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4 days after LAST PILL

So last wednesday i took my very last pill. this came after i had to take a 2 week break from the 60mg dose becuase my liver enzymes were high.

then i started getting extremely motion sick, to the point that i would have to get off my bus on the way to work, super early, to throw up on the sidewalk... it was horrible and uncontrolable. i was taking dramamine daily until i put two and two togetehr that the only thing diff in my life was the accutane.... with that, my dr told me to immediately stop my last 2 weeks... but i didnt, what i did was just stop taking 60mgs every day... i just took 30mgs for 1 month.

nothing happened further and i wasnt nauseous after that.

so far, things have been going well. my lips arent as dry - i can use blistex and not aquaphor... and my skin is definitely super improved.

one set back is that i still get a pimple here and there... it never TOTALLY stopped. in fact, i just began to feel one on the apple of my cheek 10 min ago (which made me sad), but whatever. i hope it doesnt get worse again... whatever. if i have to go on another course, i totally would... just not as strong of a dose. it definitely works.

my derm wants me to see her again soon to give me some kind of follow up cream? any one know what it could be?

alright, thats all.


day #164, week 22?

ok soo i have been very busy at work lately, traveling and whatnot... so i havent updated in awhile.

i went to see my dr going into month #5... still breaking out... and my liver enzymes were elevated. my cholesterol was an amazing 150! finallyyyy in the 'normal' range (guess thats what happens when you eliminate most meats).

due to my liver, she prescribed me the claravis for my 6th month, but told me not to start it for a couple weeks. take a break, get my blood drawn again, and then if the liver goes down, then i can continue my 6th and final month. =( hopefully this is it!

im assuming due to my liver, i've had the shakes. my hands shake pretty bad. like, the other day i was putting mascara on and i barely could get the wand back into the mascara tube. little scary, but its not 24/7.

i started taking milk thistle too, based on what i've read. hoping that helps.

i'm on my 3rd day of not taking claravis and im still dry... so i guess that goes to show that the medicine def does stay in your system longer than normal.

i broke out REALLY bad when i was travelng last week, though. i borrowed a coworkers acne facewash though, i think that was it. bc i went back to my more gentler stuff - cleared up asap.

what a mess!

well, happy hanukkah to my jewish friends, and to those not jewish.. it's almost our turn!



Day 127, week 18

so here's fun news... had one of the worst breakouts in weeks this past week... like, the hard, never poppable ones. honestly. im really aggravated.

i think part of the reason this one happened though, was due to stress. i have had a REALLY crazy week at work and i am HOPING to attribute the breakout to that, but wtf. like 6 or 7 pimples?! on accutane?! month 5!!!?!

guess ill be going to month 6...

nothing else to really report. wish i had better news. =(


day #120, MONTH 5

well friends... it is my first day of month #5.

My cholesterol was 172. lowest its been EVER. i endorse Cheerios with their lower cholesterol statement... paired with soymilk haha.

i am starting month 5 of claravis at 60mgs. yep. they cant increase my dosage.. but my derm said they may just have to extend the month(s). she also said that maybe month 5 will be my lucky month lol. we'll see! no new breakouts since last week, but the breakout that was there is still healing.

pray for magic number 5!


day #114, week 16 down

ok folks, i apparently only have 36 days left on Claravis. i find this extremely crazy! i feel like it was just a week ago that i started this blog and started taking this medication! i remember thinking it was going to be the longest 5 months of my life!

wow. 36 days. hm.

i kind of hope not! bc, yes, bad news, i am still breaking out. what. the. fuck. ppl?! i am 125 lbs and on 60 mgs of this medicine! im wrapping up month 4 here... bloodwork is tomorrow and derm appt on Saturday.

i really dont know what else to do here. i will just crawl under a rock and die if i have to stop after month #5 and im not fully 'cured' ... this is unreal. i must have mutant acne that just never wants to chill out. it just loves me so much. fml.

even if my cholesterol is high tomorrow, i really dont care! im going to be like, "listen doctors. what the hell is going on here! i am suffering from no side effects except dry lips. but they never bleed. its not like im just miserable here. F!"

well. Go Phillies.

wish me luck tomorrow & then again on Sat!



day #105, week 15 done

so. the breakout from last week is still healing. i had about 1-3 minor little pimples come up in the last few days, but, (sorry boys) its that week of the month so that may be playing a factor.

this puts me at, what?, like week 2.5/3 on 60 mgs? blah. i have a feeling that one of two things could happen next time i see the derm:

1. he and his physicians asst (whom i loveee) may extend me to 6 months instead of the original 5... continuing on the 60 mgs dosage.


