can deal with the fact that it looks like I have herpes. (writers note: I do NOT have herpes)

I'm on day 20 today, and haven't really had an IB yet. I guess I'm kind of waiting for it to happen. I'm 5'7" and 125 pounds and taking 60 mg a day. Shouldn't that make my skin all wonky? I had a few zits, but nothing out of the usual. If anything...my skin has just gotten a lot better. My back (the worst place of my acne) is fantastically clear and I'm happy about that, but shouldn't accutane take a while? I have a sneaking suspicion that there is something afoot.

In other news: not drinking and taking care of your boyfriend while he drunkenly vomits in a cab (into the plastic bag you are holding) is the antithesis of fun.


I fell off the treadmill yesterday at the gym.

Q: How many people watch you as you run on treadmill?

A: None, not even the cute guy lifting weights.

Q: How many people watch you when you fall off the treadmill?

A: Everyone in a twelve block radius.

Q: What do you do the moment after you realize you fell off the treadmill?

A: Run away as fast as you possibly can.

I'm attributing it to accutane, because my knees were feeling a bit...tight? I don't know the right word, but it wasn't soreness, and it wasn't pain, it was just that I can't really get them to do what I had been able to previous without a little bit of coercion. It takes a moment or two before they work in the morning, and now at the gym. Now I need to buy some groucho marx glasses to wear every time I want work out.


I have dry lips, despite constant chap stick. I guess this means that it's working. Which is good to know. It's been just over a week. I only have another five months and three weeks to go. At four weeks a month (roughly) this means that I am 1/24th finished. That's good...I guess...

I have another weekend of not drinking to look forward to, that should be fun. I have made up a list of excuses to use in case anyone asks me why I'm not drinking (just because it's boring to say I'm on new medication dozens of times a night):

* I'm pregnant

* It would compromise my CIA mission.

* I have church in the morning

* I can't drink knowing there are so many sober kids in India

* Mother doesn't allow me to have spirits, she thinks it effects my rage issues

* I prefer meth.

* Ninjas aren't allowed to drink.

* I'm going to a costume party as sober later tonight.

I hope to use as many of these as I can this weekend.


on not drinking

So far it's been about five days and i can't see or feel any side effects, not even dry lips, accutane's calling card. However, to keep my liver happy, I have decided not to drink for the six month duration of the tane. This, is proving difficult.

For starters, I am not an alcoholic. (I was busted when I was 19 for open container and they made me take a questionnaire to see if I was an alcoholic and the test showed that I was not an alcoholic. It was good to know.) Despite not being an alcoholic, being a young twenty something with a fair amount of disposable income, I do drink a fair amount. I go to bars and spend the seven dollars for a Jamison on the rocks, I'll pick up a bottle of wine to drink for my dinner of shrimp risotto, a six pack of beer to go with a pizza or a burger, and I'll drink absinthe whenever I'm feeling Bohemian. However, this has all stopped. For five. whole. days.

This weekend consisted of going to bars with friends who all got drunk and found random ex-frat boys to know in the biblical sense. I drank shirley temples, requested extra cherries and now I don't have to worry about accidentally contracting something terrifying. All in all, I think this will be a good thing. I will save hundreds of dollars a month, probably loose quite a bit of weight, not just from the booze proper but from drunk munchies, etc. and have quite a bit of blackmail material to use at a later date. As an added bonus, I can have a sense of smug superiority.


I just got my prescription for accutane, and just took my first dose and right now I just feel perplexed about the accutane packaging.

Does anyone else think that the packaging for the accutane a bit..well...redundant? I mean, how many pregnant ladies with an ex through them do we need before it just gets comical?

I got three big boxes each one with thirty capsules (enough for ten days of treatment for me). In each of the big boxes there are: four anti-preggers chicks on the outside of the main box, one on the outside of each of the three 10 capsule boxes, and 12 on the inside of each of the three boxes. That means, for ten days of accutane I will have 43 reminders not to get pregnant. I wonder what the executives were thinking? "44? that's far too many times to remind girls not to get pregnant! 42? give me a fucking break!"

My doctor told me today that I should really not get pregnant, I signed the pledge that I had no intention of getting pregnant, I am on two different forms of birth control and now I have an added bonus of 4.3 reminders a day not to get pregnant.

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