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How I started

Hi; I had acne in the past and was still fighting it until 3 months ago. My skin had also some scars from old acne.

I tried a lot of acne products that all left me with the very irritated skin and very dried.

3 months ago, I was going to the Hawaii and in my flight I lessen to this lady talking about a products she just tried and loved! So as soon as I got to my hotel room I got on the computer to find the products.

I order it from this website (ANAISskincare):

-TCA toner

-TCA cleanser

- Gorgeous Peel and hyaluronic acid serum for post peel care and to use daily instead of a moisturizer.

I use the toner and cleanser morning and night and the Gorgeous peel once a week.

It has been 3 months already and my skin look awasome!!!! No more acne, dry and irritated skin and the scars have faded amazingly!

I spend about $140 for all this products and it is worth it!!!!

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The Acne.org Regimen
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