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Aero one

Day 21

So today's Day 21. I've been taking 80mg dose for the past few week. For some reasons, I didn't see any major break outs as some people have experienced. As far as side effects go, the very first week, I noticed the pain in my left knee. However, that symptom has subsided. The dry lip problem persists and I use lip balm to cope with it.

The big question here is if Accutane is working in my case. I'd like to say that I believe my acne is improving gradually. My face is more smooth now and I don't see many break outs. My complexion is improving. I'm hoping by this time next month. My face will be clear. A side note, occasionally I feel more tired than I used to. Maybe it's another side effect of the drug. My next blood work is due in about a week. I guess that's it for today. I will try to share my experience on Accutane regularly here.

Aero one

Day 8

I haven't been able to update my progress for the past couple days. Life is hectic. It makes us forget things.

I continue experience dry lips. I purchased a lip balm the other day to moisture my lip. Additionally, I start to experiencing knee joint pain on my left knee. Ok, when I say pain it's not really severe, unbearable kind, rather it's discomfort. Something you'd notice when you walk around.

As far as acne is concerned, I don't see flare up yet. I think there's some improvement on my face. I guess by next week I will know if there's any significant change.

So, another 40mg for today.

I'm still trying to find time to take some pictures, so I can share my experience.

Aero one

Day 4

Today I'm experiencing slight dryness on my lip. It's noticeable, however I still don't need to use lip balm.

I'm not too sure if my acne is getting worse or improving a bit. I guess this is something I have to pay close attention in the coming days as I'm approaching the one week mark now.

Since I have had acne for the past four years, it seems that if I have clear skin after the Clarius, I will have scars on my face. Now, I can even tell by the unevenness of the skin.

Anyway, another 40mg for today.

Aero one

Day 3

Today is Day 3. I haven't seen much change besides a few white heads.

Another 40mg is in now.

Aero one

Day 2

Today when I woke up, I took a serious look at my face in the morning. I didn't notice much of the change. There are a few white heads, but they might as well due to the lack of sleep I had last night.

My work shift is brutal. I have to wake up 3:30am in the morning for the next four days. Work starts at 5am.

Anyway, another 40mg pill is in my system now.

Aero one

Day 1

So, I'm writing here to record my journey of using Clarus (Accutane) to combat my severe acne.

Today's day 1.

I saw my dermatologist this afternoon. Having done my blood work last week, he without hesitation prescribed me Clarus for about a month. I've been seeing him for about 6 months now and using Clarus has always been a topic in every visit.

I'm starting with 40mg. I was told to start with 40mg a day for the first two weeks. I'm 6'4, 90kg (200lbs) and 24-year-old.

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