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Hate Hate Hate

I am now on week ten of my Ziana, Clarifoam Solodyn trial and to no avail my skin is getting worse again. Over the weekend it finally seemed like it might be starting to clear up when BAM like over a period of three days i broke out all over again. My chin was almost clear and now I have four or five big ones. My left cheek was completely clear and I got a HUGE cyst on my jawline as well as two smaller ones and my right cheek is just horrible!!!! Ten giant pimples crowding my right cheek and with the scars it looks like there is not a bit of clear skin on my right side. I dont know what to do. To top it off my face is bright red and dry all the time, even with lotion... I have heard that the last month of the three month initial period on a retinoid can be the worst, so I am hoping that this is the last bit I have to go through before clear skin emerges but right now I am in tears over how completely horrible my skin looks. I can't stand it anymore!!!! I go back to my derm in three weeks and she said if I am not starting to be clear by then light therapy might be a good option for me.... ARRRRGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want this all to be over


Still waiting

I ran out of my antibiotics on Thursday and couldn't refill them until monday so I went a good three days without taking them. This was a horrible mistake. I am broken out in about 10 huge pimples on my chin where I was almost clear last week and have 2 or 3 really good sized ones coming in on my right cheek. This is soooooo frustrating because I was on my way to being clear. I keep waiting for the ziana to clear everything out but it is hard to look past the initial breakout. I am now on week 6. I know it can take up to 3 months to fully clear but this is killing me. Why does acne have to be so horrible? I am supposed to meet all of my boyfriends friends for the first time on Saturday and I know they wont judge me but I am so scared that all they will see is a giant pimple. I am so ready for this hell to be over. It is such a mess and I can't stand it anymore, why are some people blessed with amazing skin and others have to suffer this torture! I hate it!


Hope in sight

So about four weeks ago I finally broke down and went to a dermatologist. She was really nice and helped calm me down a lot. She put me on Ziana (topical retinoid/ antibiotic) at night and Clarifoam EF in the morning as well as oral antibiotics. I am finally STARTING to see a difference. These first four weeks have been pretty up and down. I knew going into this that it was going to be a rough start because of my horribly clogged pores and starting topical retinoids can be hell for the first few months. I am pushing through it. I had a really horrible breakout along my jawline and chin the first few weeks but the pimples I did get seemed to go away quickly. They are beginning to reduce in number now which I am very happy about :D and my pores are definitely getting smaller. However I do still have quite a few badly clogged pores on my chin and jawline that have yet to protrude out (I am fighting the urge to expel them myself) and i get about 1-2 new pimples a day (but they are small and go away quickly). Also, my face is slightly red and peeling. But that I expected too. I am very optimistic that in the next month or so I will see some huge improvement. I go in for my checkup in two weeks so we will see what my doc says. Wish me luck!!


When does it stop!

So it is just getting worse and worse..... I added M2 skin refinish to my regimen and started using the face wash as well because I wanted to get off the proactiv. The first two weeks it was amazing. The scars were fading, I only got a few small pimples on my cheeks and they went away SUPER quick. However this last week has been HELL. I started Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo as well to see if that would help me clear up and am on my second month starting yesterday so I dont know if that is doing it or the M2, but my lower jaw and chin are COVERED in tiny pimples as well as the sides of my face near my temple. It is horrible. A few of them turned into large red pimples that wont come to a head and i am afraid that all the tiny ones are going to do the same. The worst part is I started dating someone (which is amazing so far!!!) and I know he obviously doesn't care about my skin as much as I do, but I hate seeing him when I look like this. I feel bad that he has to look at a pizza face all day. I am hoping that the M2 is just doing it's job and clearing out the pores cuz the overall feeling of my skin is much nicer and the scars are really starting to fade, but these pimples are driving me crazy. I am supposed to be studying for Vet finals right now but all I can think about is my face, which I know is making it worse..... arg.....

