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Hi, everyone. Im 17 and i have just finished my four month course of Roaccutane. I have decided to create a blog to share my experinence and advice to others.

I have suffered from ache through most of my high school years, i had tried various courses of Anitbiotics but none of them worked well. My doctor then made an appointment for me to see a dermatologist and discuss Roaccutane. At first i was put of by what the doctors were saying about having to have blood tests every month and having to also take the pill. However i spoke to the doctor about this and the doctor told me about a form i could sign to confirm i will not get pergnant. I was put of my the drug but i decided that i'd rather take Roaccutane than have bad skin for the rest of my life. I signed the form and was relieved that i did'nt have to have monthly blood tests.

Now that i have finished the course of Roaccutane my skin has improved alot, it is now completely clear. Its so much nicer not having to get up in the morning with spots all over my face. I use to get spots mostly around my chin, forehead, nose and around my sholders and some of them use to be really sore. It really depressed me and i also found it difficult to socalise with others because i kept worrying about what they were thinking about my skin. My skin was very oiley and it would always be shineing and i would also have to wash my hair every single night but whilst on the tablets i did'nt have to wash it for at lease 5-6 days now im off the tablets its about 5-4 which is really great. About my experience on the medication, i did use to feel quite low, achey and also i was moody and more emotional than useual. Now im off the medication my mum has noticed that my moods have gone better. I do think though that the effect it has on your skin out weighs the side effects.

My brother has also been on Roaccutane and now his skin is completely clear, he also did have a few minor mood swings but now he does'nt get anymore ache. Also one of my friends is half way through the course and he skin has improved alot. My skin is now not as dry and i dont have to put lip balm on all the time because my lips were the worst, i did'nt really find a lip balm that worked effectively. At first i started to use Carmex, then that stopped working so i tried Nivea s.o.s and Vaseline and the Cymex which i think worked the best. I did at the start of the course have a few small nose bleeds but then i started to but vaseline up my nose morning and night and then they stopped all together.

I will list the products i used whilst on the course that worked really well.

Cymex Lip Cream

Dove Extra Dry Skin Body Lotion

Nivea Soft for Face Hands and Body ( i used this on my face and it was great ) it has Jojoba oil and vitamin E


Boots No.7 Essential Moisture Foundation ( i like to wear a bit of makeup and others were drying my skin out even more but this was great )

Nivea Moisturising Milk ( For shower )

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