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Hello everyone and anyone reading this. So this is a 5 year update since getting on accutane. I dont breakout at all now. The only time I get pimples is when I eat dairy and when I drink orange juice or eat oranges. I think I finally found out why I used to break out so much in my teens. I used to eat a lot of dairy food and drink acidic stuff like orange juice a lot. Ive read a lot on this and a lot of other people broke out because of dairy and when they stopped eating it they stopped breaking out. That is probably just one thing though to try out. I also drank a lot of protein drinks cause i used to work out and even now i notice after i drink protein shakes i break out so watch out for protein drinks as well. This is the second time im writing this as my first post closed on me for some reason and im about to get off the metro train. Take care everyone and add me on instagram if you like and ill add you back its adam60634. Heres a picture of me of how i look now. Oh I will finally go see a derm about these stupid acne scars cause they still bother me. If anyone has any suggestions on acne scars please let me know. Peace.



3 Years

So it's been more or less 3 years since my last entry. Nothing new to report about my skin really. Never had any real bad breakouts (pimple here and there). Getting on Accutane was really the best thing I have ever done regarding my skin and I just wish I would have done it much earlier. I still have scars on my face from previous major acne and it blows a big one. Anyways, Life kinda sucks right now but no acne so atleast that's good. Have a good one for anyoine reading this....... Peace.


Animal Pack

Hey ya'll still all good over here. Nothing really new to post. I just wanted to ask real quick and didn't know where to post this so I'm going to try here. Did anyone ever use Animal Pack multi-vitamin training packs? I just bought some cause' started working out again and thought they would be a good choice for a multi-vitamin. Anywas, I can't remember if I took this before when I had crazy acne but I do remember taking something from the Animal products, and I remember it broke me out more. So, did anyone ever take these? Do you know if they make you break out? Just anything about acne and this product. I'm having second thoughts about taking this, just scared I might break out. Thanks in advance for any responses.


It's been a couple months more than 2 years now since I got off of Accutane. My face is still clear except for some scarring that still didn't go away yet (idk if it will ever). I did get like a full blown pimple 2 days ago on my cheek which surprised me and made me concerned because I didn't get one of those since I got off accutane. Also, yesterday and today I noticed I got like two small (very small) pimples on my cheek. So, I don't know if it's coming back now or if it's just something random, I guess we will see in time. Only messed up thing is that if it is coming back and I have to go back on tane I don't know if I will afford it since I have no insurance and am unemployed right now due to a foot surgery. My foot was shattered to pieces plus my heel and they put a bunch of screws in it and some plates. This happened about 9 months ago and I still can't walk 2 miles without my foot getting swollen and hurting like a mofo. So, yeah I will post back and we shall see if it's bad or good news.

This is how I feel at the moment ( I need something good right now)


6 Month Update...

So I think it's been about six months now since I got off tane....

Everything is still all good, meaning I haven't really broke out yet except for a small pimple here and there once every while.

I feel much better about my skin now then I did about 5 months ago. The deep scarring has faded a little bit and the natural skin color has come back. I got some sun action last month on my vacation trip to



I don't think it has been a month yet since I went off tane, but I just wanted to make an entry since my last one was a short one.

My skin seems to be rejuvenating, and by that I mean the dryness is going away and normal skin color is coming back, although I'm still pale. Can't wait to get out in the sun again, hit the beach etc.... When I was on tane I avoided sunlight as much as possible because it did burn my skin fast.

I guess the only thing that bothers me now, but really not that much are the scars. I don't let it get to me though, always trying to stay positive and think about the bigger picture.

I have a strict healthy diet now that I try not to break and I started to work out again. Not because I feel like I have to, but because I want to and because it makes me feel better not only physically but mentally as well.

Had a great week, Christmas with the family, sisters wedding right after and new years eve with all my buddies I know from way back (we got the whole gang together and had a blast :wall: )

So to end it nice and sweet, everything is how I hoped it would turn out and I just hope it keeps getting better.

Great movie to check out >Portrait of a Beauty

Also check out Halestorm group they're awesome and Lzzy so freakin' hot..


Day IDK?

