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My initial appointment with Face Reality is this Saturday, July 11 and I'm excited yet nervous at the same time. I came across Face Reality on Acne.org actually and then Googled reviews online to see if people liked it or not and the majority of the reviews were really great!

So, last Thursday evening, I did the questionnaire. I received a reply the very next morning asking for photos of myself. I sent those in along with paying the fee for the serum kit. Almost a few hours later, I received a call from Anna, I think, to let me know they received my Paypal payment and due to the 4th of July holiday, it wouldn't be sent out until Tues (they are closed on Mondays). Then I received another call a few hours later from Patrick who was super nice! We talked for a bit about my coming there for the initial consultation since I only lived about 90 minutes away from their clinic. I ended up making an appt for this following Saturday.

I hope this works out for me. I've had cystic acne off and on for the last 10 years. I first had cystic acne when I was 19 and I'm 29 now and I still have to deal with it! To top it off, my face is one of the most oiliest and all I want is normal or even dry skin! I'm hoping the clinic can help with my cystic acne and oily problem.

Nothing I've tried in the past has worked. I've even been on Accutane and that seemed to be a temporary fix too.

Currently, I'm using the following:

AcneFree Oil-free cleanser

Oil of Olay moisturizer

Everyday mineral makeup

Aspirin mask (every other day)

Vitamin E oil every night

I heard about the aspirin mask on another forum and decided to jump on the bandwagon so I just started that a few days ago. I haven't noticed much actually. The aspirin mask is suppose to make your face smoother and more even-toned so we shall see if it works for me (unless Face Reality tells me to stop it). I also heard about the Vitamin E oil on same forums I heard about the aspirin mask and that's suppose to help with the same thing, I think. I don't remember....bad of me, huh?

Anyhow, I hope Face Reality really works out for me. I'm at my wit's end. :cool:

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