2. they up me to 70 or 80mgs (pending my bloodwork) for month #5; final month.

i can't say that i have not seen a dramatic improvement - bc i have. and i am SO thankful i started this medicine. i really am much much happier and confident... i just really want to see my skin NOT break out for a solid month for once in my life since i was 13. that is when ill really believe im being cured.

next week ill be heading in for bloodwork, so we'll see. i haven't been as crazy about my NO CHOLESTEROL diet this month, so i dunno what will happen. hopefully not too much worse.

In case you were wondering, my regimen has stayed basically the same:


Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

Purpose Dual Treatment Moisturizer, SPF 15

bareMinerals foundation

physician's formula pearls of perfection bronzer

60/mg Claravis


Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub (once/week)

Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner

CeraVe Moisturizer

Necon BC Pill

Gummi Multivitamin

Acidophilus tablet (helps settle stomach issues... totally unrelated to the medicine, its something i started taking just on my own)


so. first full week on my 60mgs... andddd, naturally, i break out. just anywhere. not even just one specific spot. cheeks, forehead, chin, nose.. bla bla bla

i think its just a shock to my system, i guess. and it keeps pushing stuff out of my skin. ugh. i just dont know anymore. how am i supposed to be done with this by month #5 when this is month #4 and im still breaking out. f my life.

my nose is bleeding like a cokehead. its so dry it just always feels stuffy. ive been really tired this past week, im assuming this is a side effect? my lips are still just as dry - not any worse, that's good.

i just really dont understand when im going to stop breaking out. honestly.

i figure the breakout will fade by the end of the week, but why does it even happen?! this is supposedly the strongest dose i can be on!

ok friends. im super tired. as usual, im hoping for a more entertaining and POSITIVE entry next week.



day #91, week 13 completed

ok so this is day #2 on the higher (60mg) dosage. naturally, at this point, i feel no different. and i decided to just take the two pills at the same time. i seriously cannot take pills all day long i feel like a 90 yr old woman. its bad enough i am downing cheerios with soy milk every day to keep my cholesterol low lol.

i will say that my lips are still the most annoying thing about this treatment. but i invested in a lovely thing called Neosporin (sarcasm)... it really helps with the frequent cracking at the corners of my lips. if im adament about using it, in about 2 days the cracks are healed. granted, i have to keep doing it or they crack againnnn... but whatever.

word to the wise - the last 4 months ive been using the travel size tube of the CVS brand Aquaphor, and borrowing my roommates Aquaphor brand tub of it to go to bed with. i finally just threw out the CVS brand bc it seemed not to be working, and i bought the Aquaphor brand tube... A-MAZING. SUCHHH a difference! and usually i always buy CVS/pharmacy brand stuff and have no issues. but this is one product that you cannot save a few bucks on. i really am shocked that even though ALL the ingredients are identical, there is such a differnce in quality.

well, here's to a more entertaining entry in week 14.



soo as we know, my derm just increased my dosage from 40mgs to 60mgs... but she is having me do 30mgs twice a day.

in an effort to not feel like im popping pills all day long (vitamins in the AM, claravis at lunch with an acidophilus supplement, and my birth control pill at dinner...), does anyone have any opinion or advice on just taking both 30mgs in one shot? is there a real significance if i do the 30/twice a day?



bloodwork results!

well!! good news!!