I just wanted to come on and make this entry real fast. (will make a longer one tommorow just dont have time now)

Yesterday was my last day on tane!

went to see my derm yesterday and he told me im done. i dont need no more tane.

had 2 more pills left and was gonna take both of them but one broke when i was opening the damn thingy to get it out. liquid came out of the pill................

so i took last pill yesterday.

face looks all good. no actives for about 2 months now which is awesome.

Biggest fear now is if it will all come back now that iam off the tane??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we shall see huh? gulp...................


Day 136


I'm still here although I haven't posted anything in a while. All I can say is LIFE.

So........my face?

It's all clear of zits and bumps which I'm very happy about :D

I'm glad that I started accutane and just hope that it will continue to work even when I stop taking it. To tell you the truth now I'm more scared to go off tane than I was to get on it. I think that when I stop the acne will come back and even worse than it was before......

I scar so easily now it's crazy, scrape my hand/arm just a little on something and already there's a scar, and it takes a lot longer for it to heal and disappear.

I have lost a big amount of my eyelashes which sucks big time, you can actually see spacing between them. I think that they are still constantly falling out and am afraid that they might all fall out? now that would suck ballz.

Eyes are still very very dry and I use eye drops and try not to touch them so the eyelashes wont be touched.

By the way I'm still on 60mg because every time I come to my dermatologist he sees that my skin/lips/eyes are dry and says that staying on 60mg and not moving up is best. He says I shouldn't kill myself on this medicine.

When I told him about the eyelashes he said that it's because I keep rubbing my eyes and that's why they fall out but that's bs. Unless I rub them while I'm asleep? idk.

I stopped taking tane for about 4 days though in October because I had no money to buy the refill prescription since it went up a lil' when I moved to 60mg. Idk if that made some of a difference or not but it wasn't really visible on my face. I did though feel very depressed during that week off tane.

Other than that I'm still using Aveeno lotion, Vaseline lip balm, eye drops and head&shoulders shampoo. Although I'm pretty sure that there are much better lotions around than Aveeno I just dont have the money or time to go look for one.

So only thing I'm worried about is the eyelashes it freaks me out to think that they will all fall out.

I also have 1 or 2 more months to go I'm not sure, the derm said that we will determine that on the results of month 5 which I think is this one.



Day 93

Went to see my derm for my monthly check up.

I'm staying at 60mg for this month.

I haven't broken out (got any pimple or anything like that) in like 2 weeks or more now.

But this morning I got a red bump on my left cheek by my eye, it's like 6 hours later now and I think it's fading.

Derm said I'm doing very good and I also think that my skin has progressed a lot since I had seen him for the first time. My derm took before and will take after pics of my face so I will post them here once my course is finished and done with.

I told him I have some concernes with staying at 60mg for the second month but he told me that I shouldn't kill myself on this medicine (my lips and face is still pretty damn dry) so if I went up to 80mg it would get hella more dry. He said if we're not happy with the end results we can always go with an extra month. I'm straight with that.

Haven't made an entry cause' everything is the same and I was pretty busy like always. Had a car accident on tuesday with my new car and I'm so pissed off that I can't express it here. Guy ran a red light and slammed right into me... Only good thing is that I reacted fast and hit the brakes but he still got my front end. This was on one of the busiest intersections here on the norht side of Chicago which was a bitch also.

It's like everytime things are going good and I'm feeling all good and shiz some shiz like this has to happened and ruin everything. But i guess that's life and you never know.

On another note.......

One of my good friends was killed with his cousin on Friday night. When I was told by my co-worker I felt something that I never really felt before, it was a very strange feeling and not a good one. I worked and attended school with him for two years and it's such a bitch that he had to be taken away like this.................. I would do anything to change the hands of time and break the kids neck who did this.....

We humans are so fragile it's unbeliavable, many times I take it for granted and don't realize that I can be gone any minute so my word to anyone whose reading this and to myself is ENJOY it and do what you always wanted to do and want to do, I mean it, pursue your dreams and make it happen.



Day 71

Day 71 dayuuum.... I guess it's going pretty fast....

So I have really noticed how bad my scarring is and how much it pisses me off.

