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i realized that i had pimples since i was in the 3rd or 4th grade....and at that time i didn't know that it was pimple. over the years, it got horrible and i tried alot of acne medication. proactive was not good for me at all because it made my skin rough, red and irrating. but over the years, my acne on the forhead has disappeared. so now i only have it on my side cheeks. this year, 2008-2009, my acne has been leaving dark spots on my face which never happened before. i am taking precaution of this now.

are these good steps to help with my face

1. cleansers- i used basis bar soap for sensitive skin

2. then use olay refreshing toner that helps get rid of dirt

3. neutrogena on the spot acne\

4. l'oreal derma future moisturizer with pure vitamin 3 and aloe vera in it.

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