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For all of you out there curious about Emu Oil and its benefits, all I have to say is, TRY IT YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED.

At first, I was extremely nervous to try this as I have very oily, acne prone skin that seems to break out whenever I decide to try something new like this. Furthermore, the fact that it's an oil made me even more skeptical; however, I had been reading such great reviews about this for so long (even that it is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic) I decided to give it a try.

Before I begin telling you about my experience with Emu Oil let me start by saying if and when you do decide to purchase this, make sure it is 100% PURE EMU OIL!! I noticed that there are some negative reviews about this product and in my opinion, I think those are coming from individuals who purchased the wrong kind (with added ingredients or processed in some way) because they tend to say "it smelled horrible," whereas PURE EMU OIL HAS ABSOLUTELY NO SCENT AT ALL. Make sure it is creamy in color and odorless and 100% Pure--and you'll be fine.

I have been using Emu Oil for about a week now. From the first day I rubbed it on (a tiny, pea sized amount can be used for the entire face) the pimples I had reduced in size, my pigmentation problem areas began to fade and my under eye circles and dryness were already beginning to lessen. I looked in the mirror at the end of the day and said to myself "wow, this stuff really does make my skin look amazing!" It is your choice when you use it--now I am rubbing it on before bed and in the morning if I'm not planning on going anywhere (my personal preference because I like to use tea tree mattifying day lotion under make-up when I go out). If you use a very small amount and rub it in really well, it won't feel greasy at all--if it feels really greasy, you've used too much. If you want an added bonus, swipe a lime slice across your face and let it dry, then use the oil--THIS IS AN EXCELLENT REMEDY FOR PIMPLES!!

Anyway, after a week I have to say my skin looks great (can't say this enough!!). My EXTREMELY dark circles (which I've had my ENTIRE LIFE) are lighter and the undereye area, for once, it soooo soft and smooth; I have purplish scarring from acne and sun damage that I can barely notice and NO NEW PIMPLES AT ALL!!! One of the greatest things? I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of blackheads (that, for those of you who get them know, LAST FOREVER!) and nothing works--BUT THIS DOES!! Who would have ever guessed an OIL would get rid of blackheads???? :cool: Yeah, and another great thing---use it on your lips and they will NEVER be chapped again. The first time I applied lipstick after using Emu Oil I couldn't believe how smooth it went on (I usually have cracked, dry areas all year round). I had this one big zit starting on my cheek the first day I used Emu and within a day it was completely GONE :dance:

Well, I have went on and on about this--now I want you all to please give it a try. . . . I spent $14.99 on a 2 oz. bottle that will probably last for about 3 mos. Give it a shot. . . you've got nothing to lose but dry skin, pimples and more! Who doesn't want to lose that stuff?? :D


If you have oily, acne prone skin try this regimen that is inexpensive and seems to work best for this skin type:

1. Wash face with Dove soap

2. Slice a lemon or lime and rub on face for a few minutes. Let dry and leave on for at least 10-15 minutes and wash off with warm water.

3. On days when your not leaving the house and/or not applying makeup use a small amount of 100% Emu Oil and rub all over face. Leave on for the day or overnight (depending on when you do this regimen). **Please note this MUST BE 100% Pure Emu Oil (should be a creamy color with absolutely NO ODOR).

4. On the days you're planning to go out and/or apply make-up, I use The Body Shop's TEA TREE MATTIFYING DAY MOISTURIZER for only $13.00! This IS AN AMAZING PRODUCT for people with our skin type. It moisturizes and soothes acne prone skin, while within seconds it absorbs and your face feels completely dry ALL DAY--ABSOLUTELY NO GREASY AFTERFEEL AT ALL.

5. Lastly, before applying make-up (for us girls who use it at least) I use Clinique SPF 25 CITY BLOCK (which is about $17.00 for a tube that lasts for months). This is also amazing, as it acts as an SPF and a make-up primer/foundation. As soon as you rub it in your face looks even-toned, glowing and simply amazing even before you put on your make-up!! I love this stuff because it is the ONLY SPF I've ever found that doesn't feel greasy AND WILL NOT MAKE YOU BREAKOUT.

**At night I truly think it is best to just wash this skin type with Dove soap and go to bed. Dove is very gentle, will not dry out skin and I believe the skin really likes a break from having any product at all on it. Follow this regimen everyday and I think you will see a big difference. Below are some extra "home remedy" treatments I really enjoy on occasion as well.

1. HONEY!! Lather honey on your cleansed, wet face anytime and leave on as long as desired. Wash with warm water and see/feel how beautiful and smooth your face looks!

2. I love to crush Almonds and use them as an exfoliator --trust me this will leave your skin feeling amazing (especially dry areas like my chin and around my mouth sometimes get flaky--this takes it away IMMEDIATELY)

3. Another great remedy for the skin to get rid of HUGE ZITS, pigmentation problems and to simply give you a beautiful glow is TURMERIC POWDER. Rub it on your face with some Lemon or Lime Juice (it will stain it yellow for a little while, but don't panic it goes away) and leave on for a few minutes--rinse of with gentle cleanser and warm water and WOW!

4. One last thing that is great for the skin---if you have a few days to lounge around--just wash face with Dove and do nothing else--I have found (like I said above) the skin really likes a break from having anything on it at all. I really believe alot of my problem, having very sensitive, acne prone skin, is putting too much stuff on it that just aggravates the problem.

I hope some of you try this regimen and it works for you as it has for me. Trust me, I have battled with pimples FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER and I know how frustrating it can be to have seemingly tried EVERYTHING and still get those horrible things!! Just remember, pimples are a natural occurance and everyone gets them in some form and/or at some point in their lives. When did we decide that something which EVERYONE gets is bad or ugly?? I think the problem is society's thought process NOT THE PIMPLES!!

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