EVERYTHING that has been high in the last 2 months has dropped!!

my cholesterol especially!

before i even started accutane, my # was 208... the last 2 months, it's been 236.. and this month...


how fantastic is that! im very proud of myself... i worked very hard eating as healthy and low to NO cholesterol as possible =)

all my numbers are low, or normal. im very very glad. this means (i hope) i will get an increase in dosage tomorrow morning at my month #4 derm appt.

wish me luck!


day #77, week 11 complete!

hi there. here i am... week 11 complete... almost done w/ month #3. my gosh does time FLYYY on this medicine!

and yet again... no big difference from last week. no crazy breakouts or anything...

my lips were particularly dry this last week.. the corners of my mouth finally cracked (which i hear happens a lot)... but i aquaphor'ed, neosporin'ed, vitamin E'd and emu oil'ed myself to death and this morning it was healed =) it was nice to open my mouth and not say "owww"...

and this is the week i get my bloodwork done to head into month #4... so im being extra careful to keep my cholesterol consumption low low low... which makes my diet consist of lots of healthy foods when all i want is junk! =( well, at least it's better for me in the long run.

ill get the bloodwork done thurs AM and ill post here on thur or fri how it went... my derm appt is saturday morning... lets goooo 60MGs!!! please!


day #71, week 10 completed

well! nothing new to comment on this week either. =(

the breakout from my last entry is kind of healing, but another 1 came up today. not fun.

my lower back def has been hurting more, however, i think it's partially bc of these new ab crunches i've been trying...

i cant wait to finish this stupid month #3.

aside from the skin: things with the new guy are really good so far (knock on wood). i am happy about that, at least! and a lot of good things are happening at work... granted, they are stressing me out and keeping me WAY busy, but still. good stuff. plus, im looking forward to a fun weekend!

alright hope ill have more to talk about next week...


ok so here we are... 9 days into month #3, and within the last 72 hrs, have developed about 9 cystic pimples. yes. this is just effing awesome. here i was thinking progress was arriving shortly, and this goes and happens.

im really getting discouraged and annoyed. wtf. its days like this that i really am starting to think it's never going to go away! fml. :cool:

im REALLY trying to hold out and stay positive (even tho it doesnt seem like it)... but honestly, i dont even want to go out today. i just want to stay in my room, keep the blinds closed even though its gorgeous out, and sleep until this goes away! which stinks bc i had a lot of fun things going on with my friends this weekend. i really cant believe this is happening.

please say a prayer for me? i really am not the happiest.



Day #63, Week 9

no significant changes to report... :cool: not sure if that's bad or good. i guess no news is good news!

i guess the only thing i have started to notice moreso lately is the lower back pain/soreness. but i am very adamant ab working out, so i just work thru that pain. no point in having clear skin w/ a weight problem to work on after! lol. plus, w/ the cholesterol level higher, i like to think my cardio helps there.

also, i have rheumatoid arthritis anyway, so im sort of numb to any joint pain... it basically cant stop my life so i deal.

im still breaking out. my genious self tried doing the Mint Julep clay mask by Queen Helene (used to use it back in the day)... and it made me break out even worse! so i had to get over that... and now im still just getting little buggers. jeeeeeez when will it end! =(

i even took pics with my camera to see what my skin looks like on film. not cool. lol. i dont really see much of an improvement. ok, maybe thats an exaggeration, but i just want more. im definitely going to tell my dr next month that i can handle bumping to 60mgs. the last thing i want is to finish my course (which he says will be 5 months... so that leaves me only 2 months to go, after this month concludes), and never fully stop breaking out. and then start the process all over again in a few months! f that. i am not spending $45 a month on meds and dr visits for nothing!

and i dont want to complain bc i know a lot of ppl are paying out of pocket for their care and/or have it worse than me, but bear with my vent here! thanks :turtle:

PS. i met a guy who i really like. which is awesome. bc i broke up with my ex of over 3 yrs back in Aug 2008 and hadn't found anyone since who is good enough for me to remotely consider... thing is. he's a nurse and when we go out to dinner, asks why for such a healthy young girl, my cholesterol is so high LOL. i cant/dont want to explain why. balls.

ok hopefully next week will get more positive haha. i felt very negative nancy tonight. sorry folks.