I'm basically clear of any actives and all I have now are the red marks , and just weird dark/gray spots which are scars and then the deeper scarring. It sucks balls but hey, at least I'm clearing up and no more nasty ass cysts and shiz.

It's been 11 days that I have been on 60 mg and let me tell you, it's just like starting tane all over again except for the red (burn) face. The dryness is out of control, got some headaches, fatique most of the time, scalp very dry and itchy everywhere all over the body. Eyes are also bad.

I transferred over to DeVry University for the summer session A and B, and I think that it is a great school. Been there for about 2 months now and the staff and support plus the knowledge you get is just superb. The only part that sucks is the money, it's such an expensive school.....

Oh yeah one thing that pissed me off when I went to pick up my 60mg prescription I had to pay triple for what I paid for the 40mg. I paid like $90 bucks and for the 40mg was like $22, I wasn't expecting that.... I'm guessing it's because there's more pills in this prescription.

My derm said that if I see that I'm running out of the pills before the next visit I should just take 1 daily instead 2, try to spread it out so it will last. He said to NEVER just stop taking the tane, "never go dead turkey" were his exact words.

Great Movie even better Book Wuthering Heights 2009

Wuthering Heights pt. 2


Day 59

Went to see my derm today, told me I seem to be doing great and he asked me if I wanted to up the dosage. So I will be starting on 60mg now which I'm happy for but at the same time getting prepared for the dryness again. I just hope I wont brake out too much because of the higher dosage.

Third day since my last active which is awesome, I can finally say that I'm seeing the results that I was waiting for. Don't want to jinx myself or anything like that but I'm feeling pretty damn good atm about my face. :cool:

I will do my blood work tomorrow and pick up my prescription, didn't have time to do it today.


Day 51

So I haven't posted an entry in a week or so, mainly because things are the same as they have been a week ago. Nothing has changed, I still get an active here and there and then it disappears. I jinxed myself on the working out part though, after posting the entry about not feeling sore and being all wooptie doo and shiz, next day I couldn't get out of bad. So I'm taking it very slow now, like 3 times a week. My face is basically no more dry, I mean it gets flaky after I come out of the shower or after shaving but I put the moisturizer on and that's it. So it's back to how it was before the tane, my face was never oily it was pretty damn dry really.

I have been told to not let my derm up the dose for me too high up, like going from 40mg to 80mg straight would suck bad so I guess next up for me is 60mg? I have no freaking clue I just know I want to get ampd up and start seeing some results.

Got Friday off plus the weekend but cant do notta cause' I'm broke like a joke and it ain't a good feeling. Was hoping to go or do something this time, but that's life......

Lips are also not as bad anymore, as I said I feel like everything has calmed down and I'm back where I was before tane it's basically not doing anything no more. I mean I am taking it so it has to be doing something, eh f it I just have to be patient i guess.

On the other note, went to see District 9 the movie and I was really disappointed. Didn't like the whole comedy/drama effect it had and the main character was not cut out for it. I thought it was going to be one of the most realistic alien movies to come out till date, like modern shiz you know but nope more like for entertainment and some laughs.

I swear someone should really turn the HEAT book by sturat woods into a script and make a movie out of it, I feel like it would be perfect for an action movie. If no one does it by the time I grad I will def try it out.

Drinking water like crazy and going to the bathroom like an old man with bad bladder problems so I know that has to be good right?

Good movie HAVEN


Day 43

So I'm really hoping that my derm will up my dose the next time I see him because I feel like 40mg just aint cutting it anymore.

Face is clearing up but as I said before, there always has to be an active one or two around pissing the hell out of me. Signed up for the gym again :cool: and am happy cause' the soreness isn't that bad anymore. I worked out quite a lot on Sunday and Monday and am not as sore as I thought I would be.

Side effects up until now were: Red Itchy Face (pissed me off pretty bad, especially the red face my was bad) , Bloody nose (twice) , Headaches (in the beginning maybe two weeks in then stopped) , Dry skin, Dry Lips (this is killer here, the lips dont give you any peace) , Dry Itchy Scalp, dandruff, Dry eyes (get worse and worse as time goes by).

For now all that I have is the dry itchy scalp, dry lips, eyes and face.

