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So Im on my last month of accutane!!

SO much in my life has changed since I stared and all for the better!

I went back to school just around the perfect time when my skin was almost clear.

If there is one thing I have learned it is that the people around you have absolutely no Idea what you are going through when you are living with skin problems. Even now the my skin is pretty clear I look at people who have skin problems and I try to put myself in their shoes but I cant. I can imagine because I have been there but it is a place I don't want to even go back to. I try to pray for people who went through and are going through what I went through and were affected in the same way often.

I don't understand why god put me through what I did but the last year was for sure the hardest of my life, I feel that things can only get better from hear(as long as the accutane worked for good)

I am very worried about coming of the drug that saved my life! I dont think I can go back to the place I was again. Im so glad I have this site and it really helped me get through things and vent.

Good luck if you are going on accutane and I think you will be happy with the result!!

I dont know if anyone reads this, but if you do it would be sweet if you could comment!


spilt ACV!!

someone my acv didnt get closed right and leaked everywhere!!! nothing was ruined but it really smelled!! it is gross....

also another thing I decided to take all of my pills out of the packaging they usually come in and put them in a little container. this way it doesn't take up so much space and I dont have to hurt my fingers getting them out every time!lol really dont know why im writing all this


Ive been on accutane for about 2.5 months and have seen alot of improvement. The improvement on my skin has made me much happier! I still have alot of scarring and red mark but I try to cover them up with makeup. But I know things can only get better from here. I have alot of white heads under the skin that i am afraid with come to a head....but at least its nothing severe.

I just finished my summer job and am so glad god has provided the opportunity for me to work where I did and I really think I learned alot and am happy I got to experience it :cool:

now i just have to concentrate on school and try to be confident even with my skin ( I easily get intimidated by other people especially those with clear skin)

(comment if you want :turtle:


but I dont know If I am brave enough to post it on here....I took some picture before makeup and after makeup..(just to remind you I have severe acne and alot of red marks).......

Since my skin is very bumpy and discolored even with makeup I think it is very noticeable that I am desperately trying to cover something. I think when I wear makeup it doesn't look like I have acne but some horrible skin disease!!

I also had on my camera a picture of before my skin was this bad (i alway thought I had bad skin and was always trying to cover something) I wish I had been more thankful for the skin I had....and I kinda wish I had done something sooner,,,,,I hate feeling like I could have done something to stop this!! Im pretty annoyed because when I first heard about accutane I was told I would have to be on birth control. That really scared me and so I didn't even consider it an option.( I pretty much decided the day before I went to the dermatoligist for the third time that I was getting accutane, before then I didnt consider it an option for me) But IM on accutane now and not on birth control((what the heck)) I hate how these things are a matter of opinion of the doctor and not the choice of the patient.


ok so I didnt really pay for these things my mother did, but I still fell pretty bad about having to waster her money!!(especially for the things that didnt work whatsoever)

Im pretty obsessed about knowing the cost of EVERYTHING (even things my friends buy) and I hate wasting money....not to say that I don't like buying things I like such as clothing :cool:.....I just hate when I have to spend money on something I don't want to doesn't end up doing anything for me.....you know??

1. Photodynamic therapy $600 (didnt work- at least not noticeably without carefully looking at before and after pictures---did make my skin dry and red and really upset me :D )

2. Skin Tx 6(?) step kit $300 (I would have rather just bought the product I needed insted of the whole 6 steps, things like sunscreen, foaming gel, and astrigent could have been bought at shoppers for way less, and the exfoliator I dont use becuase I am on accutane and I dont think that is a good idea . I only really like the Clarite -hydroquinone cream----so I could have probable got the things I wanted for $100)

3. Acne Facial $90 (UGGG this was the worst experience over, it felt horrible and of course made my face red, I could not stand the thought of someone touching my face. My cheeks are really sensitive and it actually hurts a bit to smile because of the stuff that it beneath my skin, so having someone squeezing my skin made me want to scream. I DON'T think there was any benefit to having this done, but of course my dermatoligist does because she makes money from it)

4. Cover Fx makeup $35 (at first I was pretty mad that my dermatoligist said that my makeup was contributing to the state of my skin (!!!) so she tells me to use something way more expensive that is so thick and doesn't stick to my skin (obviously if it cost more it must be better!!) but now I use it under my regular foundation for more coverage so im not to annoyed that I spent to money)

5. Vivier C E kinerol serum $140 (ok so I haven't bought this yet but I am planning on it... When I looked up the price I was Shocked!! I wasn't expecting it to be soooo much( I was expecting maybe like $50) I am surprised because I was given 4 sample that I think would total up to about 1/5 of a bottle. I haven't seen any results yet(though it is hard to tell), but for some reason I believe in this product and am excited to use it---im hoping it will help reduce scars in their early stages)

6. Vivier Astringent $35 (needed a refill)

7. SKinTX Foaming Gel $40

8. The little things 35 sponges and cotton balls!!

TOTAL so far: $1,270

this isn't a list of everything I have bought just the things that I wouldnt have done/bought if they hadn't been recommend by you know who....(and it is pretty hard to say NO because if I do it pretty much reads "oh I guess you like your skin the way it is and don't want improvement" )


Here is a list of what put on my face

1. Skin Tx Foaming Gel AND/OR Spectro Gel

2. Skin Tx Astringent OR ACV

3. Vivier C E Kinerol Serum ((MOrning)) Skin Tx Claritē™(4% Hydroquinone) ((night))

4. Cetaphil® Moisturizing Lotion


1. Cover FX water Based Liquid Foundation (just a thin layer, like a concealer)

2. Revlon Color Stay Active Foundation

3. Powder-Cover Girl, Maybelline Dream matter powder

I hate putting makeup on but I have to, otherwise I feel really down everytime I see a mirror--or even when I don't look in a mirror actually!

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