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First Day Woot

Mkay mkay first entry, first day.

I'm going to make this the official ending point of me & my face picking.

Rule for it: Only pick if its worth it and gave it 30min of thought. (:

Gooddd luck to me.

So I chose to join this site because I've been a lurker for quite some time and I thought it was about time to actually add my 2cents into this site and for the people in it. At the same time, become stronger in my awareness of acne and how much of a bitch it is to those who have it.

My intent for this blog is track my days of picking and hopefully bring this habit to an end eventually.

So I'm writing to myself for the most part.

Fun right?

BTW. I feel pretty comfortable on this site because pretty much everyone is facing the same things as me, but at different levels. haha. (:

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