I need some advice on shaving...... Like which shaving cream is good and which razors are best for sensitive skin. I use the Gillette Sensor 3 but they seem to be too rough now.

Book that I recommend HEAT by STUART WOODS

Awesome movie: The Messenger: The Story of Joan Arc


Day 40

Nothing new..... same shiz different day.

I feel a blister forming on my lower lip which seems like it might get big. Will prob go get some abreva later on idk...

My face seems to be doing okay, no new actives.

Went out last night with some friends and drank some, man I love Fridays when I have the weekend off from work but they go by so fast.

My scalp is very itchy all the time and I have pretty bad dandruff so I have to avoid wearing back shirts.


Day 37

So I got a pimple right in the middle of my forehead which looks funny as hell lol. It's less visible when i wear my hat kind of but not really. But yeah I keep getting these small ones like every other day then they disappear in a day or two, but it's never clear. There always has to be a new active one which sucks. I have to say though that if that was my IB in the beginning with the red, itchy, and bumps on my face then damn I'm lucky. Cause that wasn't shit compared to what I have read and seen from other people. But I don't want to jinx it cause what if the IB is just coming? I'm wondering if the IB can occur after a month?????????? I heard that it's usually in the first month and I'm past that already. Day 37 I read some people saying that it goes so fast for them but for me? not really I mean yeah I'm into a month but it did feel like a month. I think it's because I'm so anxious for it to be over and to be clear.

My face doesn't get as dry as it did in the beginning when i started the tane, but I do notice my eyes getting more dry every day. When I wake up in the morning and open my eyes it actually hurts! the air touching my eyes hurt! lol

no nose bleeds. up to this day I had only two nose bleeds the first one was worse than the second.

I messed up yesterday, drank like 6 beers (modelo with lime) but I dont think it's such a big deal I mean I haven't drank in like 2 weeks so 6 beers for 2 weeks should be okay. My buddy who I haven't seen for a loooooong time came over yesterday and we just started talking and the empty bottles of beer kept piling up.

I did try to hold back and not drink but cmon I'm weak I guess........

I just noticed I ate a whole box of 12 choclote chip cookies while writing this entry?!?!!?!? oops rofl. stupid me.

My three fav song atm:

Blue October-Dirt Room

Good Movie: The Hangover



Day 35

Nothing new to post, I would say things improved from yesterday. Although I do feel a new bump forming on my jaw line right by my ear which does kind of hurt when I touch it so it might be something big idk. we shall wait and see.

I know not getting enough of sleep is bad for you but I'm pretty much used to sleeping 5 to 6 hours a day. This might be a problem and it might be affecting my skin, I started thinking about it recently. If I sleep more than 6 hrs I wake up to a big headache and I feel more tired the whole day. But I always had a weird sleeping schedule.

Anyways I'm planning on going skydiving before the season is over (hopefully it's still on), I went last year and it was hella fun. Trying to collect some money so I can do 2 more tandem jumps, then go into solo and get my A-License. But it all cost so much and I have so little lol.

okay sleep time.................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Good Movie: SEVEN POUNDS man I rly loved Smith in this one he did an awesome job.


Day 34

I'm still breaking out although not as much as I used to when I wasn't on tane. This couple days has been pretty bad, but nothing major to be complaining about just a new pimple here and there. At least I dont get the red bumps anymore that took like 2 to 3 weeks to go away. That was a pain in the you know where. So last time I said I went to take my lab work done and like 2 days later they call me from the lab and tell me my blood work was misplaced and I had to get it done again. WTF?!?!?!?!?! I couldn't believe it lol. So I went and took it again and holy smokes the lady took so much blood out of me, I mean she took like 4 or 5 full of those tubes. Usually when I went before twice it was like 1 or 2 tubes. So idk...

Well the only side effects I'm having are the dry lips and the dry face. Oh and today I had my second nose bleed which wasn't bad at all.

I'm using Vaseline for my lips and Aveeno for my face and dry skin all over my body. Still loosing weight though, I eat and eat and eat and I loose and loose and loose weight...... weird shiz.

That's about it for now. Didn't do nothing didn't go nowhere just livin' day by day trying to stay alive in this place everyone calls world.

