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Dear Reader

I have continued with my regimen and had great success. I have not had a pusy zit for 2-weeks and only one small red sore boil. This is great.

I have to add that I have also been eating alot of fruit like plums, apples, grapes and strawberries. I never take full fat milk and only drink soya or organic semi skimmed. I no longer eat cereal but take an expensive or quality museli.

At 39 I am determined to completely beat this curse by my 40th [December].

I have cut down on the Niacin. I still take it and it still really helps but I was getting headaches and I attributed it to the large dose [700MG] I was taking.

Now taking the large slow release 500MG every other day and 1x 100MG tablet every other day with intense flushing! Only £2.49 from Holland & Barrett.



Dear Reader

I would like to add that the book " You are what you eat". Gillian Mckeith.

Has been very helpful to me but be prepared to change the way you live and eat.

Also, the Hygene regimen is my own experience and stuff learned from this site.

My Suppliment diet has only been going on 2 weeks but I have had so much joy with it that I have not been to pick up my prescription that the Doctor issued me for more antibiotics.

However, I have felt a little tired and I am experimenting with the Niacin dose.

Do try the tips and God Bless.


Dear Reader

I am currently on top of the old enemy.

I can't say for sure exactly what has worked for me because I have tried to attack from many angles, so it is probably down to the combination.

The motivation to try anything was the heart wrench of seeing my Daughter suffer from terrible acne and seeing Her stay in and quietly suffer alone.

After reading on this site I can see so many people that are looking for help and suffering.

I hope these may work for you:

Ok, I use only DK's Cleanser to wash with. This means actually lathering the stuff up and scrubbing with a clean flanel for a couple of minutes.

I than use the DK moisturiser.

When I get home I use a clear [Nutrogena] cleanser and take off the days funk with some cotton wool pads. DO NOT WASH until you have cleansed or you will just move the dirt into your pores or scars.

In the evening I run a fairly hot bath with Dead Sea Salts and a Vitamin E Radox Bath.

To help relax I put a few drops of Lavender oil in the bath and burn some using a candle.

That is my Hygene Regimen

Suppliment Regimen

I have been using about 700MG's a day off Niacin. Taken at meal times. I have switched to 1x500MG in the morning of slow release and 2x 100MG of straight Niacin.

This may cause flushing and I have felt tired and I may cut down on the Niacin.

I am also taking 2x Vitamin B Complex tablets a day.

I have just started taking Zinc and Magnesium as well.

Diet change

I have cut out Full Fat Milk and cut down to a smaller intake of Semi Skimmed Organic Milk.

I have also cut out processed meats. No Pork or Ham or Bacon or sausage.

No white bread.

Increase in fruit intake, grapes, apples, berries, melon and lemon juice.

I hope this helps and good luck.


A good friend of mine celebrated His 40th Birthday last night. Just for once I was there. I know that if I had a breakout, I would not show up.

However, I had a shave and decided it was not so bad and went with it.

I went to Mass (Catholic) on Sunday and on Monday and prayed for a cure from this terrible disease and for my Daughter as well. She is suffering so bad and I can't bear to see her beautiful face ravaged.

The bottom line is I am still suffering to the point that I am worried about my 40th (December) and the shame I feel about suffering from a teenage Acne problem.

People in the know understand that it is not a teenage problem but regular non-suffering people (must invent a name for this group --The Fortunates--(That will do)) really have no idea.

Anyway, I woke up today and thought that if I can't have clear skin for the party then I can't go church either.

I came here looking for an answer anyway and I found that Niacin may be a cure?

I have ordered some tablets and I will update the effects next week.

Naruto is my Hero because he Never Give's Up!

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