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The stories of my acne getting worse or better, with the products I use.

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Bad Acne

Day 1

I have really bad "bacne" and its getting pretty warm outside, perfect swimming weather. Im very uncomfortable about showing my back acne. My friend has perfect skin and I envy her for it. She usually asks me to come over for a swim in her pool, but I never accept because I'm terrified about showing my acne. So, I've been trying to use many products such as Clean and Clear, Cetaphil, Proactive, Clearasil, Garnier and even soap! People on this website have been mentioning some of Dan's regiments and I was going to try some. I just need to get my order shipped in from the mail. But I do have severe acne problems and I was thinking about if this product was right for me. :cool:

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The Acne.org Regimen
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