Oh just bought the latest Kings of Leon cd "Only By The Night", man i love it, those guys rock!

Good movie: KEITH


Day 27

Saw my derm on the 22nd and it seems like this guy doesn't really care about his patients that much. I mean I thought if someone is on claravis for the first time you'd be more helpful n shiz. I came for the first monthly check up and he was done in 1 minute. He said "oh look at you, you're complexion is looking better and your skin has progressed since the first time i saw you". And that was basically it. Then he told me that since my skin is getting better I should stay at 40mg and he said "see ya in 4 weeks". I was like whoa! wait dude I've been waiting for this check up for a while now and I will use my $40 dollars co pay you rich mofo. (didn't say it like that but was close.) I started asking him a lot of questions.

Can I drink alcohol on this stuff? He said, 3 to 4 beers every Friday or Saturday is okay (once a week)

Can I start lifting weights? You should wait until your off, to start lifting heavy weights.

Am I using the right moisturizer for face and lips? Aveeno for face is fine, Carmex for lips is no good because it has ingredients that might irritate my skin. Use regular Vaseline or Aquaphor.

Whats up with the iPledge thingy? Don't worry about it, it's only for women.

Do I wait for my lab results to get my next prescription? No, get the lab work done today and go get your prescription today.

I asked him some more questions but forgot atm, anyways I got my lab work done at the same day and he said I can pick up my refill prescription which is going to be the same thing 40mg.

I'm wondering if this is a good thing though? I was expecting 80mg and killing everything off but this might slow it down idk....... f it.

Oh I found the chat here and been talking with some kool new peeps which is sweet.

Good movie:


Day 19

Not much to report, depression has gone down a bit and face is actually looking slightly better.

I've noticed that my elbows and knees are getting more and more dry. Also idk if it's the tane but my legs are killing me, even when I sit and type this right now I'm feeling this slight discomfort (pain) in my legs (knees and feet area). Not so itchy anymore, the only thing that bothers me the most are the lips!! They really are a pain in the a@@ nothing will make them look at least a lil' appealing or normal lol. I mean the dry face i can moisturize and it looks okay but the lips? CARMEX is failing on me big time, too much of it makes it even worse. Been avoiding some phone calls and making up excuses not to go out cause I know if I go I'll end up getting hammered and regretting it the next day. I just don't want to drink on this stuff anymore, don't wanna take any unnecessary risks. A little update on the girl (student) @ my work, I've been making small talk with her for a while now and found out couple of important facts about her. I;m not going to go in detail but lets just say I really like her and we have a lot in common, plus I have a feeling she might be diggin' me def not my face but me maybe.

Tired, tired, tired.......................................... I can't seem to get enough sleep, always tired. idk.

BTW what's up with the iPledge program do I have to sign up for that or something? I got the booklet with those 3 or 4 cards in my old car and I haven't gotten around to reading or checking out the website. Am I supposed to sign up for that or something? Is it important? If anyone has something on this let me know.

Good movie I seen lately: "

" starring Kevin Bacon

Day 17

Made an appointment with the derm for the 22nd for my monthly check up. This is the first one so I'm not sure what to expect.

So my face has definitely gotten worse in the past 3 days or so, I have a big cyst on my pulse area that annoys the hell out of me, plus all these bumps all over my chin area. It seems that I break out the most where I apply the moisturizer on my face so maybe that's the issue but wtf I can't go out without using it. I might switch over to a diff moisturizer? idk. I feel pretty depressed today, it's friday and I'm working the weekend and my face is exploding on me, I just don't feel like going or doing anything. So I'm guessing that this is the IB and it can only get worse................fck me....... :cool: Still very very itchy all over my body and still very very dry (face, lips, hair, ears, nose, eyes), plus this stupid dandruff is pissing me off, it's time for barber but I just don't wanna go, might have to switch a barber this time. Need to eat something but nothing at the crib so have to go out and buy something again, maybe some chinese for friday night? prob. Just plain depressed and mad feeling today.


Day 15

Yesterday I didnt have time to post anything but something did happen though.

I got my first nose bleed yesterday when I woke up in the morning for work. It lasted for about 5 seconds and was pretty scary.

