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When i first noticed i had pimples i went out and bought a basic body wash,

Nivea visage refreshing cleansing gel.It worked on my face for a while but then failed to keep them off and i found that it made my skin dry and flaky although it still had enough grease to cause pimples. :xxx:

My brother started using Proactiveand it seemed to work for him.I tried it and didnt get much of a result. I have realized that proactive works on pimples but not acne and is a very high price.

As my acne got worse i started using Benzac 2.5% then moved on to 5%.It had a great effect for a while but my acne was too severe on my back for it. I moved onto 10% which worked but still had the side effect of unbearably dry skin. I later tried ancegel which is just a generic benzac but still 10% benzoyl peroxide. These creams are very harsh and have even bleached my t-shirts on various occasions. :D

My doctor advised me that 'the pill' would stop the mass production of oil in my skin so i took the pill 'Diane'. Again it worked on my face but my back didnt change at all. :cool:

between all these i have used countless amounts of scrubs, soaps, washes, remedies and even changed my diet.

In 2 days i am going to the dermatologist.My brother was prescribed roacutaine from the same doctor and my acne is more severe than his so heres hoping i get it too.

wish me luck!! :dance:

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