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A new week, a new hope

One week goes by amazingly fast. Which is a good thing actually, as it seems my skin is also rapidly improving, as compared with this time last week. The redness still exists somewhat, and there are a few minute bumps along my jaw and around my forehead. But other than that, my skin is quite bearable at the moment. The weird thing is, my skin doesn't even feel that flakey at all, sure, there is a bit of dry skin, but other than that, my skin feels relatively normal, even without moisturiser. While I used to apply moisturiser (2 or 3 weeks ago), for some reason, my skin felt unbearably greasy (using Cetaphil, the one Dan Kern recommended himself). Most probably something to do with my skin or my local chemist is selling shonky merchandise, not saying to anyone that happens to be reading this shouldn't apply moisturiser. But yeah, after starting the regimen over a month ago now, and a pretty intense break-out, the pimples are finally starting to subside *knock on wood*.


Monday, bloody Monday

A new week commences, and my skin has improved ever so slightly since yesterday. Since opening a fresh supply of Benzac AC 2.5% and Clearasil Daily Deep Cleanser, the once massive pimple on my right jaw, that has been urking me all week last week, has dramatically improved since yesterday. There's a slight bump I guess, a bit of redness, but it doesn't hurt when I give it a slight touch with the back of my hand. I've still got a lot of small pimples, a few white heads and some scabs around my forehead and chin. But once again, these areas have slightly improved aswell since last week. Although I must say, all day today, my skin has been peeling like crazy. Everytime I blink, I can see a bit of dead skin fall off my face :wavey: Oh well, as long as I don't see new lesions forming, I don't really mind a bit of dry skin. Although it's not the most attractive thing to see a pile of my dead skin accumulating around my keyboard. Well, it's not so much a pile, but I have to brush it away with my hand every so often. Hope that was an enlightening piece of information...

So, since it's the beginning of a new week, I may as well set a goal for the end of the week. On Friday, a friend of mine is having an 18th birthday party, so by then, I aim to have somewhat clearer skin than now. By 'somewhat clearer', I mean I hope the zits around my forehead and chin go away or their prevelancy is atleast reduced.

I should also mention that since last Saturday or there abouts, I've been experimenting a technique during application of DK regimen, where in between applying cleanser and bp, I submerge my face in really cold water, in 10 second intervals, 6 or 7 times. It probably sounds crazy, but I read somewhere on the forums here that applying ice to your pimples helps draw the blood vessels closer to the skin surface, and enables the bp to more easily clean out the pores, or something like that. I can't exactly remember the science behind it, but it sounded logical enough at the time. However, not really keen on walking to the kitchen to the freezer, I'm hypothesizing that cold water should do the trick. It was torture when I dipped my head in really cold water the first time round, but I'm actually used to it now. It's actually quite refreshing, I must say. The results have also been quite promising aswell (see first paragraph). None-the-less, I'll keep you posted.


My maiden entry

Firstly, for those who have somehow found themselves reading this, let me introduce myself. I'm not sure if I want to reveal my name, maybe when I have the balls to later on, I will, but for now I'll be discrete about it, but I'm 17 years old, and inhabit part of the Sydney region of Australia (vague, I know). From having really healthy skin, after 16 years and 9 months, my skin finally decides to screw me over. I'm not sure who or what I'm angry at. Myself, for not taking early enough action against the oncoming, and ultimate breakout of acne, or those around me (particularly my family) who think I'm oblivious to my own condition. Although I know they're just looking out for me, which I can't blame them for, sometimes I just wish they could just back-off. But then again, sometimes I feel guilty that they have to see my lesion-filled face everyday. To put it simply, acne is a BITCH (which I'm sure most of us already realise).

Getting this so-called blog up and running, my aim is to channel my acne related frustration, that normally congest my thoughts throughout each day, and I guess to maintain a relatively stable state of mind. I guess you could say this is one of my therapeutic measures to counter the negative mentality associated with acne. Though for the sake of those who might be reading these entries, and for myself, I'll try not to sound too self pitying. Also, I'm not sure if I'll be able to make a sustained effort in making entries, but I'll try to find a balance between my year 12 studies and procrastination.

Anyway, back to acne, I'm currently undertaking the so called Dan Kern Regimen. Well, I've been doing it for the last month. Initially, the results looked promising. I guess its been in the last week or 2, towards the end of my hsc trials, that the state of my skin has deteriorated. Despite this set-back, I'm going to press on. Well, I'm afraid I'm going to cut this entry prematurely, as its 11:10 PM now, and I have school tomorrow. My dead skin cells are just shedding with optimism at the thought of school! :wavey: *cough*

C'mon clear skin...

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