Today I got like 2 new active pimples on my neck and on the left side in that area between cheek and forehead idk how you call that. Man I'm scratching myself non stop lately, my whole body is so itchy. I probably looked like a dope fiend today in class scratchin all the time but I just couldn't help it. My head is itchy too I mean everything is. Skin is still very dry but it dont bother me as much as my lips, they just never quit, I mean even when I put carmex on they still feel and look funky and after putting carmex all day or a lot you start seeing white stuff all over my lips. That's the layers and layers of carmex that gets built up through out the whole day. I wish I could just move the clock over to the last day on tane so that it would be over. I just hope this is going to work because I can tell by now that if the IB is bad then I'll get stressed out crazy style and won't wanna do shiz and will be hiding from people like a dumbass. There's this amazingly beautiful girl that is a student at my job, she's been here for about 2 weeks now and damn is she cool, I mean not only that she's sexy but she's smart and funny as hell. Anyways I was planning on asking her out but I keep thinking that the damn IB is coming pretty soon and I know if it came then I wouldn't really want to see her or her to see me too often so I'm not sure if I will.

Got home from work yesterday and thought I'd lay down for a bit before I have to go to school in like 3 hours (bad idea) lol, I woke up like 6 hours later at 10pm!!!!!!!@ So semester just started and I already missed a day of class how about that. My job is tearing me apart I keep filling out a transfer app but that doesn't seem to do anything. Got a flat tire while driving to work today and while I was replacing the tire in the rain at 6:20am the jack in my new bmw is so damn small and weird and shiz I had no idea how to use it. Anyways I lifted the car up, took off the dead tire and while i was putting the spare tire on the damn freaking jack started bending and the car fell on the dead tire luckily. I mean if the car fell on the ground and the rotor hit the pavement that would've cost me some big money. So yeah late for work about 30 minutes and arrived all greasy, dirty, and wet. :cool:

Realy good movie I watched recently: "Public Enemy Number One" www.publicenemydefilm.nl


Day 13

The past few days have been much better then before. The redness is almost completely gone and the itchiness has settled down a bit. Right now the major side effects that I'm having are, the dry skin, dry lips, and dry hair. That's about it. I'm still waiting for my IB because I really doubt that I had it yet. My face has actually cleared up a lot since starting the tane, but I read in many journals that, that's how it is in the beginning your face clears up and then the IB hits you, so I'm trying to prepare myself.

Okay so I haven't made an entry in like four days, tha's mainly because I didn't have time. Two days ago I bought a new car and was out all day looking for inexpensive insurance and yesterday was my sister's 21st birthday. Now here's what I'm worried about, I drank like 7 or 8 coronas yesterday (before tane I only drank the good/man beer becks, heineken, or samuel adams) but since I'm on tane I thought I'd slow it down a notch and drink the weaker beer so I went with corona. I just wouldn't enjoy the party without any type of alcohol that's just me though. But yeah I'm going to stay away from alcohol as much as possible from now on.

One more thing that I haven't mentioned in my other entries is that I get the munchies a lot lately, like I have been smokin' mary or something (which I haven't). I eat and eat like a monster, of course I dont eat junk food though, I try to eat the healthy stuff only. Other thing that I noticed is that I seem to sweat around my upper lip, it's like I have a mustache of sweat every hour or so which is freakishly weird......................

Anyways that's about it I'm still only using Carmex and Aveeno and that's it.

Good movie I watched lately: In Too Deep, starring Omar Epps.


Day 9

So the headaches have gone away, at least I didn't have one for two days now which is great.

It was my day off from work today and I thought I was going to enjoy it but nope........ don't know why but I was so stressed out for no particular reason, every little thing was making me mad (wtf?!)

mood swings? depression kicking in? idk...........

My face is the same as in other post, still red and very itchy. The dryness is just getting worse day by day which is normal i guess. I still keep getting some small active pimples around my chin and my neck, I got like two today. Lost my carmex today and couldn't help my dry lips out today for three hours while sitting in my critical thinking class which sucked cause' I was licking them with my tongue like every minute too keep em' from drying out too much. My hair is also getting dry and it looks like I got flakes in my hair which is new for me, I didn't have flakes for a while now so I guess its the tane.

