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No matter how much lotion i use, sometimes my face can get flaky...

Especially if you wear mineral powder (like i do) you probably realize how terrible dry flaky skin looks under your makeup!

One technique i use to remove this skin is to make a mixture of witch hazel and pure aloe gel. i mix just enough aloe to make the toner a bit thicker (i use about 1/4 aloe 3/4 witch hazel... but you can change this to your preference). After washing my face when my dry skin has softened, i squeeze some of this toner onto a cotton pad and blot it on. After spreading it around my face, i gently rub with the cotton pad in small circular motions all around my face (being careful around the eye area of course!). My dry skin seems to just roll off using this method!

Another cheap remedy to soften dead skin is to mix a TINY bit of baking soda into a gentle cleanser.. apply to your damp face and gently rub in small circles. I usually use my witch hazel/aloe toner afterward to calm my skin. (**test the baking soda on your skin first to see if you have a reaction and also be very gentle because although it isn't rough, it can be very abrasive especially to tender or sensitive skin)

This mixture is gentler to use on my face than many facial exfoliators which tend to use large granules.

Also, at night, i give my lotion an ultra moisturizing antioxidant boost by adding a few drops of Vitamin E to my usual lotion, works wonders!!!!

These are affordable tips that, along with the regimen, have helped saved my dry acne prone skin.

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The Acne.org Regimen
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