My current regimen update


Wash with M2 exfoliating cleanser

Apply Green Cream Level 6

Drink 2 cups of Rooibos Get Gorgeous Tea

Take birth control


Wash with M2 exfoliating cleanser

Aspirin and honey mask

Apply M2 skin refinish

drink 2 cups of Rooibos tea

Also started running again, hoping that helps.... I used to run regularly and had much better skin


Green Cream, hmmmm

So I am on my third month of using green cream and am getting a little frustrated. I know that my last post seemed hopeful, but I am having a really pad purging breakout right now. I have read that the third month can be the worst in terms of purging and after that it is smooth sailing, but it is definately hard to get through. I am breaking out in small pimples in areas that never broke out before. Arg... And, even though the overall look of my skin is improving, I am still getting a few large cyst like pimples a week, and the scars still look pretty bad. I just want my skin to look like it used to. I hate this back and forth, one day it looks good, the next I feel like a monster. I am thinking about going on birth control but am concerned about the side effects. Just want relief. I am going to push through the last of this month and see if this is just the end of my purging period and will update soon........


Getting there


I waited awhile to post this blog so I didn't jinx myself.... which I am probably doing right now, but I have come to a realization and a possible cure!!!

I have a new regimen which seems to be working beautifully. I am using proactiv face wash (just the cleanser, nothing else in the three step system), then I use a small bit of BP for the individual pimples, then Natures Cure BP lotion, Cetaphil moisturizer with SPF and at night I am using Green Cream. I also started taking the Natures Cure supplements and DIM. So far so good. I am trying not to get my hopes up but my pimples seem to be fading quicker, I have not gotten a new one in three days!! (which is a long time for me)... The pores around my nose and cheeks are significantly smaller and the green cream seems to be evening out my skin tone and fading my scars.....AMAZING!!! I have also noticed a significant decrease in oil production on my skin. My realization is that it is all about finding the perfect combination of products for you. I have tried hundreds of things that have worked beautifully for other people and did nothing for me. i was always afraid to mix and match brands of products as well but sometimes you have to do that to find the correct formulation of lotions or cleansers for your individual skin.


No relief

So after using the Boots for about 2 or 3 weeks my face was worse than ever. Poor choice on my part. I went back on the Proactiv and it seemed to clear up to pre-Boots status but I still have about four or five active pimples at a time and a lot of red marks left from previous breakouts. I am also still getting new pimples about every three days or so.

I just ordered Green Cream after hearing really good reviews about it and am going to start on level 3 first since my face is really sensitive. I hope this makes a difference, at least if the red marks fade the active pimples won't seem so bad.

Also, I was able to get health insurance which will activate on September 1st so hopefully I can actually get this thing under control. Right now I am pretty much in agony every day. I went to the mall with no make up on and I swear everyone that walked by me stared in disgust. I know it is all in my head, but I can't help feeling this way.

I hope that luck is on my side this time and my scars don't ruin my skin for the rest of my life.



So I am new to the whole acne scene. When I was a teenager, when everyone is supposed to get acne... my face was clear. I washed it once a day with regular soap and never wore makeup and my skin was amazing. I started to break out slightly in my sophomore year of college (stress?) and started Proactiv. It worked GREAT for about two years.

This last year I started Veterinary school (talk about stress) and my face freaked out. The proactiv was no longer working and I decided to go off it. Well, my face freaked out even more. It has never been this bad in my life. Over the past few months I have tried pretty much everything. Even went back to ProActiv for about a month and that just made my skin dry, tight and red, without clearing up anything.

I have tried Duac, garlic pills, Zinc, Green tea, Pronexin, Acne Free, Neutrogena, Aveeno, Clearasil, Cetaphil. You name it. Everything seems to be making it worse. My latest try was going back to Proactiv for a while which like I said before was a FAIL!!!

So I was recently at Target without make up on and the lady that works in the beauty department asked me what I use on my skin. It is so bad that STRANGERS are commenting. She told me how bad Proactiv is for your skin and recommended Boots brand from Europe. So why not, I have tried eveything else, I might as well right? I purchased Boots Botanics Foaming wash and clay toner as well as their Expert Blemish Serum about a day and a half ago. My skin feels really moisturized and some of the redness has gone. But I seem to have more small pimples everywhere.

The worst park about my problem... I am having a hard time getting health insurance so I can't go see a Dermatologist..... I feel horrid and ugly and I don't even want to go to see my family without makeup because I am so embarassed. This site makes me feel better because I know that others are dealing with the same problem. I just want it to go away. HELP

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