Day #57, Week 8 completed

got to see my derm this morning... he's happy with my results even with the higher cholesterol. he says its really not that bad at all and he's not thinking about it unless it was ridiculously high. and that everything will revert back to what it was before when i complete the cycle.

he's keeping my dose at 40mg once/day. which made me a bit sad until i asked him what he thought the highest dosage would be for me... originally i swore he said 120 but then he's like "well you're 125lbs, so the highest i'd put you would be 60mg." well if im at 40 with no other physical side effects except dry lips and elevated cholesterol... why not up it to 50? balls. im just banking on this month #3 miracle they say happens... i guess being at 40 isnt too bad if 60 is the highest though lol.

i did get a few breakouts today... after the appointment, of course. ugh. i did have quite a ridiculously stressful afternoon so who knows what caused it. all i know is i'd like to have them go awayyy already! honestly.

does month 3 really just magically start to really see crazy results? i mean, i have seen a big improvement, but it'd be nice to not have breakouts anymore =(

help/advice would be appreciated.



got my bloodwork done to head into month #3.

considering i was on vacation for a week and then in vancouver for the next week (landed last night at midnight!)... i managed to keep my cholesterol at the exact same # it was last month... even with a higher dosage! my triglycerides were high, but i just think that's because i was forced to eat whatever they had in the airport, and then with the time change, i just basically engorged myself w/ food bc i knew i had to fast for at least 12 hrs before i got the blood drawn... and im sure everyone knows that traveling on a plane for 9 hrs kinda makes u hungry out of boredom. i hope my derm understands that. i'd really like to up the dosage for month #3... especially since everyone says month #3 is the magic month! haha.. i'd like to see some real magic!

there's definitely been a great improvement.... i cant wait to go home this weekend to my parents and see if my mom notices since i havent seen her in a month... tuesday is my derm appt, so we'll see how it goes down!

have an enjoyable labor day weekend to all.


Day #47, 6.5 weeks

i was on vacation for a week so i missed out on my regular 6 week update...

things seem to be going well! i was at the beach all week, so i did keep in mind that maybe the sun was drying out my skin, too... but overall, i kept up on my sunscreen and yes, although its dry... things are looking good.

there's a few minor cysts under my skin still that im just totally leaving alone, but you cant even see them. and its really really hard to even TRY to squeeze them, so whatever. im happy with the smoothness... i figure the scar/marks will fade w/ time...

here's how good its gotten... i actually went for an early morning run on the beach w/ one of the girls i had my beach house with WITHOUT any make up on. not even powder! does that mean i looked perfect? hell no. but between a little color from the sun, and the fact that my pores seem smaller and the no oilyness, i was confident enough. that is a big deal.

last night i did pop 2 little whiteheads on my cheek, so they'll probably linger for a couple days... i dunno i have problems not squeezing! f my life! i just always say, "once they're all gone, ill have no reason to touch my face =)"

i do find that gentle exfoliation is very helpful. i dont know if this is bad or not. my derm never said anything. ill have to ask.

this upcoming week i'll be going to Vancouver for work! that will be interesting - never been there before. then ill be going for my 3rd month's bloodwork/3rd month derm appt. i wonder if they'll just keep me on this dosage or up it slightly. if 40 is working, i wonder what even higher can do. i feel like a crack addict hahaha.

hope everyone else is hanging in there.




Neutrogena Foaming Facial Cleanser

Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner (really helps the moisturizer penetrate my skin! doesn't dry out at all!!)

Purpose Dual Action Facial Moisturizer

bareMinerals foundation

Physician's Formula Pearls of Perfection Bronzer

40mg Clavaris/once/day


Neutrogena Foaming Facial Cleanser

*St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub (only every other day or so... helps get rid of the flaky patches)

Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner

Purpose Dual Action Facial Moisturizer

Norinyl BC Pill

ps. i'm officially not touching my Benzoyl Peroxide spot treatment! skin's too dry now to even wonder what that would do!