Bought a conditioner for my hair today, stated for: dry, frizzy, uncontrollable hair on the bottle. lol i guess that's mine.

Something stupid I did lately off topic though. I bought a Pansat receiver on ebay for $110 to connect to my Dish 500 so I can get all the channels (HBO, PPV, Discovery, History etc..) like I had before with my old pansat before it broke down. The thing is, I got the Pansat today and went online to download the latest update for it (the channel list) and guess what? no updates since about 2 months now because everything is down due to some N.A.G.R.A 3 satellite blocker the government created. OMG!! only thing to do is wait until the N3 will be hacked. sucks.


Day 8

When I woke up this morning for work, the dry skin was peeling off all over my face. I washed my face and applied the Aveeno moisturizer but after like 1 hour it starts peeling again, this is pretty crazy, and it's only day 8 on 40mg?!?! And the damn itch all over my face holy crap it's the worst@! My face is still red, I dont know if this is some kind of reaction to the tane or maybe the damn Aveeno moisturizer? shit I'm getting paranoid, I have never used a moisturizer on my face before and it makes me wonder..........? I can work with the red face but the itchiness is just too much sometimes, I think I'll call my derm tomorrow and get some info or advice. Pretty bad day overall, very long, and am very tired. I'm going to be on some extra stress for a while now, since classes started and transferred to new University, buying a car, moving to new apartment and working my butt off at a low paying job, plus trying to keep a 3.5 gpa or higer. I try to drink a lot of water but the water at my job (hospital) smells like the sewer and tastes like copper :cool:

And for home I buy Ice mountain 24 packs cause I dont like drinking tap water but the bottles go so fast and I cant waste all my money on bottled water. I might buy a filter next week.

While typing this my face is so itchy that it's hard to concentrate and do anything, so i'll just knock out now and see what tomorrow has in store for me. I'm constantly wondering and thinking about when the IB will occur for me and how bad will it be. I can barely stand the red/itchy/dry face so when I break out like crazy I might actually go loco :D

btw I get little active pimples on my chin (thats where i apply the most moisturizer) but they disappear in a day.

Side effects: Same as before, itchy skin, red face, getting more and more drier, need some advice on a better moisturizer.

another great movie to check out is

(i love movies and plan to be a part of them in the future when i'm all clear and done with my school)


Day 7

It's only 4pm and I feel sooo tired......... but it's mainly because of my job, and to think today is the first day of classes, I know I'm supposed to be excited or something but i'm not.

My face is still itchy, yesterday after I took a shower and layed down to bed I had trouble falling asleep because of the itchiness. It mostly bothers me on the chin and the jaw area, thats also where my skin is the driest. On top of that I woke up like every 3 hrs last night to use the bathroom because I have been drinking so much water lately. I got a great tip for the dry lips from user Thuglife2k5, CARMEX works great for me. And for my dry face I use Aveeno daily moisturizer (fragrance free). My face is still red though >>> :D <<< I hope that wont get any worse or won't stay after the course is over cause that would really suck big time. I had no new actives today although during the day I get the feeling that a new pimple is forming under my skin, the feeling that I usually got before the accutane and the next morning there would be a pimple there, but now I just get the feeling and no pimple the next day. (which is great?)

I also noticed another side effect which is really bothering me now.... Two or three hours after I take my pill I get a headache which stays throughout the whole day or almost the whole day. Sometimes it's pretty bad and sometimes it's not. This has been happening after the 4th day I would say.

I'm not sure but it might be because of my work and the stress it gives me. I'm off on Wednesday and I'll try to relax all day so I can see if i still get the headache or not.

Side effects until now: Red Face, Itchiness, Dry face but mostly chin, nose, and jaw, plus headaches.

What am I doing/using?: CARMEX lip balm, Aveeno daily moisturizer, and drinking as much water as possible.

Anyone reading my blog and has any comments/suggestions for me, they are greatly appreciated.


I watched a fantastic movie called The Cure yesterday, man it was awesome. (It's on Youtube :cool:)

oh btw I'm actually kind of happy today :dance: I got approved for a car loan through Credit Union so finally I'll be able to get the car I wanted and get rid of my junker.

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