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Day 13

Sorry about the missed days. I went round my girlfriends for the weekend. Sadly my acne has got worse over this period. This may be the initial outbreak that people warn you about. Or it could be because i only washed my face once per day.

I've got some new tablets to take. My GP prescribed me some antibiotics to take along with my accutane. This was because my spots were infected apparently. My lips are becoming increasingly dryer along with my face.

Overall my face feels swollen and uncomfortable. I ended up crying this morning about it and this was very strange for me as usually i never cry. I think this could be part of the side effects.

I really hope it gets better :cool:


Day 8

Think my face is a little better. Edge of nose still dry and my lips are getting very dry now. Using T-Gel shampoo now to combat my dry scalp. Couple of bumps on my forehead which are annoying but they dont hurt at the moment. I just hope they dont turn into big red ones. Another little red lump next to my nose which i hope goes down.

Overall not too bad


Day 7

Woop! Done a week lol. Glad to say my face hasnt gotten too much worse overnight. My skin isnt too dry thankfully. My scalp is quite dry at the moment and when i scratch it lots of dead skin comes off which isnt nice. I've got a lip balm for my lips too as they can become fairly dry but not too bad thankfully.

Hope to see some improvement soon...


Day 6

Skin on lips is quite dry but not too bad. Other parts of my face aren't really dry which is good. Spots still dont seem to be going which is annoying. Plus the worst part is that two new spots are forming and they are really annoying because they're just red lumps :cool:

Still early days though. So I suppose I just have to wait...


Day 5

Suffered from some bad headaches today which wasnt nice :D The swelling around my nose hurts so bad and its still not going down. My lips and edges of my nose are starting to get dry now which is quite uncomfortable.

As for new spots, i'm getting a few small whiteheads around my jaw but nothing serious. Which is good :cool: Other spots are still taking a while to heal.

I'm quite uncomfortable but it could be worse...


Day 4

Woke up feeling ok. Although I'm a little disappointed that my face hasn't got much better. However its not getting any worse, so thats good. I got a couple of new spots but they are very small so its ok. Washed my face and it now feels quite dry and uncomfortable. But its not the end of the world.

Back is still ok. :cool:

Still early days and i cant really complain. I think it slows the healing at first. So hopefully soon the healing will speed up.


Day 3

Still ok. No horrible side effects. After I washed my face though my skin was a little dryer than normal. But still not much. My back is still clear and no new spots have formed :cool: However the lumps on either side of my nose are still swollen and painful. They are the most uncomfortable part. My other spots around my chin and forehead seem to be getting better. My nose isnt so red now and only one spot remains but I think it is fading.

I'm really surprised so far. Everything seems normal and no new spots are forming. I dont want to tempt fate obviously, but there is no signs of an outbreak so far. I just hope this continues.

I've decided to split my tablets up now. So I take one after breakfast and the other two in the evening. This means that I dont get all the dosage in one go. It doesnt really matter but I just thought it would be a better idea.

So far so good :D


Day 2

Woke up this morning and again I dont feel too bad. My throat was a little dry again but this goes away very quickly. No notable new spots which is good. The left side of my nose is still quite swollen which is annoying. The swelling on the right side doesnt seem to have got any larger which is good. My chin is still quite spotty but it doesnt bother me too much. My nose still looks quite red but its not as bad as yesterday. One of the spots barely hurts atall now (although its still red) but the other one is still fairly painful :D

My back is still pretty much clear. My skin is a little dryer today but nothing too bad. Other than that I feel good :cool:

Afternoon: feel really tired and got a headache. This may be the side effects. Still no dry skin though and no new spots. The swelling may have gone down abit. Just taken my tablets.


Day 1

Woke up today feeling ok. Except my throat feels a little dry but this may not be a side effect. I feel more tired than I usually do but again this may not be a side effect either. As for my face its pretty much the same with the exception with a new red lump on the right side of my nose. I just hope it doesnt swell to the size of the one on the other side of my nose. It really hurts!

No dry skin to report so far.

Overall I dont feel too bad.

Got home from school and I'm feeling really crappy. My face feels so greasy and this makes the redness on my nose look awful. I have two spots on my nose and they are so annoying as they make my nose really red and swollen. I dont seem to have any dryness yet which is good. My chin is still quite bad with a few whiteheads and red lumps but these dont hurt unless I touch them. My back is calm at the moment and I dont get much pain from it so thats good.

My nose area is definitely the worst part! :D

Gonna have my tablets a bit later and then I'm off to see my girlfriend. She'll cheer me up :cool:


The start

Hi there I'm 17 by the way,

I've finally decided to go ahead with the dreaded accutane because basically nothing else seems to work. I've been on all the antibiotics and they really havent helped much.

I've suffered from acne for about 2 years now. I'll admit its not the worst in the world and when I see some of the people suffering on this and other sites I almost feel lucky. But still it has persistently killed my confidence and made me feel really crappy. I often find myself thinking "what have i done to deserve this? Why can't I be like everyone else?". I'm sure many of you have felt the same.

My acne is different to almost everyone else i've seen. I don't suffer too badly from whiteheads but I get bigger red lumps on my face that don't have heads. These occur around my chin and nose as well as the forehead occassionly. My cheeks are completely clear and the sides of my face arent too bad. I also suffer from light acne on my back which is very uncomfortable at times. At times my face can swell up randomly overnight and this generally occurs around the eyes and lips. My lips are also a problem as frequently I get little lumps come up around my lips and they can make smiling and eating unbearable. My face gets a little dry from time to time but nothing major. I hate the way my face looks so red in all one place.

I hate thinking that people are looking at me and the whole thing really gets me down. Most of all though I just want to feel comfortable.

But anyway I went to the hospital today and I've got my 60mg prescription. 3 tablets a day. I've taken my tablets today earlier. I am not expecting anything to happen today but tomorrow we'll see. My mums got me all the stuff to prepare me for the side affects and i'm really hoping their minimal. The thought of dry skin doesnt scare me too much as currently my skin gets quite greasy and I hate the way it looks. But anyways we shall see. I'm quite worried i'll admit. I'm nervous about how bad my skin will get before it gets better. I'm going to Florida in August and I'm soo scared that my holiday will be ruined. Last year i went to spain and it was horrible. Acne ruined it!!

I'm sorry this is so long but anyway I will try and do daily entries if i can. Wish me luck. I cant wait till this is over it will really change my life! :cool:

Lastly I have the most amazing girlfriend whos gonna be with me the whole way and forever :D That is soo important to me:)

Here goes...

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