Day #35, 5 weeks, 40mg

this was my first week on the new, higher dose of 40mg.

no huge changes the first few days... but my IB horrible mess on my right cheek from last week is totally gone THANK GOODNESS. my skin is definitely seeming much drier... and there are still some pimples, but they're definitely not nearly as bad. some whiteheads on my chin are still hanging around, but that may be my fault from keeping my hand on my chin at work all day on the computer.

spent the weekend at the beach... good news is i definitely have no problems in the sun anymore as long as i am very conscious about using sunscreen. its not so bad. i just was never used to ever using it. in the past, i'd be one of those ppl who apply it in the morning (if EVER) and never reapplied. never really burned, so it didn't cross my mind. its good though... will help me not have wrinkles :cool:

today i noticed my chin and my upper lip/around my mouth are pretty dry. kinda how it gets in the winter... where no amount of regular moisturizer makes a difference & i need to use bliss 'the youth as we know it' facial cream (at $79 a tub, fml).

i may have to buy Ceramide lotion... because clearly the Purpose moisturizer may not cut it in the next few days w/ the reactions i'm seeing start. Cetaphil (both the cleanser and moisturizer) & i do not get along one bit.

i hope to see more changes in the next few days/weeks on the new dose! hopefully this is the beginning of wonderful progress :turtle: .

PS. i'm pretty sure i really shoudl totally stop using Benzoyl peroxide spot treatment (OTC)... but what do i do with any remaining pimples? should i really just be leaving them alone?



Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

Netrogena alcohol free toner

Purpose dual action facial moisturizer SPF 15

bareminerals foundation & Physicians Formula pearls of perfection bronzer

40mg Clavaris


Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

Netrogena alcohol free toner

Purpose dual action facial moisturizer SPF 15

Norinyl birth control pill


Day #28, 4 weeks... FML

so lets talk about how gross my skin looks...

Last week i wake up to what looks like i slept in sand. little black dots all over my right cheek. not so much my left... just my right. yes, all little blackheads! i have never in my life seen anything like this. on my nose - yes. but not my cheek! and all over! not even just the sides or apples. just horrible. i tried to let it go the whole day, but of course, i just thought, "hey i can squeeze blackheads on my nose with no problems... lets go at it!" bad idea.

they look horrible. all inflamed and just terrible! and just on 1 side of my face, wtf. :cool: and unlike a few weeks ago when my pimples healed really quickly... not so much anymore. it was so bad that i missed out on a college reunion party on Saturday night that i love going to every year. i couldnt imagine seeing everyone looking like that. ew.

then! i also got my bloodwork done bc i had my month #2 appointment this past weekend... i see that my cholesterol comes back high. wonderful! lets not increase the dose. fml. i really wanted to have the dosage increased since 30 mgs just seems so low! plus, i have NO other side effects other than SLIGHTLy dry lips and now this gross breakout. but i'd rather just blow thru the IB phase... and get to the dryness part! i was really afraid my derm wouldn't increase the dose.

thankfully, on saturday i went to the dr and he asked me if im eating a lot of cheese or baked goods. im not really a sweets kinda girl... im more of a chips/salty snacks person. but i have been eating string cheese probably every day bc i thought it was healthy (protein). he told me no more cheese for me... but he did increase my dosage to 40mgs! thank god. no, it's not a lot higher, but i hope to see SOME different results for month #2 with the higher dose.

today i went to a water park w/ a few of my closest girlfriends. havent been to one of those in prob 12 years ha... it was a lot of fun... but it was not a lot of fun mixing foundation w/ waterproof sunblock to wear on my face. yucky. good news- i think the chlorine helped dry out my skin a bit. next weekend is a big birthday celebration for my friend... andddd i met a guy that seems really nice. it'd be nicer to be able to enjoy these things if it werent for scheduling my social life around my skin.

this may just sound so stupid and immature... but it just really bothers me. im 24 yrs old already. jeez.

ok tomorrow will be my last 30mg pill! weee! :turtle: here's to more progressive 2nd month posts!


