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I have suffered from bouts of acne since I was a teenager. Nothing could be more frustrating, depressing, annoying, undermining and infuriating than having to deal with life matters with a big, red, juicy and painful pimple assortment on your forehead, cheek or neck.

I don not have a continuous acne condition rather, bouts of periodic pimple sprouts flaring up every now and then. They could be quite horrible though particularly on the forehead. What strikes me is that the distribution follows a distinct pattern being related to particular areas of my head and neck skin. Anyway, I wouldn't ramble on and get straight to the point. I am 37 and in the last ten years, the frequency of the episodes gradually decreased to the point where I might get one every other month and the forehead monsters (the most annoying of them all) almost became history. Still, I get a flare up occasionally. When I think about it, what has changed in my life during the last decade? It's my diet mainly because of getting married to an Italian lady and to taking up road cycling. My diet became more carb based over the years. I have recently decided to use an excel sheet as a scoring system whereby my daily food is logged against the occurrence, and severity, of an acne bout. Believe or not, the same foods were related to having an acne episode within a couple of days over and over again. Here are the main suspects,

1- A Kebab (always a Disaster)

2- A visit to McDs (all sandwich variety)

3- Grilled of fried sausages (not hot dogs, real sausages)

4- A glass of milk

5- Ready made meals (microwaveable)

6- Coke

7- Chocolate

8- Dried instant soups (strange but true)

9- Dried fruit (not resins though, also strange but true)

10- Crisps (all varieties)

Now, I refrain form eating any of the above for two weeks and guess what - Not a single spot to be seen anywhere on my face. I eat half a box of chocolate and hey-presto - within a couple of days the little buggers are showing their ugly faces again. Not sure what's the link between these foods or as to why it took all these years for me to realise this fact - I tend to think that the natural and processed (hydrogenated, heated and otherwise) animal fat (not the coke thought) might be responsible.

Anyway, I hope this info help others and if you have similar experience, please share it.

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