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I am tired of googling everything under the sun about how to get rid of my acne. I hate that word. It makes me cringe...makes me hide...makes me miss out on so much living.

I have had acne since I was about 15 years old--so now that makes this my 15-year anniversary of the damned curse! If you haven't figured out--I am 30.

30 and still struggling with acne! THAT's A DAMN SHAME! I dont want to be an old lady with this crap and so I decided I should reach out and get inspired. (that's where all you nice folks come in) Once in a while I will see a photo of someone with more severe acne than me and I will think to myself "glad it's not that bad" but that kind of gratefulness is ridiculously rare and props to those guys anyways--for not hiding behind makeup. For going out into the world. For doing something about it.

Do you know how much time I WASTE applying the gunk! Or hiding away in my house! UGH!

So, it all started as mild breakouts on my cheeks. My mother said I should wear makeup to hide the imperfections and it got me hooked! Now, I wont leave the house with out makeup. I'm like a prisoner to the stuff. You don't realize how bad it is, but my worst fear is getting stuck in a fire in the middle of the night and having to evacuate. You know what? I wouldn't budge! Not without aplpying full face of foundation! So now all these years of wearing makeup has made it worse. Then a miraculous acne treatment product manufactured by satan's minions caused me to break out in places I never broke out before and a lot worse than ever.

Thanks a lot MURAD! You were my foray into a little something called SCARS! :cool:

My skin is very fair and super oily but most OTC things give me dry skin and patched on top of the oiliness. so yeah, I'm screwed. Revlon better never stop making my lifeline or else I would never leave the house.

photos soon. I just wanted to say Hi and do a little introduction.

<3 Karen

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