Day #21, 3 weeks

starting this past friday i started breaking out randomly all over. regular pimples and a couple cysts... just overall yuckiness. it has not changed in the last few days. it's monday now and i'm still dealing w/ this breakout. :cool:

lips still just as dry... today my nose has been feeling dry too, but that could be because i got a cold and have been using nose spray/afrin (not the moisturizing kind, either. i'm dumb.). there really isn't much else going on.

i've decided using spot treatment is not a good idea anymore... im finding it makes me flake and doesnt really make the pimple go away any faster anyways. just brings more atten to my skin.

today i went for my 2nd blood & pregnancy test... my 2nd month appt is this upcoming saturday. i'm looking fwd to a higher dose, hopefully. i wanna just kick this IB phase out. pleaseeee.

if you start on 30mg, i wonder what the next step will be. some ppl i see jump from 30 to 60... some just go to 40... i dunno i guess we'll see. i feel like 60 is a big jump... 40 isn't that big.. and i dont know if 50 exists haha.

if any women are reading this: anyone have any good bronzer recommendations? i'm running very low on my CARGO bronzer and don't really wanna spend $25 on a bronzer... particularly one that is basically the same color of my skin right now (i'm cuban and italian so i'm already tanner than ur average bear).. any good drugstore brands? thanks!



Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner

Purpose Facial Moisturizer SPF 15

bareMinerals foundation

30MG Clavaris/once/day


Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner

Purpose Facial Moisturizer SPF 15

Norinyl BC Pill


Day #14, 2 weeks down!

so strangely enough... saturday i had that disaster of a breakout, and yesterday afternoon it was all gone! i dunno if this is the accutane, but i really feel that any acne i get clears a LOT quicker? which is strange bc i was under the impression that ur skin takes LONGER to heal on accutane. typical that i'd be the strange one lol. cant complain ab that tho!

my birthday celebrations were fabulous... however, i definitely understand why you shouldn't drink on accutane. i probably threw up 27 times. yucky. im sure the 27 drinks didnt help (jkk) but it was bad. now i know better. no more of that!

my lips are really constantly needing the aquaphor. no cracking or anything yet.. just sore & peeling strangely... or flaking... i dunno what u'd call it. i just dont want it to get any worse so i keep lubing them up (lol). thats what my derm legit said to me, "just lube them up."

i noticed today that i def have a little 'rosy glow' haha... its not bad though. i kinda like it. i'm pretty olive/tan naturally, so i never really have that rosy glow more fair ppl have. i feel like i look like i spent the day in the sun :cool: ...which i LOVEEE. bad, accutane, bad. i currently am BP-ing 2 pimples that appeared today. not major ones at all... and i hope they just go away overnight (hahaha thats a dream).

nothing else on me is dry. not even my face. i kinda wish it was. i hope my dr up's the mg's when i go in 2 weeks. i dont wanna jump from like 30-80 or anything but i'd like to feel something other than chapped lips lol. i'm sure i'll be regretting that statement in a few weeks.

no other side effects to report.

ok off to bed! if all goes alright, i'll check in again in 1 week!

hope everyone is doing well.


Day #13, IB yuckiness

so congrats to me.... tonight i'm going out with about 20 friends and coworkers for my 24th birthday celebrations and i'm DEFINITELY entering this disasterous IB phase. not cool. at. all.

its all on my chin and side of my right lower cheek. cysts and nodules that quickly come to a head (so i pop them bc literally, if i dont, they itch like crazy and demand more attention), and now they're red and horrible. ugh.

the weird part is i really haven't had any dryness on my skin except my lips. and even that isn't HORRIBLE. no cracking or anything. wtf is going on?! i kinda thought the IB would come ALONG w/ some dryness on the other parts of my face?

i am starting to notice (just late last night) that my nose was dryer than normal and the pores seemed to be purging. i used an alcohol free toner to smooth it out a bit with a cotton ball. strangeness.

i am not a fan of this one bit. this better all work out.

anyone else experience the IB but not really much other dryness? is this typical/expected? gah. should i use a spot treatment or just leave it?

so much for pretty bday pics.



Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

Purpose facial moisturizer

bareminerals foundation

30mgs of Clavaris/once/day


Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser

Neutrogena Alcohol Free toner

Norinyl BC pill


This was my first week complete on Clavaris/Accutane. I was really nervous what to expect. I know i'm on a fairly mild dose (30mgs), but I'm not a huge person so I wasn't sure how it'd affect me (if at all).

Basically, the first 5 days or so had absolutely no affect on me whatsoever. In fact, I was noticing that my skin almost seemed MORE oily? I dunno if this is typical or maybe it was just the fact that I was being extremely hypersensitive to any changes noticeable on my face ha.

The night of day 5 after i washed my face, I started to feel my skin tighter than normal and my lips definitely started to be drier than normal. i've never been someone who suffers from chapped lips, so as soon as i felt that start, i busted out the blistex and aquaphor!

Since then, my lips have definitely been dry. no cracking, but sore feeling and slightly redder than normal. i just keep applying aquaphor and blistex... however, now I'm noticing about 3 pimples forming on my upper lip close to my lips... and can only assume its from the overapplying the moisturizers. blah! you can just never win.

My skin is still seemingly oily and i'm still getting the same amount of new acne on a daily basis. i will say that i do find they're healing faster than normal, and not getting as infected as they used to. i used to knowww that if i picked a pimple, it would immediately get inflammed and last way longer than normal. this past week, if i just picked the pimple (bc it was just soo tempting ha), it just healed by the next day or so... hopefully soon i wont even have to be picking anything! :cool: .

well, that's about all i've got for week #1. hopefully i will start to see some more significant changes in week #2.

hope everyone is enjoying their summers!

PS. ALMOST COMPLETELY FORGOT! i probably should have listened to my derm when he told me i'd be sensitive to the sun ha... i went to the beach and used my regular SPF 15 sunblock, after about 2 hrs i was itchy and blotchy and not happy with life at all haha. now, i'm already pretty tan from before starting the medicine, anddd i'm cuban & italian. i can handle my sun exposure. but i've never felt that sensitive to the sun before. now i will be purchasing SPF 30 or maybe even 45 for my next sunning session!


Intro, Day #2

Hi! I'm a 24 yr old female. I am 5'3" and 125 lbs, starting my first (and hopefully only!) cycle of Accutane after suffering w/ varying levels of acne for 11 yrs. It's left me with horrible scarring (nothing deep, but red marks that are only hidden w loads of cosmetics). It's taken a huge toll on my psyche, deeply affecting my self confidence and often times causing bouts of depression.

I'm so thankful my derm was quick to give up on the topicals and help me in this way. I've read so many other horror stories of the hard time they've had getting on this med.

The worst part about my problem is that i went to college for broadcasting. my skin issues have DEFINITELY held me back in this regard. not only does my skin not look luminous or even (even with makeup on) on camera, it just made me look much younger than i am. this hurts the chances of being taken seriously on TV.

Since I was 13/8th grade, I've tried every single product OTC. I'm not even kidding. Every wash, spot treatment, moisturizer... i should have invested stock in CVS. Pretty sure it was me keeping them afloat ;-) . In college, it deeply affected my relationships with guys because I just never felt confident. going in the pool or the beach was a project, getting ready in the morning was like a secret - God forbid he tried to see me without makeup! I would have had a breakdown.

Now, I'm all grown up, working and living in a pretty huge city. No more boyfriends. It's time to improve myself =) Hopefully this will give me the confidence I've been missing.

I am currently on day #2 of the pills. My derm started me on 30 MG/once/day.

If anyone would like to follow my adventure, you're welcome! I've found this site very helpful and i hope to do the same for others.



Products I'm using at this time:

Purpose facial cleanser

Purpose facial moisturizer w/ SPF 15

Neutrogena Fresh Foaming cleanser

Neutrogena Oil Free/Alcohol Free toner

Blistex DCT lip balm

bareMinerals foundation

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